This shout out is for Ms. Graham! Her Home visit (Socially distanced of course!) to read to and visit with my grandson Made his day. Ms. Graham is a true gem.
Mrs.Mooney thank you for being a great teacher! You helped us grow in so many ways .You did everything to make our class fun and exciting .I learned so much from you .Thank you for helping me to be a better person.

Love ,
Ai' Yanna Heggs
Where do I start this teacher is phenomenal she show genuine care for each of her students. She does not mind being personable and understanding parents are sharing their kids with her more hours of the day then parents get to spend with kids. She give her personal number, she checks on them individually. She supports outside of school events, she wears many hats. I'm speaking of Mrs. Taylor
Ms.Leonard is so Awesome she’s the (Goat) Greatest of All Times she’s dedicated to her students she never lets them down We love you The Dyson-Harvey Family 😘 soon as the Virus is over we owe you lunch !!! We appreciate you so much Let’s Go Dolphin Family 🤞🏾🥰
I love and miss my LFH family!
I feel so blessed to teach at a school where I am surrounded by SUPERSTAR students, parents, and staff. The teachers are the hardest working group of people I've ever had the pleasure to work with, and I am thankful for each and every one of you.
Have a fantastic and safe summer!
As we complete our Distance Learning, please know that you are your child’s first and BEST teacher. I am extremely proud of all parents because of how you have been flexible and have embraced the lessons and adapted them to your own circumstances. I applaud you and celebrate YOU during Teacher Appreciation Week!
Ms. Abbott - PK
Mrs. Berry I miss you and all of the fun we have in your class!


Have a good summer.
💝Thank you all for the Great work that you do at LFH!!

Ms. LaPointe

I enjoyed having you for a teacher this year. I am missing you and the class.
Happy Appreciation Week to all teachers. You are so special to be w/ our kids 8 hours of the day for 5 days a week. My daughter has been a student at LFH for 3 years and we love the atmosphere there. Mrs. Belew’s 2nd grade class is the best. She didn’t start the year off with us because a beautiful baby boy Charlie was born but it seems like she has been there from the beginning. She is so kind &
Mrs. Mooney ,
You have been a great teacher this year. Thank you for all the things you have done. You make reading, math , science and social studies fun. I miss you. I hope you have great summer.
Thank you to all the teachers who work so hard to help us! You are all appreciated!
I'd like to take the opportunity to express thanks & appreciation to Dr. Driggers & Mrs. Shankle for working so hard & showing so much determination in making sure my son received an electronic device to complete his assignments. The dedication showed to my children & their education throughout the last 3 years has been superb. I'm proud & thankful to say that my children attend LFH!
Ms. Blackmon is my teacher and I love her because she plays with me, and she helps me learn. She is the best teacher in the whole wide world.

Mrs. Ishee is a fun teacher! I love being in her class with my friends. She helps us read and learn math!
Our family love Mrs.Thompkins!! We hate that we haven't been able to spend a lot of time with her!! We appreciate everything LFH has done for our kids!!! We love Mrs.Belew,Mrs.Doris,Mr.Harris,Mrs.Milton, Mrs.Douglas, Mrs.Williams and Dr.Driggers for all our years at LFH!! We will miss you all dearly and thank you for your continued support!! We love you ALL!! The Cherry's ????
Mrs. Harris's energy always make school events even more fun!
My fifth grader was lucky to be part of this great school. We will miss you all!
Our special thanks go to Mrs. Milton. We love her! ❤️

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