Ms. Forgrave is SO thankful for all of my wonderful first graders! You all make me smile everyday!
I am thankful for my home and my dad.
I am thankful for the stuff I do and the food I eat and my family thanks for being my freinds

Sincerely Max
I am thankful for Ms.Sniezyk and my classmates.
My family and friends.

Rhode Snyder
I am thankful for my family and my class Madison and mary and Emily are so kind to me 🙂
I am thankful for Madison elamentry!
I am so thankful to be the principal of such a wonderful group of students, to meet our kind families, and to work with the most amazingly giving staff ever!! Everyday is a great day to be an eagle!
My teacher makes me smile that’s why I love my teacher love Brielle.
Thank you for always helping me miss. Turnwald
Madison beaver is the best sister ever she lets me watch YouTube with her she is so nice I love her so Much she is so loving, Love McKinley

I love you Madison!
Emily is so kind and nice from maram
have a happy birthday ? and be safe
Mrs Hemingway I wish you a very happy bday I hope you have a great day love Madison beaver ❤️
Miss turnwald is so kind ❤️
Miss Collins's Group D small reading group had 100% participation and did an amazing job reading today!
1. I have the best team members (past and present)
2. ALL staff is dedicated and hardworking.
2. ALL staff care and love our families.
3. We work with the greatest families and students in the world!
4. Our PTO is by far the best in the world!

Love your teacher, teammate, friend, and alumni:

Ms. Ro
Miss Collins's Group B small reading group had 100% participation and read like superstars today! Keep up the great work and effort 🙂
Ms. Rogers, I see you working so hard every day. I appreciate you and I am so thankful you are on my team!
I work with some amazing people! I see you all showing up for your students everyday. You're appreciated, hardworking, and marvelous. Love, Ms. Patrico
Thank you to all of the Teachers at Madison Elementary School, you are all awesome! Love Wesley Malloy
Mrs. Sniezky's class is awesome and so kind.
Miss. Turnwald is awesomesauce in my book! When I found out she was my teacher I was so excited. I Think this year is gonna be great!!!
During a math lesson in Miss Turnwald's class, Madelyn Halpin and Justin Denis encouraged another student not to give up and to just keep on trying. The motivation really helped our friend who was struggling!
When first came to Madison school elementary I was so nervous, but then Madison Elementary taught me a lot of things!
Thank you Madison heights elementary
From D'Angelo
Mrs. Staffan is an amazing teacher and friend! She is kind and supportive to everyone in our building, and gives so much to our school.
I am happy that Emily is in my class and Madison and thank you for being a good friend to me love Vaughn ????
Dear, Mrs. Sniezyk and her GREAT class well let’s start off with some great things about Mrs. Sniezyk
1# She treats everyone with kindness. 2#She is super fun but sometimes we have to quiet down so we can learn. 3# She is super pretty. Now on to her class including me that are so nice and funny!

-Love Cianna
I am so happy to be in this 4th grade class! I have friends, Positive energy and most importantly Mrs.Sniezyk. She is the best teacher ever! Shes Nice, Positive, Helpful, Loving and much more. She is there when we need help and She is trying to make this virtual learning work. This is a Thank You to Mrs.Sniezyk.

This Thank You is from Aiyannah Patrick.
I am so happy that Maram is in my class. Love Emily
Thank you to all the Madison staff for being so great during these difficult times. Mrs. Sniezyk is the best teacher I've ever had because she makes me happy. Love Vincent
I am so happy that Preston is in my class . Love EMILY
My freind Vaughn he is a realy nice guy and he is always nice to every one and he has a awesome attitude

Miss Turnwald she’s the best teacher in the world, she’s always so kind to us and she’s very fun!
Do something helpful today! I will help my brother with first grade.
I want to thank ms.janagian she is one of the best teachers ever! why I appreciate her is Because she is very good at teaching and is super nice! Thank you ms. Janigan! ❣️
Wesley Malloy reminded his classmates to speak kindly to each other when asking to do a task!
"Something positive I will do today is help my mom with my baby brother!
Mrs. Sniezyk is the best teacher ever.
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. No matter how many mistakes you make never give up.
Just be you no one is the same as you don’t change the way you are because of someone else because the way that other people see you Is the way you made yourself. You are kind!
Thank you to all the wonderful teachers at Madison Elementary School! Special thank you to Ms. Forgrave!!
Madison Elementary has the best staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with in all of my years in education. I am proud to be a part of such a long, caring, giving, and committed team!
I am so happy that Madison is in my class because she is so nice to me and others love Vaughn
We would like to use this opportunity to give High Fives to Miss Turnwald and Mrs Gibeau. My wife and I as grandparents are doing virtual school with my grandkids and my goodness has it been a challenge. As we know most challenges become easier with the right support. These two teachers I mentioned above(Miss Turnwald and Mrs Gibeau) have been a godsend to all of us. we thank them so very much.
To Miss Forgraves 1st grade class,

You guys are all so kind to me.

Love McKinley
Brooklyn Meachum

You are my friend forever ❤️

Love McKinley
To Brooklyn Locklere

You are my friend forever.

Love McKinley Beaver
Mr Diegel

Gym is so fun!!!

Love McKinley Beaver
To all of our PTO Moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas

You guys are amazing!!! Thank you for everything you do for our kids!

Love you all, Crystal Beaver
Mrs Sneizyk,
You are funny
Love McKinley
My school is the best everyone is so kind! Love Madison beaver

Mr. Tran, I am happy you are my teacher this year!
The Specials Team has worked really hard to make this virtual year amazing for staff and students. I’m lucky I get to work with such a great group! ???? Love, Ms. Dickson
Thank you 5th grade team for welcoming me with open arms and loving me as one of your own! I love working with you guys????
McKinley Beaver, I miss you and you are my best friend. I will help you any time. I can’t wait to see you again.
Love Aubree
Miss Collins's students took on the challenge of taking the NWEA tests for the first time, add remotely, and they ROCKED IT!
I am in awe of their patience, helpfulness and all around great personalities 🙂
My family, makes me happy because they do everything and take care of me. They even keep me safe I love my family I’m happy.
You are great. You are beautiful. You are loving. You are smart. And thats true. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Your different in a good way. Your crazy in a good way. Your Madison Elementary's Best Friend. You are a ????. When problems come your way, you just say “Its a piece of ????!” Just remember, You are an eagle -

- Aiyannah Patrick
I am thankful for Vaughn in my class for being a good friend to me.
Mrs. Sniezyk's fourth grade class has been so attentive, polite, and engaged on Zoom. They are doing a fantastic job and I'm so proud to be their teacher!
Hi Ms. Forgrave! I miss you a lot, I hope I get to see you this year. from Aliyah
Mrs. Staffan's 4th graders rocked out the NWEA tests this week!! They are all amazing!!
Katherine! You have been going all out for your kiddos during this crazy time. It's awesome! Just know, I see you and all the effort you're putting in on a daily basis!
Shout out to Ms. VanderHagen! You are always SO helpful and kind, and your passion towards what you do is contagious! You rock!
Mrs Dickson, I love art. And your dog Coconut.. Love McKinley Beaver
Ms Gates, I miss you so much. You were the best teacher ever love McKinley Beaver
Aubree Young, Whenever you are hurt I will always help you. You are a great friend and I miss you
Love McKinley Beaver
Mrs Forgrave you are the best teacher ever. I love you so much. McKinley Beaver
Hi guys keep souring your awesome and remember every day is a great day to be an eagle happy birthday to the people who’s bdays are today! Also I like you lipstick ms. provanzola!

I am so impressed with the wonderful teachers at Madison Elementary. I've pushed into so many of their zoom calls and seen their compassion towards our students and their families, willingness to learn new technology, and being absolutely welcoming to a new staff member (me). I feel lucky to get to work with such a great teaching staff.
-Mallory Kasper
Reading Specialist-Madison Elemen

A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Provenzola-West and Ms. Hemingway for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Madison Elementary School!

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