Best Conference I've attended in 30 years of education! Incredible speakers, well organized, great networking opportunities!
Had to wipe some tears away, Jim! Super session! Thank You!
Thank you, Craig Boykin! Some of that is hard to hear... but MUST be shared! THANK YOU!
God Bless You, Dr. Noguera! I needed that more than you know! Thank You!
Everyone HAS to check out the "Ryhmes with Reason" Table! Unreal concept and tool for learning through the music the kids are all listening to!
A HUGE Shoutout to Kevin, Keli, Phil, and Robbie for all of the help! You guys make the Innovative Schools Conferences the most seamless and professional conference for any exhibitor. VERY much appreciated!
Pre-Conference session with Tracie Berry-McGhee was AWESOME!
OUTSTANDING Opening Session by Barbara Coloroso!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to the Innovative Schools Summit in San Antonio!

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