this school is the best

i like hanging out with my friends ivy paola and yasmin and otherx
keep it up, students.
i like kennedy i will always will and i like coming here everyday and all the time
i like fornite and i like kennedy middle school because it is the best
Best science teacher in the world is Mrs . Olague you are funny,nice and pretty.Wish a best year for the KMS students.-KCM
Paola , Is my best friend and i wish her luck for everything and i care for her grades
and i love Kennedy , and Ivy is also my other best friend , she's cool and kind. and i want a shout out for my best friends *1.Paola 2. Ivy :_)
heyyy stay positve dont be sad and be happy
you can do it.
you can do it grade up

Knock Knock "Who's There?" KMS "KMS Who?" KMS POWER! ????

stay positve

just do it!
If you can't find the sunshine, Be the sunshine.
Students study and try hard on your tests!!!just like Einstein once said"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned at school”
Four things to tell yourself daily:
1. Today will be my day.
2. I'm the best me there is.
3. I know that I am a winner.
4. I can do it, I know I can.
I want to be in 9th grade next year. I will try to be a good kid so I can move on
hi like kennedy and i like going with my friends .
A little kindness goes a long way...
-Mrs. Huezo
Here's a message for my friend Antonio.
Antonio thank you for entering my life. When I'm down you make me laugh. You are the best friend I ever had thank you for supporting me and being here for me.
knock knock... who's there?..... Boo..... boo who?..... don't cry it's only a knock knock joke!
my best friends are raphael, christian and jacobo
i like kennedy
I want to give a shout out to my best friends.
1. Antonio H.
2. Christian M.
3. Angel T
Hi my Name is Antonio my friends are Jacobo, Christian and Angel
Your positive action combined in positive thinking results in success.
Shout Out to all the KMS Athletes who represent our school well!
You are a very special person. You are amazing. If you are going through a hard moment you're going to get thru this you're strong!!:)
Thanks Mr. Sanchez for giving us a place to tell about our awesome students and school!
KMS is awesome!
Everyone has challenges in life.
It is what you do in spite of them that makes you
who you are as a person.
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Awesome KMS Students

Would you like a FREE JEAN DAY!! It's easy. If all students arrive to school on time, you can have a JEAN DAY! You can do it!
AVID students are rocking the Research IAB! Can't wait to see the final test scores!!! -Ms. Fisher
Mrs. Acosta's advisory did an awesome job respecting the process of their first Socratic Seminar on the Lincoln-Douglas debates! -Ms. Fisher
Work Hard, Dream Big, and Never Give Up on Your Goals!
THANK YOU KMS staff for all of the amazing things you do for all of our students! SHOUT OUT to Mrs. Huezo, Mrs. Petree, Ms. Ornelas, Mrs. Rea, and Mr. Gonzalez, Thank YOU for giving your all in teaching our students with special needs!
Thank you! The students and staff at Kennedy Middle School are great. Please continue to have P.R.I.D.E. in our school!
-Mr. Sanchez
"Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Kennedy Middle School!"