Everyone is beautiful and amazing!
Lily U. is super smart and a great friend ๐Ÿ™‚
Shane S. makes me laugh all the time.
Madeline H is super funny and really nice.
I hope everyone stays healthy and safe during this COVID-19 season!
Ronnie F, you are such an amazing person and friend. I love that you are super confident in the things you do, and Iยดm glad that you are my friend. Keep being awesome.
Nathan S. is a nice person.
Carson I. is the coolest kid I know.
Sydnie P and Natalie P are really good at MATH!
Hunter and Jason S. are awesome
The Zachs in 7th grade are awesome.
Friends are good
makenna is a fun friend
Chloe B. is the best sister ever!!
Isaac S., you are awesome and your haircut is even better!
Carson is a smart and funny friend.
Grant is nice and cool.
Grant is very nice.
Unica you are an amazing dancer for the git up.
Preston N., Axel B. and Teagen H. are the best friends ever!
will you are the best person ever
will is the best friend ever; he tells funny jokes
Riley is the funniest person I know ๐Ÿ™‚
Lily K. is one of the most funny people I have ever met. She really knows how to make amazingly funny jokes. She can even make one of your most despicable days into one of the greatest there ever was!
Macy A you always make me laugh and smile, you are a really good best friend. Thanks for being my friend.
Callie F. you are a good friend
ARDEN! You are awesome.
Marah S. is a really good friend. I like to hang out with her. She is an amazing friend.
Good luck to Lily K. and all the other hockey players at their last game this weekend! You will rock it!
Macy is the best and tells the best stories
Mrs. Rachu is the best math teacher ever.
Trace B , Parker F , Hayden G are the best friends in the world.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž
Hailey G is very much epic ๐Ÿ™‚
Jillian Galan is so much cool. :)))
Mrs. Keefe is an amazing teacher and my favorite one.
Ethan E is the best in the world at soccer and he is a very great friend!
Houston is the best brother ever.
Grace S is great at hockey and is a good friend.
Jason W is really funny!
Kyleigh is funny and weird (in a good way) and is also a good friend.
Emily G is nice, pretty, funny, and a great friend.
Hailey is really smart and funny. She is also pretty.
Jack W. is a funny and great guy.
Sam is cool!
Javier is a good friend because he helps when you need it.
Mrs. Gelhaus is a wonderful teacher! I'm so glad I get to learn from her!
The milk guy is super nice.
Mrs Bueler is a fun study hall teacher and is fun to be around!
Hailey B. I think of you like a sister. You make me laugh when I'm sad or down about myself.
Stacy S you have great smile. It makes my day.
Autumn B. you have the funniest mind in history class.
Cailyn V you always make me laugh on a bad day.
Emily K you always look on the bright side of everything and like that.
Tana R - You are a good friend.
Javier J you interest me with your food suggestions.
Lily J. - You are the funniest person.
When I feel bad I can count on you Sydney S.
Will - way to keep at it, even when things get hard... Continue to be strong!
Issac t. is funny and a good friend
Lexi K is the best sister!
Delilah is a really good friend to have and a good role model.
Alexis Z. is fast, smart, and weird in a good way!
Kaelynn B. is a great friend.
Aedan S. is very funny and nice. He is a really good friend.
Tallula is crazy funny!
Keegan N. is a trustworthy person.
Leah P. is so fun in social studies, and she does a good job getting all of her work done and getting As on tests.
Oliver K. is a good friend.
Keagan is cool.
Hayden S. is cool.
Morgan is an amazing friend she is so kind and loving.
Mrs. Pernsteiner is the best teacher of all time!
Finley Arndt you are such an amazing friend. I could never ask for a better one. Keep on smiling ๐Ÿ™‚
Ms. Sam is the bright spot of my day!
Madi Hoefs is so kind and always trys to bring people up. We need more people like her.
Thanks for standing up for me. You know who you are.
Macy A. you are really great at making me smile!
Mrs.Rachu is the best teacher ever!
Aubrey S is so nice and a good friend, and she is so funny.
Owen K. is a good friend!
Tallula H., you are such a wonderful girl! Keep being amazing!
Way to be positive, Fischer!
Shout out to Arden in the 5th grade! Have an amazing day!
Be yourself and never try to be someone else.
Be yourself in the world.
Mackenzie P, Sophie K, Raylin R, Maddie H, Ellie E, Diana S,

Thank you for being there for me. You have been there for me since day one. You were the only people that I trust. Thank you again.
Abbie H. is the best friend I could ever wish for!
Abbie M. makes me happy everyday.
Ellie E. is the best.
Liam J. is a good friend.
Easton is a good friend. He is nice!
Abbie M., Erin K., and Mallory P. are the best!
Ellie E. is the best friend ever ????????!
Maddie H. and Mal P. you guys are so nice and outgoing. They go out of their way to help people. They are so helpful and caring! Thank you for always helping people out and always being positive!
Fisher T. is a fun and good friend to have. He is funny!
Hayden G. is the best ????!
Aubrey S., thank you for being a good friend. You are a very nice person.
Parker F. is a great friend.
Isaac D., you are a great friend and a really nice person.
Isabell M. you are so kind and caring for all of your friends. I know she is always helping people out and outgoing.