When we started our in-person,
I loved it
I loved it when I heard the teaching, it felt like,
we were actually not wearing masks.-Charlotte Nguyen

Thank you to our whole Madison community for all of your love and support this Teacher's Appreciation Week! I am filled with gratitude between the sweet gifts & notes from students and their families, breakfast from Sunshine Committee, the delicious charcuterie boxes from Principal Smith & the Office Team, and the ????sweet lemonade stand from the PTO today. I'm blessed to be a Mustang
Principal Smith
You are my favorite principal!
You keep us safe by making happy rules
Hope you have a great day!
Dear Principal Smith,

You are a fabulous and kind principal. Your are helpful and keep us safe.


Ms. Cater's First Grade Class
Thank you Ms. Smith for being the best principal you can be. Thank you for treating all the kids that go there like like family. LOVE BLESSING.
Thank you to all of our teachers for spending your time teaching kids and helping us to be kind, smart, and helping us to grow our brain! Love BLESSING
Thank you Ms. Gallagher, Ms. Carlton and our JMPTO for hosting a great Family Game Night!
Thank You Ms. Carlton you are an awesome teacher, very dedicated and care for your kids.
Shout out to Ms. Monica for making my mornings even better with her natural humor and wit! Such a gem to our community!
Thank You Mrs.Smith For being helpful!

Thank you Mrs.Kubicki For Help me!

Thank you Mrs.Gallagher and Ms.Carlton for being helpful and thoughtful!

Thank you everyone for being you!

~ Bella the Banana🍌❤ (VP of SC)
Keep wearing your mask 😷😷😷

Thank You All Teachers! You, Teachers, Teach Us To Learn Very Important Knowledge! Also, Thank You To P.E And Art And Music Teachers! You Guys Do A Great Job On Teaching Us! (My Personal Favorite Is Music/P.E)
Hi Teachers, Principal Smith, and Staff!! I am very happy of your hard work!!! I hope you keep it up and get through this virus together!!! I hope you always wear a mask when you go out, and be kind. ???? Thanks for making this Kindness Wall it really helps us be kind and stay kind!!!! LETS GO MUSTANGS!!!!!
Lewis Guan ????????????
Mr. Paulo is doing a great job as our PE substitute teacher! Thank you for your energy and your enthusiasm!
Teacher, principal, and staff, thank you for all the hard work, and Patience , you are have with us and all the support we receive from all of you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Maybe the trip is long, but enjoy 😊 every single minutes, of your journey the seeds you are planting will be growing and that is your reward 🌠
Madison Teachers are super talented!

We love our teachers!
Thank you Rosie! You make our school better!
To all the Teachers You all work hard to teach us students thank you for all your hard work sincerely victor Briseno
Thank you to my students and their families for all of their hard work this year! The Cheetahs have amazed me since the first day of school and continue to make me say "WOW" as we start the hybrid learning process together! I see them support each other in the Zoom chat, SeeSaw comments, and in break out rooms. Your kindness is admirable. You rock, Cheetahs!
Principal Smith wants to thank our amazing Parent Facilitator, Sara Lopes!
Thank you so much for your service to James Madison Elementary School!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Smith for considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to James Madison Elementary School!