Amy, Thank you for always bringing the smiles and joy to whatever we collaborate on. Work so much more fun because of you!
Melissa Thomas!!! What a trooper for taking on virtual teaching and then having to switch buildings mid-year. You are a rock and a lovely lady. Your dedication and perseverance are inspiring!
Kristi Morris, you lovely lady! Thank you for being such an awesome island teammate and friend. You bring this light with you wherever you are. Your students feel it, and so do the adults! Thank you for the fun and joy you always bring to my day.
Mr. Wise, your kids adore you and love getting to go to your class. Thank you for the little things you do for them, like recognize their individual interests and then use those in their lessons. You are observant and care deeply about your students. You are also such a good, when you battled a student to see who can plank the longest! It was a close one! Ha!
Mrs. Torbett, thanks for really working your tail off to provide excellent resources, books, and lessons to our kids!
Amy Smith....You. Are. So. Cool. I want to be you when I grow up. Thank you for always going above and beyond for our shared students. They love you and I love that I can send them to you and know that you focus not only on their academic well-being, but their social/emotional well-being, as well. Also, you teach them the importance of sarcasm. Vital life skill!
Rick! You rock! Thanks for always being willing to help!
Mrs. Light, you are killing this hybrid thing! I have loved watching how you have adjusted every step of the way to find the best methods for you and the kids. You are also AWESOME at discovering and utilizing cool tech tools. Woo!
Claudia, you are such a kind soul and have done an amazing job this (crazy) year!
Erin, Brandi, and Sara, Thanks for taking the time to love on my students in all the ways you have this year.
Claudia, Thank you for checking in with me and keeping me connected. It means a lot.
Meagan, Thank you for sharing and encouraging me. It always came at just the right time.
Nikki, Thank you for always answering questions, sharing great ideas, and being uplifting regularly. It has made a difference!
Thank you , Melissa, for being an amazing teammate and friend. I am going to miss you a ton!
Thank you, Sherri C., for collaborating with me to help our students and for making it fun always!
Thank you, Jessie, for going the extra mile to help me out when I need it and for the laughs that I need regularly.
Thank you, Stacey Martin, for always helping me out with so much joy!
Thank you , Kari, for noticing when I need extra encouragement.
Thank you, Mrs. Sputo, for caring about me not just as one of your staff but also as a person.
Thank you , Stacey Light, for always staying connected with me and always sharing cool ideas.
Thank you Whitney for just being a fun and kind person to work along side!
A HUGE Thank You to "Ms. Sputo" and "Ms. Smith" for bringing the Faculty Kindness Wall to Leverett Elementary School!