Keana is funny.
Life is good so enjoy it.
Brier A is really fun and good at Minecraft. here is a GIF for him
Lexi is such a good person! 🙂
Abby H you are a great friend to me and to others, I like being your friend!
Jason S. is a great kid in this school.
Issac S. and Cameron B. are good at hockey, I am so glad to be on your team.
Taytane is a really good friend.
More people are mean to other people than nice. We need to fix this. Start with yourself.
Be nice to people or people won't be nice to you .
Kyleigh U, Stacy S, Hailey S, and Jason S are great friends.
Talyn P. is the nicest human being I have ever met. She always makes sure I have a good day.
Tucyr is good at basketball.
life is awesome
Hayden K, you are the best Minecraft gamer I know.You make the coolest houses, and play on survival and that's really cool.
Alex O. is a good friend. 😁😁
Thank you, Erica, for being a good friend.
Good job at the basketball game yesterday 7th and 8th grade boys.
Marshall B. is awesome!
Jacob C is the funniest person I know and he is a great friend.
Hudson B
You are awesome have a good day ????
Hailey S. is a beautiful person.
Zach E. is such a great role model in Social Studies class.
Jack wojcik is the most legit friend ever.
Spencer R you are an awesome friend
Alexandra P. is very caring, talented, and smart. She is also a loyal friend, and looks out for those around her.
Make every day a good day

Quote By Mathew K
If you have a positive attitude life is going to be a lot more awesome. 🙂
Mrs. Stiibbe is the best
Stacy S. and Javi J are really good friends.
Marlee P. is very pretty, really nice, and funny.
Alli S. is really pretty and a great friend.
Abby Harries is really funny and very nice.
Sam H. is a great friend.
Gruny is hilarious, and she is a GREAT friend.
Devyn H. is very nice and I love her. She's an amazing friend.
Abby H. is funny and a good friend.
Kelli is an amazing friend. I love you, Kelli!
Devyn H. is my best friend!
Mr. Leonard--Thank you for always keeping our school positive!
Mrs. Krug is so funny! She's a great teacher!
Mrs. Laher is the best teacher ever because she helps with homework and tests so I think that out of all of my teachers she is the best.
Pablo is super cool! He makes me laugh! Whenever I see him in the hallways he is always smiling! I'm sad you will not be able to make me laugh next year! Pablo is the funniest 8th grader!
Dear Ethan
You are the best friend that anyone could have. I think that you will be the best cartoonist ever.
Paige W. is the best person in the world. She means a lot in my little heart.
Connor L. is good at basketball.
Alex R is a good friend 🙂
Owen S. got 100% on 1/4 map test. Great job Owen 🙂
Alex R is a good friend 🙂
Owen S. Is a good friend
Mrs. Leiby you are the best teacher ever.
Ashlyn B, is an awesome friend.
Cafeteria workers work so hard to feed all of the children and do such a great job of doing it thank you you are awesome.
xander s. you are a very smart and nice person you help me when I need help.
Maddie C, Sophie K, Abbie M, Avery L, Brialynn N, Kayla B, and Autumn V. you girls mean the world to me and I would do anything for you. Thanks for being the best friends!
Audree H.
You are the best. You should keep doing what you do girly. You are pretty, funny, and make me happy when I'm sad.
Alexa Z.
You are a great friend. You are also very nice.
Mrs.Risch was my favorite teacher and will always have a special place in my heart.
Grace Sperl is one of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. She is always there for you, and will never betray you. I am so glad that she is one of my best friends; I don't know what I would do without her.
Mr. Komanec is one of the best teachers in the world! You are awesome Mr. K!
AudgePodgeRue is great at minecraft
Odessa is the best singer I know
Hayden K is a good roblox player
Ben D., you are a good friend.
Keegan N. has a great sense of humor and is very responsible!
Hailey Strama is back to school! Its good to have a good friend back.
Evan Paul, you are so good at math. You are so good at helping people when they need help.
Pablo is funny. I always see him in the hallways. Pablo is a great 8th grader.
Aiden B.
You are a great friend. You are very funny and smart when you apply yourself. You will do great thing I know it!
Uliah E.
You are very good at dance. I love how good you are at it. You are a great friend. Also you are very positive and pretty.
Uliah E., is a wonderful friend. She is nice, kind, and positive.
Sophia S., is a great friend!
Uliah E., you are a great friend and an awesome person!
Jordyn F., you are a great artist and an awesome friend!
Tallula H you are awesome and a great friend!
Hannah E., you are such an awesome friend!
Odessa, you are such a great friend!
Chloe K. is a awesome friend!
Megan S is good at reading!
Grace J, You are great
Lindsey is a great person, she is funny and smart.
Riley C, you are amazing!
Megan S is really good at volleyball!
Ben J. Is a very good 8th grader.
Hailey S, Emily G, Kyleigh U, Caylin V, Lily J , Sydney S, Peace B , Javi J ,Stacy S, Jason S, and Kaden M are really good friends. I love them so much.
Kella G., you are a beautiful girl and a smart girl. I can also just see you helping everybody which means you are a very kind person, so you must have a lot of friends. I can just see you going into a perfect college.
Mrs. Stockwell is the best science teacher!
Victoria, Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be. It doesn't matter if the world wants you to be popular. You are you and that's all that matters.
Jayda F. is such a great friend she help me when I'm down.
Clair T. is such a good friend.
Abigail H. is an amazing friend, and I wish I met her in kindergarten!
Isaac U is a really talented kid and is really funny
Ben J. is the best/nicest 8th grader in the entire 8th grade.

Owen K. is a good basketball player.
Sam H. is a good basketball player.
Alex F. is a good basketball player.
Pablo is the funniest 8th grader I know.
Alex R. is the best friend you could ever ask for because he is very kind and helpful.
Alexa Z, you are awesome and intelligent. You always help me with math. You are such an amazing person. keep doing you girl!