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Mrs. Dodson
Thank you for being a good teacher and being very supportive.
Ryan Bragg
To: Bryon Smith
You are funny, awesome, nice, and an all around amazing person. When ever I feel down, you always know how to cheer me up. You are one of the best people I could ever know.

From: Ya Boi, Elliot Layman

To my friend hope you have a good day!
Samantha Richarson, Thank you for being an amazing friend Tyler Harriman
Anna Preston, you have been such an amazing friend Tyler Harriman
To: Elliot Layman
I would really like to thank you for being a funny, cool friend.
To: Brandon Swackhammer
You're a nice person.
From: Ryan Doyle
To: Andrew Pittman
Thanks for being a really good friend and making funny jokes at the lunch table
From: Brandon Swackhammer

Thank you for bringing the "YouUplift" Platform to Johnstown Middle School.