Afton W is very nice! She helps other kids even if she doesn't know them!
Jacob Clark is very funny, he makes me smile.
Jada S is always a good friend and she is a hard worker!
Jackie W is is always a good friend and a great helper! Thank you Jackie!
Jasmine F is super cool!
Don't worry about the bad stuff. Remember the enjoyable times.
Jon is a great friend
Amelia P. is smart, athletic, kind, and generous.
Jon is a nice guy and is smart.
Jonny is a great friend to have and he's very very intelligent.
Michael M. is a good friend and is funny.
Mrs. Shear is the best teacher ever.
Jessica R. is hands down one of the best people out there not gonna lie.
Abby .H. is the funniest person I know u should really get to know her. She is the kindest and coolest person
Thanks lunch ladies for making us all great lunches everyday.
Ella A. is a very ggod friend.
Mrs. Shear is so nice,funny, and is a good 5th grade teacher.
Thank you, Mrs. Kopp, for being the best ag teacher and making the first semester awesome.
Mrs. Krug is the greatest teacher i know and is always kind to her students
Makayla P. is very nice.
Kaileigh M. is really funny!
Nick D is a great hunter.
Grace J is amazing and a good friend!!
Sadie and Tay are some of the best people ever! They are grateful, kind, and help you when you need it. That is the truth.
Zach is so funny and smart.
Aliyah P. Is amazing! She is super nice and her smile makes the room light up. She is a very beautiful person. I'm so glad I got to meet her.
Jordan is fun to play football with.
5th grade Mrs. Rachu is the best teacher ever!
Jordan is fun to play football with.
Kian and Axl are good people.
Fischer T. is such a good friend and he is funny.
Mallory. P and Ellie. E Abbie.M and Izzie.E are the best friends ever.
Thank you for being there for me
Go Big Red!
Isabel A has such a great personality!
Autumn D is super kind, and really funny!
Chetsairy M is such a smart person!
Stephen M. is a good friend. I'm glad that I know him
you are the best.your funny are nice and even supportive.I know you make lot sof people smile and laugh. You're the best teacher I've had.
Ellie.E, thank you for being my best friend. You are the best.
Mrs. Swedlund is the best teacher. She does not stop helping you till you know how to do it. She helped me with math.
Ellie E. is a great friend!
Luke K. is a good friend.
Shelby is a great friend. She is kind and great she is so kind and she helps me when I need it.
Izzy M. if you are having a bad day remember I am always there for you have a nice day.
Liam J. is the best friend of all time because he's funny, cool, and thoughtful.
Liam J. is a good friend.
Easton is the best friend because he helps me with stuff. He is so nice to all his friends.
Mallory P. is the best freind I could wish for!
Mrs. Swedlund, thank you for being the nicest teacher ever.
Izzie E. is an amazing friend and is always kind.
Mason is a good friend
Mrs. Pernsteiner is the best teacher ever.
Marshall B. is the best friend anyone could ask for!
Willow D. from fifth grade is an amazing friend!
Mr.Lenard is the best principal
Jasmine F. if so thoughtful! She's very good at art!
Mrs. Pernsteiner is the best Social Studies teacher!
Mrs. Pernsteiner is the best teacher
Mrs. Leiby is the best teacher ever!
Morgan B., your are a great person to hang out with and a great friend. Never change.
Rosie G. you are a good friend.
Mr. Wellmen you are so funny. BEST SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER.
Sadie M. is kind.
Meredith R is a pretty cool cat!
love yourself
Keegan H is cool, funny, and always himself!
Ilsa is so funny
Colton D is an amazing bass player
Colton D is an amazing bass player
Ms. Derfus has such a cool Packer shirt! She always listens to us. Very Good Teacher!
Alexandra is the kindest person I have ever met.
Mr. Nelson is the best teacher to play lightning with at recess.
Thanks for whoever washed our table and wasn't on our table at 1/7/20
Abby H. is a really good friend. She is always so positive and happy. Everyone should be her friend.
Leila always makes me smile.
Alexis is a great friend.
Mrs.Shear makes learning fun.
Aidan B is cool and smart
Everyone is amazing
Mallory P, is nice and amazing
Martha M. My best friend, is kind and understanding.
Isabelle M

Such a sweet and quirky girl. Glad I know her.
Aurora F. is a great friend! She helps people get through tough times. She's also very fun!
Mrs.Leiby is the best teacher ever!
Riley J. is the coolest person he helps me with friends and football.

Mrs. Rachu is the best ELA teacher I have ever had teaching me!
Anastasia K. is radical
Brialynn N, Avery L, Abbie M, and Ashlyn B are the most fun people to be around!
Mrs.Leiby is the best techer ever!
Hailey R is very nice and a great person!
have fantastic day
Brett L. is pretty
Ruthie S is great at softball and ice skating
Stephen M. is a very good friend.
Mrs. Stockwell is one of the best teachers.
John B is funny and a good friend
Joe K. is a good friend and he is smart.
Callie F is very kind and a good friend.
Nevyn is wicked smart! You should be friends with him too!
Milady is so funny!