Back to school have fun
Mrs. Betke is AWESOME!

Lexi Kluesner
Thanks Mrs. Parker for being a great nurse!
Thank you for being a nice teacher Mr. Wolk

- Lily
Thanks to Ms. Eick, Hart Career Center and sharing careers with Mrs. Harm's class!
Thanks to Ms. Eick, Hart Career Center and sharing careers with Mrs. Ferguson's class1
Thank you to Ms. Eick from Hart's career Center and sharing careers with Mrs. Beshear's class
Jillian is a good friend. She has everyone's back. Thanks for being a good friend!
Grace Their and Lafe McCurdy are the best friends ever!!!
Thanks MCE for being a Great school ! ????????
Thank you Mr. Mike for all you do for the school!!

Alexis Simmons
Runner ups for the 2019 UNO tournament!
Riley and Alyssa

Congrats to our 2019 UNO CHAMPION:
Mrs. Polston is awesome.
We love you!
Thanks PTO for a fun Mom and Son Night!
Thanks to all our helpers for the Mom& Son Night
Congrats to our Spelling Bee winners!
Thanks Ms. Brown!
Lexi is awesome!!!!!!!!
Ms.Rebecca is the best teacher in the whole school!!

Launa Jeffers!!
Thank you, Launa Jeffers, for being a great best friend!

Alexis Simmons!

I appreciate the effort the staff gives and thank you Mr.Mike for being an awesome janitor!!!!!

From Hailey Huenefeld!
Thank you Hailey Huenefeld for being a great best friend.
Thank you for Lexi Simmons being an awsome friend

From Hailey Huenefeld
Have an amazing day!

Alexis Simmons
Have a great day today!

Bailey Camp
Mrs. Newland is the best teacher EVER! Love, Marcella
Mrs. King says
"my students smiles are very uplifting"
Students and Staff UPLIFT me!

First Grade Teachers are so cool.
Let's learn about underground creatures
Thanks to MS band!
You were awesome!
Get your picture with our wings and post what lifts you up!
Cass is the best- so is Bay!
Mackenzie is the best
lets go wildcats you guys are the best and awesome.
When I first saw this garden - it made me so happy!
Thanks to Jillian Weekley for being my friend.
Thanks Shelby Haddix for being my friend. Thanks you guys!!.
Thank you to everybody who is my friend. Thanks to Addison and Aundrea for always being there for me!
Thank you! Aundrea Smith and Addison Brower for being my best friends <3
Have a nice day and thanks to the people who put positive comments about me.

-Addison Brower
Stay beautiful ????

-Peyton Eoff
Addison Brower is the best friend ever
Love- Peyton Eoff
SCHOOL is awsome and important. Try hard!

-----peyton eoff ????
THANK YOU ! Shelby Haddix and Jillian Weekley for being there for me. Thanks Guys!
Ms. Monzyk is the best teacher you cound want.
Be true and stay true.
Thanks to Mr. Aaron, Principal for the Day
You did a great job!
Mr. Aaron Westhoelter was Principal for the Day!
We kissed a PIG!
Thanks Reed for sharing your pig!
Have a great day!
Thank you Scott Combs for coaching the Montgomery County Bombers

Alyssa and Riley are going to the 3rd round of UNO
Lafe Mccurdy is a nice friend and is always very fun and funny!!!😁😁😁😁😁
Have a good day!
Mr. Wolk is the best teacher in the whole school!

Thank you MR.MIKE for all you do✌.
Thanks Attis for being a good friend. 😉
Addison Brower is a good Friend because she makes me laugh!
Thank you Reagan Hemeyer for being supportive, friendly, and sharing. Thanks for the positive attitude. I know that you always have my back. Thanks for being my BFF. ????????
Ann Rose is so nice to me because she makes me happy when I'm sad.
Have a good day !
i feel like a race car.

Thanks to these students who helped set up chairs for the afternoon program!
Great 3rd Grade helpers. Mrs. Burton thanks you for helping set up for pre-K screening
Thank you for Shelby Haddix and Alaina Zerr !.

Pitcher for softball: Jillian Weekley. Catcher for softball: Ann Rose. They are both the best at their jobs!!!
March TERRIFIC kids!
Kindergarten March classroom award winners!
1st Grade March classroom award winners!
2nd Grade March classroom award winners!
3rd Grade March classroom award winners!
4th Grade March classroom award winners!
5th Grade March classroom award winners!
Mrs. Porter awarded Avey Spurlock the GOLDEN spatula!
Thanks for having good cafeteria behavior!
March 2019 the best at SPORTSMANSHIP
Great job on scoring PROFICIENT!
This year shoot for ADVANCED!
Great Job to all the students who scored ADVANCED!
You can do it again this year!
Thanks to my friends Jillian Weekly and Grace Thier. They both have my back when we get mad at each other but we all know that we have enough friendship to spread to other people. Thanks for being my friends, because of our friendship we work on out disagreements by talking to each other about it.❤❤????
This school is AWESOME ???? and amazing friends like Jillian Weekly and Ann Rose. Thank you for being my friends ???? along with Eden Hoffmann and Aundrea Smith ???? Thank you again! You guys are true friends ????.

Have a good day!!
Thanks to Coach Klekamp for coaching the 4th grade girls basketball team!!!
Korrin is the best sister
Mrs. Zerr is the best # my mother
Mrs. King is fun, but awesome!!
Mrs. Beshears is the best teacher ever!
March 21st UNO winners are Chase Nichols and Charlee Moll
Thanks to Steve Walton for Coaching the Montgomery County Shooters Basketball team.
We have more UNO Round 1 winners!
This school is the bomb!
These students will advance to the next round.
Congrats: Asia, Leland, and Launa
Mrs. Davis is looking for helpers.
Please sign up if you want to be a secret friend.
ATTENTION - new format
Thanks to A+ students for helping!
Thanks to PTO for a great carnival
Always work hard at school!
Mrs. Betke.
Thanks to Jake Beck for coaching the Montgomery county 3rd grade boys basketball team.