Ms Julie you are our torch bearer You lead our school we are extremely proud to have you as Head of our School. I wish outschool should reach zenith of its success. All the best and big salute to all the Teachers and Staff who work with HIS. All the best for Students aswell who are kind and extremely talented. HIS fly the colours....
Ms Alexandra u are very kind ..Keep doing the gud work
Vendula is so cute
christian is so tall and strong
Aurora is beautiful and cool
Jani is the best at sports and has a kind smile.
Is there anything that Benjamin Vikse is NOT good at? I don't think so. I want to be him when I grow up.
Mr. Moore is a great math teacher !!
Riya always make sure everyone is ok
Ishaan is a nice friend and always makes me laugh
Ms Julie is the best principal I ever met.She is always easy to reach and easy to talk to. She tries to solve any problem we might have . Ms Julie always makes sure our kids are safe and really cares about them.We are truly lucky to have her .
Well done to all the staff at HIS for making it such an exceptional school. You are all so kind and knowledgeable and dedicated to our children. Thank you so much for all you give
Jake, I like how good you are at drawing. You are very artistic. I like having you in our class.
Mana, we missed you when you were gone. I hope you never leave again.
Sally has the most beautiful eyes. She is also very good at drawing and anything creative. I admire her.
Aaron in Mr. Cormac's class is my friend. He is super nice and fun to be with.
Kristian in Y7 is really smart and funny. He is a little crazy, too, but he always makes me laugh. I'm happy he is in my class.
I like Aurora's style. She has beautiful, kind eyes that make me feel happy when I talk to her.
Lucas is super funny and always make me laugh. He has cool hair.
Benedikt in Mr. Moore's class is really funny and very good at Minecraft. I like having him as my friend.
Charley in Mr. Cormac's class has so many things that she is good at doing, especially drawing and making me laugh.
Maria in Mr. Cormac's class is very smart and pretty
Marc in Y8 is really good at football. He makes me laugh and its good he's in my class
Sirin has the most beautiful eyelashes and hair. Thanks for being a good friend.
Christian makes me laugh. I am happy he is in my class and I get to play with him during break time.
Thomas in Mr. Cormac's class is really smart. He is also good to make sharp sticks during break time.
Olivia makes me laugh and isn't afraid to say what is on her mind. She is also smart.
Eline has a really beautiful smile. I like having her in my school.
I like learning new stuff at schoolπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.Julian.P
Mr Moore is a nice teacher and very nice
Jennifer your Kind and nice and you never keep me lonely
I like international school of haugesund❀️.Julian.p.
Ahmed is very cool and nice from Julian
Tanya and Jenny Are such a sweet donut, NEVER STOP being you!πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆ. :From Amelie
Ahmed is very cool
Andreas is so cool

Amelie is the best +she is my favorite friend
Everybody is good
Caroline is beautiful and really funnny
Dayā means kindness πŸ€ͺπŸ˜„
I like julian from ahmed
Ms. Etta is full of creativity and shares her passion with our staff and students. She is always willing to lend a helping hand and goes the extra mile for both staff and students.
Nikki, you brighten every day with your infectious laugh and utter silliness. The students enjoy the levity you bring to learning and so do I. I am so lucky to work with you!
Ingeborg, you know how to stay calm even in stressful situations. You are reliable and full of knowledge about how best to support our wonderful students. I am happy you are my colleague.
Kimmy has the most beautiful blue eyes. Plus, she is an awesome Uno player.
Andreas is a bright light in my day. He always says good morning and smiles when he sees me. Thank you for being so kind!
I am smart
Kimmy: Thank you for being so kind and considerate towards staff and students. You have a great sense of humor.
Klara: I apreciate working with you. Thanks for being awsome and for all the hard work you do for the school πŸ™‚
Mrs Ingrid: Its a pleasure working with you. Thanks for always having fun ideas, being supportive and positive and for always being a safe heaven.
Nikki: Thank you for lightening up the mood and for being an overall fun and kind person.
Joy: Thank you for being so kind.
Sissel is a good friend...
ivida is nice and has nice hair.
Mrs Jana: You are such a good teacher. Thanks for all the hard work you do and for being a truly kind and knowledgable person.
Ann Louise is devoted and caring, always keeping the students well- being in mind. Thank you for being an important part of HIS!
To all my colleagues: Thank you for being such a fun and great group to work with.
Thank you for being so responsible, kind and caring, Mathilde!
Sissel is very kind and she is very funny πŸ™‚
she is a very good friend
Andreas is awsome at the Andy show! That is so funny and it makes me laugh every time!
Hi, loves ms. Ingrid, Stacy and Jennifer
Sissel, you have a super cool style and are really kind!
I think the staff at HIS are amazing. How lucky are we to have so many caring and passionate adults and wonderful children in the same building. Go HIS Dragons!
You have a great sense of humor, Marc!
Cormac: You are a great teacher, I admire how you always see the positive and how supportive you are. Thanks for teaching me to be and do better.
Thank you Rutvi for taking so much responsibility at HIS! You are doing a great job for the HIN and Student council!
Thank you Ivida for being a awsome student! You are creative and kind.
Hi, I love ms. Ingrid
Caroline is beautiful
Mari has such a cool fashion sense and is a wonderful artist.
Kimmy is kind and caring. Thank you for being YOU!
gaming is my passion, i game everyday
gaming is my passion, if you dont game then you are respectable human being
Viktoria is beautiful
Thank you, Kanishka for playing with me. Aranza
I like the International School and Ms. Jana is one of the best teachers. Oseas
I like the International School. Riyansh
Thank you, Kanishka fro playing with me. Tasnim
Thank you Hanna for being my best friend. Aranza
Hussnain is very good at Piggy.
Charlie is my favorite! Freddie
Thank you to Ms. Ingeborg for helping me with my winter animals project. Kevin
I like Ms. Jennifer
Aurora is a really good friend <3

Everyone in this school is kind
You are a kind teacher
I like you
You nice
Mr Sukhai, you are like mr. Miyagi, just in math. You can always answer my questions and your clothes are very stylish. Thank you for being our math teacher!
hei me like myP.E
Beatrice is really good at drawing
you are a good friend-Beatrice Anna Mnni
Beatrice, your jokes are funny and you are smart. Your hair is also beutiful
Vendula is really nice
Marius, thank you for being my only math teammate. You are very smart.
Be kind
Kristian MYP 1, you are always helping in every troublesome situation is our classroom. Nice!
Thank you Ms.sandy for being good teacher

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