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Shout out to my friends for always being there for me
Zoey Myers, Libby Chrystal, Adam Brounce, Jarah Eger (Odette), GraceAnne Foster(Annie), Janet Montgomery, Emma Onder, Beatriz Neuman, Ema Nagel, Nora Doichev, Doran Steinfeild, (If I forgot to mention you I am sorry)
hey tessa ????
Dear Lunch table
I love you guys soooo much, Mia,Mirabel,Marissa,Audrey,Ellison,Ellie, and Kelly brighten me day!! ????
Devon willams and Genevieve plumbo make great friends!!!!!!!!!😊😊😊
Grace Portman,
We might not be on the same team but I am so happy that doesn't stop us from being friends!
Good job people in the talent show!!!:)
Mrs. Hertzog, I can't describe how much you mean to me. These past three years have been so awesome working with you. From being a twister in sixth grade to running with you in seventh, and just talking to you in eighth grade. Our little chats are so meaningful to me. I promise to keep in touch next year. Thank you so much for being such a supportive teacher!
Thank you, Mr. Gray, for being a great homeroom teacher this year! I'm sure our entire homeroom really appreciates everything that you do for us! Thank you so much!
Thanks to mrs. sofran for being the best math and homeroom teacher. you're so nice and super funny. i wish you could be my math & homeroom teacher in 8th grade. Thanks for all the good times!
hi guys! we need our world to change! we need to be better with our economy! thats why you can help do the collect bottle caps.
to Kevin M
Dear Kevin, you always make laugh and brighten my 2 period science with a joke. thanks for every laugh!
from jermey
to jemal:

you are very cool, and i don't think you've gotten one of these yet so here you go!
to penny:

you are very special, you are very important, and you rule this school!
#htaw wildfire teachers!!! even though the week is over you deserve one big whooooop. Mrs. Wetmore- you make me smile everyday and make me laugh all the time. Mrs. Cort- you are always so understanding and awesome! Mrs Becket- your classroom is the best! your pictures are so pretty and you are fantastic. Mrs Martz- you are so kind and humorous. Mr Barone- you are awesome! you respect everyone! ❤️🔥
Mr. Martinelli is the coolest science teacher ever! His stories are always so funny ????
Mrs. Evan I appreciate all of your help!
Mrs. Donis is so helpful! Thank you for all you do!
Sra. Avila ¡eres la mejor! #HTAW
Happy Birthday Michael!
Mrs. Donis, you have been a great wingman throughout this year. I appreciate every single thing you do.
T-pose for Mr. Barone!
JMart and EdPet are the best science teachers EVER!!!1!
Ms. Beckett is an awesome teacher!!!
Mr. Frommeyer, you are such a cool teacher!
Ms. Lim, you are so awesome! You are the best orchestra teacher ever! I always look forward to the days I get to see you!
Mrs. Cort is such an amazing teacher. She is so fun and kind.
Mr. Mellett,
You are the best teacher. It’s great when you play the Skeleton song(that’s when class is the best).
Mrs. Wetmore is so nice and fun to talk to. I love English class because she is so helpful when someone needs it and very understanding.
To Ms. Siegel, Mrs. Hertzog, Mrs. Mercier, Mr, Althaus, Mrs, Stilley, Mrs. Kassep, Ms. Ganick, Mr, Bluemling, Mrs. Allen, Mr. Urmann, and every other teacher I did not mention!
You make your classes so much fun! Thank you annd #HTAW!
Thank you to all of the guidance counselors who have helped me out these past three years and made me feel more secure and helped to solve problems. ????
Mrs. A-

Thank you for three amazing years of library books and always being ready to chat while I'm checking out! You've helped me grow my love for reading and read titles that I'll always remember.
Mrs. Hogel,

Thank you for a year of math that has been my most successful one yet. I really appreciate the extra time you have taken to help me understand math concepts.

Ms. Luptak,

All of my friends think you're the best, so thank you for making math great for the Emeralds!

Thank you to all of the fellow teachers who are inspirations each day. Your creativity and hard work push me to be better.
To Mrs. Hogel,

Thank you for helping me become a better math student this year. You have really helped me to gain a better understanding of concepts and better studying habits. Thank you!!
Mrs.Wetmore is a goddess
Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week
Mr Althaus,
You are an amazing teacher. Thank you so much. (You are the best math teacher yet ????
Mr Bluemling ,
Thank you so much. You are an awesome teacher. ( I love the story about the fairy pace under the tree) ????
Mrs Hertzog,
Thank you so much. You are a great teacher. ????
Mrs Mercier,
You are an amazing teacher, Thank you.
Ms. Siegel,
Thank you so much for being a great teacher.
#HTAW Mrs. Cort, the immense amount of thought and effort that you put forth everyday into your lessons, inspires us to go beyond our limits.
JMart is the best science teacher at Jefferson!!1!
#HTAW Mrs. Cherry, from teaching a math class, to organizing a Student Council field trip, no one could get the job done as well as you do! Thank you!
#HTAW Mrs. Kassap, weather you are programming the next Microsoft application, or planing the next student council meeting, you always put forth 110% into everything you do. Your efforts are truly appreciated!
#HTAW Mrs. Kelly, thank you so much for putting your all in every challenge you face, every class you teach, and every conference you give!
Mr. Gray, thank you for being such a rad teacher! It's pretty great being able to talk about shoes for an entire period! I hope you have a great week ????
Mr. Cappucci, thank you being such a great teacher this year! You are by far one of my favourite teachers and I hope you have a great week ????
Mr. Smith,
Thanks for being a great teacher and putting up with all of us crazy eighth graders.
Ms. Ross, thank you so much for being such an awesome teacher! You are by far one of my favourite teachers of my entire middle school experience ????
A big thank you to Mr. Bluemling for helping me with anything i may need! You are an amazing and funny teacher... even though you throw basketballs at me! haha!
Herr Miller! You are awesome! Teaching a foreign language can't be easy, but you do it! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Shoutout to my lunch table- Mia, Grace, Audrey, Marissa, Ellison, Ellie, and Kellyyy! You guys always brighten my day! <3 <3
Hay Mr. Campion, thanks for being such an awesome teacher and recreating a real world work environment within your class! Very cool.... very cool...
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Mr. Phillips, thanks for teaching a complicated subject to a bunch of 8th graders and trying your best to help us work hard. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week thanks for putting up with us!
Ethan Stott
Pretty nice
tik tok
nice hair
Mrs. Szesterniak is always friendly and is one of the best. #HTAW
Mrs. Hogel always keeps math interesting and has the best style
Mrs. Sullivan, you are awesome!
Señor Straub is the best Spanish teacher ever
Mrs. Kassep, you are so nice and helpful - what you do is appreciated!
Mr Campion is the best!
Linette, Danielle, Chloe, Eva, Natalie, Keerthi, Elif, Julia, and Anastasia
Lunch is amazing with you guys! I don't know what I'd do without you! You are all awesome people and great friends.
Ms. Ross- thank you for helping me to develop as a writer and as a student this year! I love how you bring humor and relevant events into your English class to make it more interesting and effective.

Happy almost Teacher Appreciation Week!
Happy (almost) Teacher Appreciation week! Thank you to all of the amazing teachers that have given me an excellent education these past three years.
Ms.Siegel, you are the best teacher in the world! You always make us laugh and you are so funny and nice. Thanks for being our teacher!
Ms. Beckett is so kind and she works so hard. Her homeroom is always so fun. I learned a lot from you. Every class is so enjoyable.
- a student in your homeroom
All of the teachers at this school are absolutely amazing. You all rock! Keep at it!
Dear Ms.Siegel you are my favorite teacher! You have taught all the twisters so much this year! Can you move to seventh grade so I can have you next year too?
These are all my favorite teachers:Mrs. Wetmore, Mrs. Martz, Mr. Barone, Mrs. Wagner, Mr. Urmann, Mrs. Cort, Mrs. Beckett, Herr Miller, Mr. Frommeyer, Mrs. Stilley, Mrs. Kassep, Mrs. Cherry, Mrs. Sullivan, and Mrs. Caldwell!! #htaw
Herr Miller is one of the best teachers I know. He is SUPER nice, and he is also good at baseball. Lang lebe Deutschland!! #htaw
Mrs. Luptak is an amazing math teacher i love how she always helps in class and doesn't give homework so she can help us now rather than later she always has a bright and bubbly personality and always loves it when we do our best i used to hate math mostly cause i dint understand it but now i love it so much cause its so much easier now that i have her to help. i'm going to miss her w
Nora Powell is a kool kat ????
Mr Barone, you are definately the best math teacher ever. You are nice, you are very helpful, and just a fun overall teacher. So for Teacher Appreciation Week I would like to acknowledge the Amazon was u have in u! Have a great day! ????
Mrs. Miller ~ "Teachers are those who help find strengths, drive away tears, overpower demons, and conquer fears." Your amazing guidance throughout the entirety of Beauty and the Beast has been invaluable; thank you so much for being amazing! <3
Ms. Ross ~ "An awesome teacher is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget."
Thank you for your dedication and support throughout the school year! #htaw
Shout Out to all of the Twister Teachers!! Thank you for making my first year at Jefferson a year I will never forget!!!
You are kind and great at making me smile Genevieve, see you 5 period.

From someone
Dear Ms.Carris, thank you for being such an amazing teacher! You never disappoint when you are teaching. You always make class fun, exciting, and fill the room with positive energy! You truly understand your students and for that I thank you! Glad you’re back ????
mrs caldwell you are the best and mrs miller and mr timko and mrs sofran and mr petsko. you guys are the best and i’m glad i have you as teachers
Alec,Ben,and Ogbonna you guys are great friends and are good at soccer sorry if I spelled your name wrong btw- Evan M
Thank you for all you’ve done teachers to help students
journey through middle school
Mrs. Ross, you have been a great teacher this year! Thank you so much!
Happy teacher appreciation day!!!!!! shout out to twister team teachers
Mrs. Hogel, you are a great teacher! You have been so much help this year. Thank you!
Dear Mrs. Beckett,
Thank you for being so nice to all of us. You make social studies so fun and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher to teach us social studies.
Mr. Bluemling,
You are one of my favorite teachers! I have so much fun in your class. Also, you are a pRofEsSiOnAL TiK ToKeR wHoA! Thank you for everything!
Mrs. Wetmore,
You are an amazing English teacher. My year with you so far has been the best. I look forward to the rest of sixth grade with you.
Mrs. Caldwell makes English fun!!
Mrs Luptak is the best math teacher ever!!!!!!!
thanks to all of the wonderful teachers here at jms you have impacted my life in the way you have helped me learn. i just wanted to say thank you so much and you guys are amazing and great teachers thx

a 6th grade twister student
Ms. Siegel, you are the coolest 7th period teacher i could ever have .
~Your favorite.
Madelyn Nicole Holder is a kweeen and i am proud to be her best friend
Mr. Gray best homeroom teacher in the game.
Mrs. Caldwell is the best teacher for many reasons:
1. She's super nice and understanding.
2. She buys scented lotion for the classroom!
3. She helps us with our essays.
4. The yearbooks always come out great when she's the supervisor