Sally--You are always so real! I love how you not only gave the recovery teacher the resource for career videos for her students--you LOOKED UP EACH ONE and gave recommendations. You are doing great things to make things easier for teachers!
Shannan--You are so uplifting and you are not afraid to deal with reality! You keep your vision and find a way. I love being a part of your team!
Emily, thanks for covering for me and working on career curriculum with our SPED kiddos at LSHS. You are SO appreciated!
Matt, thanks for always being an advocate for our special education students. Your passion shines through!
Kathy, thanks for all your help getting our FCS teachers what they need with the updates to the kitchens! It was a big project and couldn't have happened without all your help!
Jeff and Lindsay, great teamwork on your career presentations. Way to make an impact for kids!
Steve, your STREAM model is amazing. The personalized learning experiences happening at SRA will open so many doors for those students. Way to go!
Sherri, great work with the revamp of Computer Science and the work you are doing with AMPED on Algebra. Both of these programs will provide so many opportunities for students.
A HUGE shout out to Jessica for balancing all of the CTE budgets and PO's. We couldn't do it without you!
Dr. Hart, the RIASEC posters are awesome! Great work!
Way to go Emily and Sally for all the great real-world learning experiences being delivered at PLMS!!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Booth for bringing the YOU UPLIFT Kindness Wall to Lees Summit R-7!
Go LSR7!