Thank you Vianney for being a good friend and talking to me.
Thanks to the Track Team for a great season and to my friends for making school more fun.
Thank you to all the teacher, I appreciate you
Thank you Mrs. Davis for being the best Social Studies teacher.
Axel you are a great person, I love your personality. Thank you for inspiring me throughout the school year.
Thank you Caroline for being my best friend 🙂
Thank you Mrs.Nanneman and Mrs.Gassel for being such a great teachers and making this year fun! Thank you for all you have taught us from 7th grade to 8th grade. We will miss you!
Thank you Averie for being caring, welcoming, being my best friend and for always making me smile!
Thank you Coach Hines for always creating fun games to play and making great connections with students to encourage them.
Thank you Charlie W. for always being on my side and always being an encouraging and loving person.
Thank you Mr. Tackett for all of the jolly ranchers
One of the best years of my life, Thanks!!
Thank you to coach for being such a good coach and always thinking of fun games to play with us. I appreciate how close he is to many of the people in the school and how he makes an effort to know the students very well.
Thank you to everyone at IC for such a epic and funny memories.
Brett, you are very funny and good at math!
Emma Olwig, you are an amazing artist and singer
Thanks to Jayden for being such a kind friend and supporting me whenever I have tough times. You are incredibly kind and friendly and I admire your thoughtfulness about my problems and my issues. You are such a good person.
Eileen and Audrey thank you for always having fun conversations with me during lunch.
Thank you James for always inspiring me to become a happy person and always helping me when I can't get the support.
Megan you are always so organized and you are super fun to have in class
Thank you Peyton for making me laugh
Tori, thank you for making this the best school year ever. This is the most I have ever much that my face hurt from smiling so much 🙂 We always have so much fun together and I can't wait to continue this in high school.
Thanks to everyone who helped me be comfortable in my first week in IC!
Just because you have a mask covering your face, doesn't mean you half to have a mask covering your emotions. Share your feelings.
Thank you for what you have done! You bring happiness along with you! Remember you are always loved and spread joy across the planet! God Loves You!
Thank you Mrs. Carter for always playing wonderful music at mass for us!!
Thank you to everyone for keeping us in school and making this year great!
Thank you to all who have made this year so special! Especially to Megan Kempel who made this year so wonderful!
thank you to all teachers and faculty members! 🙂
Thank you Fr. Belken for talking to us in class, you have taught me so much and really help me do my best towards my faith.
Thank you for being an amazing friend. Shout out to Lauren Rogge for always being kind and loving to others.
Thanks, Chris, for inspiring me to play soccer and for making me laugh when I'm having a bad day.
I want to thank all of the teachers who help us with our education and other problems we have in our life.
You never know how a person may feel and how much just a smile could mean to them. A little kindness con go a long way.
Fr. Tom you are an amazing priest and are really nice, you seem very understanding and you make it easy to understand you.
Aden, you are always there to put a smile on my face! Even when you are sad, just remember that you friends are there for you!
Thank you Immaculate conception for teaching me about God
I like how Lola is always in a positive mood
Thank you Vianney for making my year awesome
Thank you Mrs. Pendleton and Mrs. Duda for carrying us through these troubling times. Thank you for making this year seem as normal as possible! We so appreciate your work!!!
Kelin, I love how you boost everyone's confidence and make people feel good about themselves.
you are strong
you are loved
you are enough
Thank you Emma C for helping me out during track
Thank you Henley Twins for always helping me with math
Hope this dog makes you happy Dawson
Thank you Cory for always being there for me when I need you. You always make me smile when I don't feel like smiling.
I like how Nolan Luzeky focuses up on sports. He is very determined and keeps everyone on track.
Thank you Ashby for everything that you have done for me and for always being there for me when i need you. We have been bestfriends for more years then i can count i love you so much and you mean the world to me. best friends can mean alot of things and to me it means somebody sticking up for you when nobody else is around. you have defended my name so many times and i cant thank you enough.
I hope everyone has the best day ever!
Have a great day and stay positive
Thank you to Mr. Tackett for making school fun and being the absolute best teacher ever!
Thank you for 7A class for all the great times in class that made me smile
Thank you to Chloe, Emma, and other Emma for helping me when I was feeling down. You are the best!
Teachers, thank you so much for making our days amazing!
Thank you to all of my friends in my class for being there for me even if we don't talk that often and to those who I talk to very often.
Millie, You always seem to make me smile and laugh nonstop. I am so happy that you are a huge part in my life.
Thank you Lauren for always making me laugh and smile always
James Nail, I am impressed on how smart you are. You always have a good, funny, or intelligent message to say.
We are all one big FAMILY.
Even when you are wearing a mask, your eyes can still smile.
Thank you for working so hard during this school year. Here is a huge shout out to all the students and members of this wonderful school.
A HUGE "Thank You" to Mrs. Struble for considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Immaculate Conception School!"

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