Hello this is Brayleigh Miliner and I don't bully people because I don't want to be bullied myself. I hope everyone is having a good day.
thank you for teaching me music now i can sang better than everybody.
thank you to all of the teachers for all they do<3<3

I will play with others that no one else wants to and be their friend.
Thay are helpful, when I need help.
I will protect those who are getting bullied by others.
Thank you my classmates for being in the meeting on time so Ms. Whipple can get started on time.
Thank you Ms. Whipple and Mrs. Simmons for being good teachers.

Dakota Wood
It shows have kindness in your heart
I truly thank all my Teachers 'cause they helped me get through a lot of things' that I needed help with, and even sometimes they inspire me to be a Teacher myself! And most of my Teachers that I had in my lifetime they were ambitious for their student's to go to the next grade level. If you didn't pass to go to the next grade, you know their still counting on you to do so!
Thank you to all of our teachers for working incredibly hard! You are so appreciated and valued. And thank you to all of our students for being resilient and showing kindness to one another 🙂
I will help people that are sad.
i will stand up for people who get bully.there are people out there who get bully and i am going to be the one to save them.
i love my new baby brother, and I will always be there for him.
I am kind to my family.
I am also kind to my friends.
mrs whipple and mrs simmons are very good teachers.i am glad they are my teachers.thank you for all the things you teach.
Ms.Whipple, Mrs.Simmons, and Mrs.Hamby rock!
i want to thank my two amazing,smart,and beautiful teachers.i cant forget my classmates either.and most of all my beautiful,most talented mother for helping me with anything i need if i ever need anything i will go to my ma.and i wish mrs.simmons good luck with the baby.
Hello all my classmates I just wanted to say you're perfect in every way and have a great day ^﹏^
if you have been bulled tell a teacher or stick up to them
Thank you to Ms. Whipple and Mrs. Simmons remote learners for always being Awesome, Sweet, Amazing , Smart and Kind!
be kind! stop bullying! we need more buddies then bullies -jordyn powers
many people are sad or get mentally bullied by people or mentally abused by there parents, some of the people who are mean have been mentally abused or went from some hardships like you parents passing away. So this is why we should never bully someone because that will lead to depression, anxiety and stress, so please stop bullying because we have lost lives have been lost by bullying.
Thanks for being a great teacher
i helped a kid off the ground
I love mr.Spivey,Mrs,Birdsongs,and mr.pearson are some good teacher and smart one to.I love them with all of my heart.

Be kind & stop bullying !!!
To the Technology department thinks for all the work done for the remote learner.
Having a friend you can depend on is a great feeling.
Mrs. Ridley you are the best OE teacher you are very helpful.
Thank you for being understanding and helping me with my work. A.L.
We be friendly and kind to all of our peers and teachers.
thank you for being a great teacher, to me and my class mates. You help me to learn how to use my brain.I like being in your class
no bullying

hey i like your hair and shoes
Thank you Ms.Whipple and Mrs simmons for teaching us

I love your school because it is just wonderful
Thank you teachers for being the best.And thank you for helping us learn.THERE NO ROOM FOR BULLYING!!!
Thank y’all for being the best teachers you can be

Thank you Ms. Whipple for always helping us and I think it is funny that you call us your muffins 🙂 -wesley trepanier
Thank you Mrs. Hamby for being the best band teacher ever! -wesley t
i be happy for people that do go .and i help people when i can i love doing stuff for my mom she is the best mom i in the world. i feed my dog so my sister don't have to when she come home.i tell Keke she look nice because she don't eat much nomore and she is losing wait.i help clean up the house.
Thank You Mrs.Gould for being the best you can be.

Sincerly, Kyle Ramsey
Hi guys hope to have a good school year and to be kind no bullies allowed.

i love my teacher the best
er so much and i will always be a MHA and it is
To the world you may be just a teacher, but to your students you are a hero! Keep up the great work MHA Teachers/Staff.
Thank you Dr. Pearson for being such a helpful teacher. We appreciate all that you do! Sincerely, your homeroom class!
Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for stepping up beyond imagineable during this new school year with so many uncertainties! You all have done a GREAT job and we are lucky to have each and everyone of you as part of our MHA family!
Today you could be standing next to someone who is trying their best not to fall apart. So, whatever you do today, do it with kindness in your heart.
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Walling for considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Midway Hills Academy!

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