I'd like to personally thank Mrs. Monell and Coach Knight for helping me wipe down the cafeteria tables every day.
y’all have a really nice school
A huge thank you to Mrs. Crowe in the media center. Your willingness to help this technology-challenged teacher is greatly appreciated.
- Mrs. Carter
Thank you to Mrs. Shirah for always supporting CTAE. Your generosity to FCCLA is greatly appreciated.
Thank you to all the students and teachers who showed generosity and motivation as we go through these uncertain times! Keep up the great work!

-Caleb Collins
Thanks to Susanne Crowe for always answering my million questions and doing her best to answer them and find a solution.
-Ms. Jordan
Mr. Edward always makes me smile and asks me how my day is going! Thank you
Shout out to the Front Office ladies who always greet me with a smile and can answer all my questions!
Jisue Park, what a joy it is to have your help in the counseling office - we appreciate your hard work and willingness to do whatever is asked.
Thank you Sloan Freeman for being such a kind and reliable office aid. The Counseling Office appreciates you!
Thank you Caleb Gowens for all your help and positive attitude while working in the counseling office. We appreciate you!!!
Thank you Trinity Alley for always being full of life and ready and willing to help! The counseling office appreciates you!
Thank you Mr. Tompkins for dealing with me and all of my digital issues. You are greatly appreciated!
- Mrs. Hendricks
Thank you to Shelly Helton who makes the counseling office run smoothly. She is such an asset to our staff and is kind and helpful to all students/staff. Thank you Shelly for all your help with my onboarding - you are cherished by all.

Kristi Nolen
Shout out to Janice Brock who has worked tirelessly in tracking our Covid cases. When speaking with parents or students, she is kind and informative giving clear direction on procedures. What a blessing she is to LHS.
Thank you to Ms. McMillan and Mr. Robison for all of the support you've given me this year with my digital classes. You've made a new and challenging job much more doable because of your continuous support.
Thank you to Dr. Jones for working so hard and making our digital class flow smoothly each day.
~Mrs. Smith
Thank you Janice Brock for working so diligently during such a hard year and yet always having a kind word and smile for students and staff! You are the best!!
Thanks, Coach Knight, for being here everyday and always working hard!
A shout out to all of the students who take the time to help others! Your kindness spreads throughout the day and you add a bit of sunshine throughout.
Great job to our amazing Senior Class Officers for working together to agree on a new prom location and for picking a theme.
Mr. Robison
Thank you to Josh Tompkins for always supporting teachers with all the new technology!
Thank you to our awesome custodians that keep our school clean and make the day even better when seeing them in the hallways!
Thank you to the LHS PBIS Team for leading Project RED! Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!

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