Great job students! We made another $55.00 donation to WomanHaven with your water bottles. That brings us to $147.00 so far this year. You are all making a difference!
i love you guys have a wonderful day in 8th and high school and good luck in the stat test.
Never give up. Give all your best. You don't need easy, you need possible. I love hanging out with Mia M. (M&M)
Thank you to all the Environmental Club members who aren't afraid to get a little dirty for a good cause and help save the planet! Ms. Fisher
Keep up the great work Conquistadores! Your recycling efforts have earned a total of $91.70 for a local charity. Remember that every bottle counts!
KMS earned $39.25 for our first bottle collection to WomanHaven! Keep up the great work Conquistadores! Recycle your empty water bottles in the various receptacles around campus! We can make a difference!!!
This is coming from a Wilson Junior High Student Rafael V.: Just wanna say Hi to my friend Kimberly R. and to tell everyone at Kennedy to have an awesome day 😀 (hope this is allowed Lol)
hi ._. have a great day in school , hi to my friends Kimberly , Jocelyn , Bailey
the class of teacher negrette is the best

HIIIIIIIIII i want the little ceaser pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa


Hi I just wanted to say hi have a good day
kennedy mddle school is the best
Rosario AKA roo roo is my best friend 🙂
Steve says never give up
I love you guy have fun in 8 grade and 7 grade get ready for the state test
Kennedy is the perfect place for an education!:)
You can accomplish anything you keep in mind, so think what you want to learn, and do it without saying you can’t, there is never an “I cannot” because everything, ANYTHING is possible if you keep trying and keeping your mind on it because you will need it for the hard work that is ahead of you. Not only school accomplishments but also dreams.

-Your friendly neighborhood student

hey kidz
This school is cool and good.
If you are looking for a educational place then come to kennedy they have the best teachers and students!!:)
I have been in kennedy middle school for 2 years already and I love it!! Kennedy is positive and educational, we all love kennedy and respect it:)
I love hanging out with my friends, Kimberly, Ying Ying, Anne, and Amaris
Kennedy middle school is the best school ever!!:)
This school is the best love Kennedy!!1
Have you played Atari Today? (1980)
kennedy middle school has made me a better person and with the help of the teachers and mrs.Pacheco and Mr.Sanchez i am able to try my hardest and get my work done. I LOVE KENNEDY MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!
thank you tiffany, jennifer, viri, carlos L, Linda S, Linda O. you are great friends to me:)))))you guys make me smile everyday especially Stephanie, Jennifer, tiffany. Love you all- yasmin
i just wanna say Congratulation to my friends ! Cassey, Gloria, Avril, Aaliyah, Elizabeth, Krystain, Carolina, and that's all ???? Hopefully, you guys have fun!

OMG HEY YALL! HAVE AN AMAZING DAY! YALL ARE SO PRECIOUSSSS LIKEEEEEEEE. SHOUTOUT TO THE BESTIES BRYANA, KENDRA, SARAYA, VALERIA L., VALERIA S., JESUS, AMY, LISA, JAYDEN, JOSEPHINE, JULIANNA, CHRISTOPHER, and TO MS.OLAGUE CUZ LIKE SHE IS THE BEST TEACHER!(all other teachers are great too btw hhehee) (omg i dont know what picture to put so like ima just put the beatles hehehehehheehhheheh)
I want to thanks to my friend's Aaliyah, Avril, Celeste, Rebecca, Lesly, Arleth, Arely, Adrian, for supporting me and being there for me Love guy's thank you for everything.
Kennedy middle school is an amazing school. I will miss this school. Good luck to the incoming 8th graders. 2018-2019 ( have fun next year) -A
If you ever feel sad, have a turtle. ????
PS: Mr.Torres and Mr.Sanchez are the best teachers B)
👑My bestfriend is juan 👑
I am proud to be in this school and I'll miss everyone.
Have a great summer.
I love everyone from school have a good luck in school
One snap and its done
Get better grades in school to be successful
we love u tiffany
i love my friends
Kennedy is the best! Good luck on your test!
Fortnite is the best game! my best friends are camila, arlene and regina.

KMS is the best school i have ever been in, people here are so nice and fun to be around with. An example are my friends Angela R., Carlos A., and Elysia W. 👑⛅
I had the best teachers in 7th and 8th grade
Thank you to....
Mr.Sanchez (The science teacher)
Mrs.Olague HOSA
Ms.Huezo CoF
For teaching me everything I know now
7th graders!
Please pay attention to all your classes and study,cuz you had to be getting good grades for 8th grade to promote and have your elective.
You guys enjoy your VACATIONS:))))))
school is ending, make every decision a wise one !
Do your best peoples!
Creativity counts
Try your best in every class and be happy?
kennedy is a great school
have a good day you are beautiful
Hi :))
If you’re ever feeling down
Just keep smiling and Don’t let it bring you down:)
Have a puppy to make you smile ????
Hiii Shout out to kimberly, rafel and stella.
have a good day!;)
heeeyy guyss love yaa , have a goood daay.
just do it!

stay positive and never give up
Kennedy Middle School is the best school because I can hang out with mine friends I want to give a shout to jacobo Christian and Anthony
If Bill Gates can accomplish his dreams, you can too!!
i like going to kennedy every day cause it is fun
Kennedy middle School is the best because I can hangout with my friends end I want to give a shout out to my friends Jacob, Christian and Anthony and my cousin Fabian
Kennedy Is the
Best !!...... Mr Sanchez is the best
i also like how Kennedy middle school is ..........
By: Brian G....and by: Alex O.... ????????????i like chicken...and turtles????????????????
my name is ____________ and I like memes and kms
Being smart, nice, and kind doesn't make you less.
Being smart can give you lots of advantage in life.
Being nice gives you true friends.
Being kind shows you are a great person.
You don't have to pretend being something you are not
being yourself doesn't make you less.
Cry if you need to.
Be proud of yourself!
Feel free to be yourself!
Feel free to show your feelings
if your having a bad day keep your head up your going to get through this:)
HI I like Kennedy middle school its fun and awsome and these are my friends
1. Aram
2. joseh
3. alex

i love everyone from school
Best school ever !!

this is a message for my friend Jacobo thank you for entering my life every time I am sad you make me happy and you are funny and smart thank you for being my friend this year
Hi Conquistadores, make sure to do well in school and always Stay Positive

this school is the best

I have the greatest best friends ever ???? My friends are Jennah, Stella, Rafael, Kayleen, and Yulianna!!!
thank you for being my friends ????
SHOUTOUT To EVERYONE in KMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone is great and don't ever doubt yourself. you can all get through this and i hope everyone passes 7th grade or 8th grade and if you ever think you can't just believe you can and you will be able to do it

Never give up kids

kennedy is the best school in the world and i am coming back in 8th grade
Kms is the best middle school ever !
i like hanging out with my friends ivy paola and yasmin and otherx
i like hanging out with my friends ivy paola and yasmin and otherx
keep it up, students.
i like kennedy i will always will and i like coming here everyday and all the time
i like fornite and i like kennedy middle school because it is the best
heyyy i just wanted to say that your cool dont be sad stay positve and every time we love you and be happy , smile
without this school, I would not know what I know now.
KMS is the best Middle School !!!!!!!!!!!
Best science teacher in the world is Mrs . Olague you are funny,nice and pretty.Wish a best year for the KMS students.-KCM
Kennedy middle school is awesome!
Paola , Is my best friend and i wish her luck for everything and i care for her grades
and i love Kennedy , and Ivy is also my other best friend , she's cool and kind. and i want a shout out for my best friends *1.Paola 2. Ivy :_)
heyyy stay positve dont be sad and be happy
you can do it.
you can do it grade up

Knock Knock "Who's There?" KMS "KMS Who?" KMS POWER! ????

stay positve

just do it!