Thanks to all my friends for being there for me. -Mia
Mrs. King is a great listener.
She will help anyone who needs it.
Mrs. King is AWESOME!
Mrs. Rodgers is kind, smart, and she gives her whole heart to her students.
We are lucky to have her as a teacher at MCE!!
Hadley Benney is a great friend! She is kind to those around her and always does her best!
Thanks for keeping our school clean!
Thanks to our Custodians!
You all are GREAT!
WOW - MCE you rock - look at all the tabs you collected!
Ms Ott is funny!

Mrs Harms is the best teacher ever. Jax
Ethan is the best friend ever.
My teacher is the best teacher in school.
I love this school and my class.
I. Love mce sooooooooooooomuch. I. Love Thayer
The best thing in the whole year is this school.
By: Ethan in 2 Grade
Mce 2 grade is the best!
T Rex VS. Edna the First Chicken is an amazing book.
Preschool loves stories from Mrs. Polston.
Mrs Harms is the best teacher in the school.

I love my school but my teacher is good too.
I have the best teacher in the whole world!
From: Kirsten
MCE is the best school ever.
by: Ethan in 2 Mrs. Harms
The students at MCE are AWESOME!!! They are funny, kind, and inspiring!
I love my school, it is the best in the whole world!
Mrs. Harms is a great helper. She invented a QR code for positive messages.
My teacher is cool
I love MCE
Mrs Harms is the best!

Jaden is the best friend ever.
I love Mrs Harms.
Share your smile!
MCE's Faculty and Staff are Amazing Educators!!
Student Council 2019-2020
A HUGE thank you to my amazing 3rd graders!! Each of you is fantastic and I'm so happy we get to work together all year!
Mr. Wolk has been an outstanding teammate. Thanks for keeping my head above water! -BK