Ronin- Thank you very much for helping me clean up my spill! I appreciate your kindness, and I hope you have a wonderful summer!
Gold Team Science Period 8 Stormwater PBL Winners
1st- Chloe, Addison, Jordan & Ella
2nd- Scott, Jack, Jayce & Chase
3rd- Jinwon, Carter, & Tristan
Gold Team Science Period 6 Stormwater PBL Winners
1st- Daniela, Autumn, Evan & Jeffery
2nd- Courtney, Syd, & Laura
3rd- Alexis, Lauren, & Makenna
Gold Team Science Period 3 Stormwater PBL Winners
1st- Josh, Lewis, Lily B, & Celia
2nd- Chloe R, Mia, Toren, & Luke
3rd - Ava M, Rose, Michael, & Brandon
Gold Team Period 2 Stormwater PBL Winners
1st- Brody, Arie, & Noah
2nd- Ellie, Thi, Addison K, & Eloise
3rd- James, Erik, River
Gold Team Period 1 Science Stormwater PBL winners
1st- Joey, Bo & Matthew
2nd- Liv, Lordyn & Alexis
3rd- Wes, Ethan, Zach C

Branden, you have been such an awesome friend to me and you make the classes I have with you really fun.😎
The end is just around the corner. Just a little more. HOLD ON!
Last Tuesday of 6th grade we are so close to the end of the year!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you James D. for being a good person.
I was so impressed with Gold Team's Stormwater PBL projects. Great work Gold Teamers!
Gold Team students you all rock!
To MJ, thanks for always being the amazing Queen you are! πŸ˜€πŸ˜„
Autumn R, thank you for being such a nice friend!
Mrs. Bolton You are a really fun ,kind, awesome teacher. Thank you for always helping me!
Mrs. Ferrero, I am sincerely sorry that you have to deal with 1st period math.
SHOUT OUT TO Declan N. for always being sleepy in Homeroom but making it fun for everyone with his sense of humor!
Ryan A, it has been fun getting to know you this year! We are happy that you moved into the Hampton area. I hope you will enjoy visiting your family this summer.
Ryan K---you are such a funny guy! You are also very smart and will excel if you put 100% effort into all of your assignments.
Things I admire about Jake B---loves his family and fishing, always tries to do his best on his work, has an infectious sense of humor!
Ellie K, I noticed that you gave each assignment 100% effort! That is tremendous! You will continue to excel in school, I am sure.
SHOUT OUT TO DILLON F AND HEATH B for allowing us to see their eyes at least once this year in 8th period!!!! You boys are good sports and very funny!
SHOUT OUT TO Katie C for staying calm each day in our crazy 8th period class! You are amazing!!
Jordan E---thanks for all of the hard work you did to achieve excellence on each assignment.
SHOUT OUT TO Michael O----lover of dogs, wonderful sense of humor, entertainer extraordinaire while waiting for the bus each day!!!!!
Troy S----future "youtuber", gamer, mad scientist???? You are smart to achieve any goal!
Eden L, it was so easy having you in class. Thanks for all of the consistent effort and your sweet smiles.
SHOUT OUT TO Charlee S for the best self-portrait ever! Awesome!
Jordan J---you are such a hard-working and intelligent girl. Thanks for being such a wonderful student.
Ben P, you win the prize for asking the most questions in 8th period! Thanks for doing that as it allowed all of us to understand everything clearly! Just remember to listen first before raising your hand!!!!
SHOUT OUT TO Christian C for his respectfulness, hard work and ability to keep trying! You are awesome.
Austin K--we will remember how many times you fell out of your chair in tutorial. You are one of the funniest people in tutorial. Thanks for the laughs!
Giada G---will we see you on "Dancing With the Stars" or some show like this in the future? Inquiring minds need to know!!!! πŸ™‚
Eli G--always willing to answer even the most difficult questions! It takes courage to participate in class, and you showed us how to be brave.
I want to give a SHOUT OUT to Addie B for her zany sense of humor and her loyalty to her friends. Also, I love her creative jewelry!
Kamryn K---you are a natural leader. I noticed that you always said thanks after class each day. I know you will continue to set a positive example for others to follow.
Meredith W. -- I admire your love of reading and your desire to do well in school. You are awesome!!!!!
Tanner O---I can see you taking over for Jimmy Fallon one day in the future. You are so incredibly funny and very good in front of an audience!
Lilah R---beautiful blonde hair, fabulous smile and very sweet----three things I will remember about you!
William Z, you are one of the nicest people I have ever met. You reminded each day how people SHOULD behave. Thank you!!!!
Matthew P---very quiet but you have a "deadly" sense of humor!
Ava S, you are a very polite and caring girl. Thanks for being kind at every opportunity in class.
Graham S---writer of interesting essays and stories, lover of cats, and very intelligent. I can't wait to see what great successes you achieve in the future.
Mia L, what will we remember about you from sixth grade? Oh yes, the Christmas tree that appeared on Zoom for about four months after Christmas!!!! I will also remember all of the help you offered in class and your great smile and participation in class!
Caleb P, the "real" Mr. Potter! You are a funny and hard-working young man. It has been great having you in class.
Owyn H---I'm going to miss saying, "Owyn, Owyn, how's it goin'?" each morning! Thanks for allowing me to ask the same question each day and have you come up with an interesting answer! πŸ™‚
Thank you Julianna B. for always being my best friend since pre school! You are truly the nicest person I know.
Meghan A---thanks for always laughing at my sometimes strange jokes! You are an outstanding young lady who I know will continue to achieve all of your goals.
Marin K----besides being a wonderful student, you are also a fantastic artist. I know you will continue to excel here in Hampton!
Teddy K-----patient, kind, hard-working and a great sense of humor!
Michael W, we are so glad you came to HMS. We have enjoyed getting to know you and are so impressed with your "Black Belt!"
Dear Dylan B -- Your art work is fantastic! You are so talented! Keep up the amazing work and never give up.
Shout out to Bryce L for all of your very diligent work. I know I have never had another student who put such effort into his work. Way to go!!!!!
Dear Edric L -- you are such a nice person and I enjoy seeing you everyday! Keep working hard... I know you're exited for the last day of school (you have been counting the days down until June 11th.
Daniel L----1. It was great having you as a student. 2. You always had a positive attitude. 3. You have a marvelous sense of humor. (Unfortunately, I will not be able to tell you apart from your twin next year, without the masks!)
Jacob L--diligent student, always prepared for class, great sense of humor, very polite---now I just wish I could always tell you apart from your brother!!!!! πŸ™‚
Isabel R, you were a wonderful student this year. You are so creative and conscientious. Thanks for always smiling hello and wishing me a good day when you left the classroom.
Myla D- Good friend and always laughing.
I want to say thank you to Juliette L, Olivia M, Ava S, and Jordon L for being wonderful friends this year. Thank you Juliette for helping me with my toe-touch in 2nd grade. Thank you Olivia for comforting me when I was going through stress. Thank you Ava for hanging out with me when no one would. Thank you Jordon for being so nice. I love all of you so much.

Love, Rachel K
Thanks to Kayden O. He has helped me a lot this school year.. so thanks!
Thank you to all teachers who helped us students throughout this difficult year.
Thank you Sydney, Makenna, and Lily for making the school year not so boring.
My thanks to the Gold Team students for all of your hard work and positive attitudes. I am amazed at how you all adapted to a very challenging situation. You have done everything we have asked, and more. I am very proud to be one of your teachers. Thank you very much!
Happy B-Day Joey S! Gym class is fun with you
Leah F.
You are truly the sweetest person I know and one of my dearrest friends. You are so kind to everyone and my best friend.
Ava s.

You are so kind and funny. You make me laugh when I am down and are truly a good friend of mine.
Thank you Quinton T. for being a great friend and trying really hard.
Skill is not an instant gratification when you start, but something that is gained over time.
This was bugging me, and I didn't catch your name... but I want to say thank you. Thank you for walking with me when i was the only one on the track. Your kindness means a lot. I hope you have a great day.
Bhavna M. I know you will continue to excel in school. Good job on all of your hard work this year.
Alyssa P. I am proud of you for overcoming your nervousness and doing such a great job sharing your work with the class. Good job!
Sophie L. thanks for all of the hard work and the great smiles (even though we could only see your eyes!)
Caroline C. keep working to the best of your ability and you will achieve great success.
Shout out to Rachel K. for her fabulous DJ set up for Zoom calls! Will this lead to a career in the future? You have such a contagious personality. Keep smiling!
Gab D.--what will you do in the future? Author, illustrator, crafter extraordinaire?? If I could guess, I would say "all of the above!" You are so talented!
Cam M. "Cameroon"--keep up the hard work! It will lead to success in 7th grade.
Rocco "Taco" the original! Can't wait to see what you do in the future--chef, business man, president???? Who knows???
Ashlee M. I always enjoyed reading your essays. You are very good at expressing yourself and telling an interesting story.
Brady P is very fun to talk to and he works very hard.
Shout out to Olivia M. for being such a positive person, always wearing a lovely smile and doing her best on her assignments.
Ryan P. you asked all of the really important questions so that you would be able to complete all of your work without mistakes. You are so polite, also.
Connor S. you have a great sense of humor, very subtle but hilarious! You made our class interesting and challenged us to really think about the answers.
Thank you Maddy G. for being my best friend!
Jonas C -- you make my days better when I hangout with you. You are a great friend and always will be.
What a wonderful place... to be with friends.

Never stop trying
Paul Z - you are so kind, smart, friendly ,and you're the best friend that someone could ask for . Thank you for talking to me at breakfast because I have no one to talk to . Thank you from your best friend that comes to breakfast .
Gavin D. is one of the nicest people i know! He makes me laugh everyday and is always positive.
Earth is like its own Milky Way
10 Billion stars make a hole
And here in our very own Galaxy,
You are NEVER alone
Joey K+Jake B= amazing
Shannon A. -- quiet, careful, diligent, thoughtful, kind--some words that we all think describe you!
Caleb B -- loved the backgrounds on Zoom! πŸ™‚
Fisher H. -- Thanks for all of the many hilarious comments in homeroom that had us laughing out loud!
Francesca C. -- Listening to you laugh makes us all laugh too!
Olivia D.--future author??? I think it is highly possible. I look forward to what you might publish!
Tyler D. -- always gives it his best effort. Way to go! Love all of the hats, too!
Shout out to Porter K. for his excellent work on all things PIRATE!!!!!
Hannah G.--conscientious, careful, sensitive and very sweet. πŸ™‚
Kendal J. -- thanks for all of your hard work this year. I know that you will continue to be very successful in school. Don't let Cara get you into too much trouble!!! πŸ™‚
Cara I--excellent student, contagious laugh, wonderful friend, great sense of humor!!!!
Claire M. you are an outstanding young lady. I am so impressed with you and your superb work. I know you will continue to excel throughout your school career! Congratulations on a wonderful year!
Hayden L. -- you worked hard this year! Congratulations!
Quinn M. I love all of your great expressions in class!
Sophia N. -- outstanding work all year!
Katie S. you rock those sunglasses!
Lexie, you have been an excellent student this year!
Brady P. works really hard to complete all of his work to the best of his ability. Way to go, Brady!
Shout out to the best homeroom ever. Loved the energy and the dancing! Sunglasses and fidget toys rock!
Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.
Thank you Isabel R. You are the sweetest person ever. Orchestra with you is the best! You make me happy! Have a great day!
Thank you, Daniela K. You are my best friend. You always make me smile and sitting with you at lunch is so fun! You are always so nice and funny. I hope we are on the same team next year!
I would like to thank Celia V. You are the nicest person ever! You are hilarious, too! You always make me and our friend group smile! Also, your style is amazing! Have a great day!!!
Friends Support Each Other πŸ˜‰
The road to success is always under construction.
Evy D is really awesome.
Molly I, you are super duper cool.
Ronin C, you are a pretty cool dude. You are very funny.
Erin B, you are awesome😎
Be like this dog today
Thank you for always being there for me. You are the best friend I could ask for, and have been ever since that kindergarten day. I am sure you know who I am now, so I just wanted to say thank you.
There are 15 days of school left! You can do this!πŸ’•πŸ’—
Thank you Thi for being my friend since I was 3!! You are really nice and you always make me laugh. Plus, your art is really good!!! Thank you for being there for me.
Heath, you are awesome friend.
Quote of encouragement,

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” β€” George Bernhard Shaw.
I would like to thank Olivia D. for being my new best friend. I am so glad we got to know each other and being in English and History class with you is so fun! I really would like to be on the same team next year!
At some point we must face the choice between what is right and what is easy.

- Albus Dumbledore
I want to thank Sophia N. for being one of the best friends I've ever had. You've been there from the start and you haven't left my side since. My favorite classes are the ones that I have with you. Thank you!! <3
Hope everyone has a great school day today!
It's Monday
Shawnna B is so cool and funny. You are so relatable and you're a great friend. πŸ™‚
Thank you to all of the custodians at HMS!
It may seem like no one notices all of your hard work, but we all do. Thank you for doing everything that you do for all of us, and there are so many things you do for us none could ever name them all. Just know that we all appreciate everything that you do for all of us, and we would not be coming to school if it weren't for all of you guys
Wyatt A you are a really funny guy πŸ™‚
Gianna K. You are a really amazing person to everyone.
Happy birthday Charlee S! Thanks for being such a good friend!
Thank you Whitney D. for being my best friend!
"We are only as strong as we are united. And as weak as we are divided." - Albus Dumbledore
Treat People With Kindness-
Harry Styles
Tanner and Brady
It was fun being in a reading group with you
Focus on the people who are your friends versus the ones who aren't

Still be kind to all!!
Winning doesn't always mean being first.
Addie B, you make lunch and tutorial the best! You are really crazy, but that is what I love about you! Thank you for being my friend this year!
I would like to thank Cara I. for being the best friend ever. Having you in 1st period and 3 period is a blast! I hope we are on the same team next year!
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Lucas P. you are a great friend and I always win in amoongus πŸ™‚
Ellie A, you're so cool
Mrs. Heller, you are the best teacher in the entire world! You are so patient with all of us and I truly appreciate your kindness! You show us how to be good citizens and I love when we are online (you could easily guess the reason why) Thanks for being awesome! -Kaitlin
Evy D, you pretty awesome.
Dear Arya V,
You are an amazing friend!!
-Rose S
Mrs. Hurst is an amazing teacher. She is so kind and funny! I always feel like I can talk to her if I am ever sad about something. πŸ™‚
Go, Mrs. Keller! You're doing a great job!
I just want to wish Addy P. a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (5/20) she is one of my best friends, and I want her to know that I remembered her birthday.
Ella L - You always someone I can trust and turn to for anything. You make me laugh all the time! Thank you for being my best friend
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA M! - You are an amazing friend and you are so sweet and kind. Hope you have a very special day.
Just remember, no one is perfect; that is why pencils have erasers.✏️
This goes to all of my friends!
Thank you sooo much for being my friend I would of never got through this year without you all.
Be kind to everyone
Increase your friendship
Never be mean
Don't be a bully
Never give up
Encourage others
Stand strong
So choose kindness
Kindess is like first love
It can change a life
With a miracle and a promise
to wipe away sorrow and strife
Chris -- thank you for being such a great person!
Great job 6th-grade choirs
A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.
Ava S -- thank you for being such a great friend. You're one of the people that i can trust. thank you
There is 17 more days of school left!!!

thanks to the clark team teachers. you guys are great πŸ™‚
Another possibly funny sort of meme
"Trying is the first step to failing" - Homer Simpson
Be as happy as this guy
Thank you Dr. Lux for being the best principal and allowing us to not take the Finals.
KENZIE!! I started being friends with you not too long ago and you are such a fun person. I love hanging out with you <3
Ronin C, you are really funny!
Molly I, you are a pretty awesome dudetπŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸŽΆπŸ±β€πŸπŸ±β€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ˜ƒβœ¨πŸ˜†πŸŽπŸ±β€πŸš€πŸŽ…πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈ
Bella R, you are an amazing person.
"We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are." ― Sirius Black
Mrs. Lang -- you are a cool person!
I just have to say that all HMS teachers are great!! Mrs. Pillar and Mr. Molinero are both so funny and so kind -- I hope they have a great day!
Mrs. Lang - I am so glad you were our science teacher this year! I really want to thank you for caring about us as students, and I feel that you were one of the few teachers that genuinely put our mental and physical wellbeing into mind. Thank you for checking up on us, and thank you for being there for us to ask questions and to answer our concerns. I'll miss you next year!
Thank you Sophia N. and Steven N. for being my best friend since childhood at age 5... Lordyn S. and Gianna E. for being supportive, funny, and kind to me. Sophia N. and Steven N. it was very enjoying to visit your house and your dog is very cute.
Mrs. Jewison,
Thank you for always being so encouraging to me. I feel so blessed when you comment on my TDA's or on my Mentor Poem that I wrote earlier this year. Thanks for helping get me to where I am now in my reading abilities.
The Bear
Full of fun
Really essential in my life
I can always talk to them
Even when you fall, they build you up
Never do they turn me away
Do everything together

I want to thank all 6th graders and all the teachers. Before this year, I had never been to public school, let alone Hampton. I was uncertain whether I would make friends here, or if people would "like" me. If I would be considered a smart kid or just "that kid." I found out after several weeks, I was wrong. Though I may not be popular, I am thankful for all the loving friends I have now.
Alaina P you are a great person
Everybody has their own strengths. Be willing to do different activities and find that strength.
Ms.Morris is the best teacher she makes everyone happy and she makes the classroom really fun and makes us have a good time
Thank you Mrs. Morris for being one of the best teachers this year. I know you have only been here for less then half the year but you have made a difference in alot of peoples hearts. Thank you for being a great teacher!
Will V makes tutorial so fun, he makes me laugh and everyone around him
Maddi A is so nice !
Emily M Thank you for helping me through hard things and being a fantastic friend toward me and i am so glad your my friend .BFL Besties For Life.
Thanks Claire M. for being a great friend and putting a smile on my face everyday.
You are here for a reason. Always keep going even if others don't.
If life doesn't go right➑, go left.β¬…
Thank you to Mr. DiDonato for being a great science teacher. You have worked very hard this year to actually explain the science and why it makes sense. You have really made me appreciate science. Your dedication to our learning does not go unnoticed, it is valued!
Julianna B
She is such an amazing friend to everyone. She is truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. She gives me the best advice, and she is super funny. Thank you so much Julianna for everything you do!!!!
Thank you to Mr. Weaver for being the best history teacher I have ever had! You have made my passion for history that much greater and you have made me enjoy this class so much. The projects have been great, and the way you teach really challenges me as a student to be the best I can. I just want to let you know that I really appreciate that! Your passion for history is amazing and valued!
thanks Ian S for being a great friend
Kindness takes courage

- you are the red paint to my train.

Thank You Jackson M. and Leah F. for being nice and amazing friends that I have had for a long time and I hope we are friends forever.
Sophie S, thanks for playing chess with me during tutorial, even if you lose every time😜🀘
Molly I, you are pretty awesome!
Dear Arya,
you are the best person ever
-Rose S.
Mr. Hook & Mr. Shoemaker,
Thank you for this year on teaching me in health and/ or helping me get better at hurdling/ long jump.
I’ll miss you guys and mr. shoemaker I bet you’ll never stop being a funny man
Lily K.
Thank you all of the teachers. Thank you for letting my classes have a good time. We learned so much about the world around us, and had deeper conversations about specific topics. 7th grade teachers, you were the best teachers we could have asked to have during this. You adapted and overcame the obstacles of zoom and changing lesson plans just for us. We thank you.
Thank you friends, you are the best. You can cheer me up any day. You also make the best conversations and know so much. Hope you guys are having a good time as well. I know that this has been rough on some of you, like a lot of others, but we can make it through this. Have fun and remember, we still have our friendships if nothing else.
I just found a new command in minecraft. It is '/hug'. If you /hug someone in the game, it will increase their hearts and make them feel warm inside. It makes them feel love and happiness. Although this is not a real command, try to remember what it feels like. Make sure your friends know that you care and truly how much that is even if you can't hug them now.
We are all like doors. We all must open ourselves up to reach our potential. Some of us have locks on our doors, so they need to find the people who care and have the key to unlocking it. Try to be the person who has the key to someone else. Be the one who cares, and stay there to help your friend out.
Just wanted to make you smile, you are doing great and there are only 18 days after today. Axolotls spread love and kindness, and so can you. Thank you to all the people that see this message and have a great day full of happiness. You are so strong.
Jacob B your smile can light up a room thank you for being such a good friend!
Greyson, I have known you now for 7 years and you were always my best friend. Thank you for everything you have done. You were always there for me when I was sad or angry. I appreciate you very much. Thank youuuuu!!!!!!! - Gloria
Mrs.Lang- You are an amazing teacher and you always believe in me. You always think I will do good on tests and you encourage me. You are such a good teacher to talk to and you always let me know that sometimes things can be tough but things will get better. You are the best science teacher ever!!!
Mrs.Heller- You are the best teacher I have ever had! You help me out when i need it and you are so encouraging. I get so excited when it’s time for your class. You are an amazing teacher that can bring anybody up! You are so nice and an amazing teacher to talk to.
Mrs. Scolieri, you take such good care of all of us! Thank you for all your hard work and for your kindness and encouragement. Our HMS family is better because you are in it!!!
PSSAs are hard, but just think about how you won't have homework after!
Whoever said they liked my groovy pants and that you love that i greet you with i smile every morning..... thank you so much, i really appreciate it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Ian I. -- you make me laugh ????
Thank you Abby M. for being a good friend to me! You have cool earrings and bracelets :).
Thank you Isabel for keeping me company at school and making me laugh at your clumsiness. You have been with me since the start of the school year. Again, thank you for being there for me.
When life doesn't go right, go left.
You can not rise, if you do not fall.
Alex is such a good friend.
I would like to thank Chase for being a good friend to me.
never going to give you up
never going to let you down
never going to turn around and desert you

Gab you are amazing at art.
Ashley R, thanks for being my February sister.
When it is Friday
Mr. McLain makes every day so much fun. Mrs. K is sooooo kind. Mrs Lucas is super nice Miss B tells the funniest stories. Hrs Hurst finds a way to make every lab or activity fun and exciting.
Make kindness a habit today
Spread love and kindness in every way
You will find the world will be a better place
It is a habit we should all embrace.
Thanks Mr. McLain for being the funniest history teacher EVER!!!
Hold a door, help others
You will soon discover
Something that seems small to you
Can have a huge impact that is true.
Thank you Cara I. for being my best friend and laughing at all my jokes!πŸ˜…
Never going to give you up
Never going to let you down
Never going to turn around and desert you
An inspirational poem by Rick Astley
Marisa F you are the roof to my house 😊
β€œFear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” β€” Yoda
Good friends make life fun.

Good friends bring out the best in one another.

Good friends complement one another, like bow ties and fancy dresses.
These kittens have the right ideaπŸ‘
Wyatt B,
You are always so intelligent and hilarious. You are so talented. Your such a good friend!
Thank you Joe M. for being such a great friend.
Stay positive! πŸ™‚
Thank you Dr. Lux for working so hard to keep our classes safe, and also listening to our complaints and suggestions.
Thank you, Joey K, for being a great, nice, and funny friend.
Aiden S. is a very nice and kind person and very fun to be around.
Mrs. Barry is the most friendly person in our school. She always helps me when I go to guidance. I just want to say that she is so nice ... thx for being at hms.
19 days of school left make' em count
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
KUDOS to 7th & 8th grade Talbot Readers for a great year of book discussions & activities! It has been our 'good fortune' to read along with you this year! -Ms. Cohen, Mrs. Januck, & Dr. Fierle
THANK YOU to Ms. Morris, Ms. Zenone, Ms. Cover, & Ms. Schratz for devoting your time and talents this year to help with reimagining our library space! We couldn't have made so much progress without you! -Dr. Fierle & Mrs. Januck
Andrew B, Patrick M, Luke C are all the nicest people and are always there for me. I can't wait tp see them today they are truly the kindest people.
Bravo to the 6th graders in the Children's Choice Awards Book Club who stuck with the reading commitment throughout this year and participated in the virtual competition! Thank you for sharing your love of reading with us this year! -Dr. Fierle, Mrs. Januck, & Ms. Cohen
Thanks for being my best friends Roman P and Joe!
THANK YOU to the HMS custodial staff for going the extra mile this year to make our school a clean and healthy place to learn!
Many thanks to our homeroom, AKA the Talbot Library Crew, for help with daily tasks, sharing ideas for the library space, and encouraging reading at HMS through book displays and recommendations. We appreciate your time and effort throughout this year to make help make HMS Library a bright, organized, and engaging place to visit! -Dr. Fierle & Mrs. Januck
Dear Mr. Lagnese, Mrs. Ferrero, Mrs. Jewison, Mrs. Bolton, and Mr. Sheets,
Thank you for being a great group of teachers this year. Everyone appreciates it πŸ™‚
Lainey- I am so impressed by your hard work and kindness toward others. No doubt in my mind that you will make a great teacher!!!

P.S. You're baking skills are pretty amazing too πŸ™‚
Hayden L,
Thanks for making me laugh and for being a nice friend! ????
have a great day
Fantastic job to ALL the HMS Band students during this week's concerts! You should be extremely proud of yourselves for all you have accomplished this school year!
Ms. Shaffer πŸ™‚
Ben P, you are a great friend and you always help me.
Mr. Gartner always looks out for me and I know I can always go to him if I'm having an awful day. thank you for caring about me.
Mrs lucas. You are the best teacher ever.You make me smile every day. You are very helpfull. I love first period reading. I love that I get to be one of your Guinea pigs. Your the best teacher ever. Thank you.????????????

Mrs. Bolton and Ms. Jewison are the most kind and caring teachers I have. I will miss them both so much next year.
To all of the lunch ladies, thank you for having food for us everyday. You are a big part of our school and we couldn't do it without you. You are amazing. Thank you!
Daniel L is an amazing, smart, and kind person. You bring light to my day... thank you for everything you do for me.
Your BEST friend
Rowan M,
Thank you for being a great friend. I love to do partner work with you. Have a good day!
Brady, you are a very fun person to talk to. πŸ™‚
Kylie Z
You are the peanutbutter to my jelly
Joey S. Thanks for being a great friend and making me laugh everyday.
You are the butter to my bread????‍????????‍????
Ryan M Roses are red
violets are blue
you are funny
and i like you too
Dear Liv D, you are an amazing person and Best friend... Luv you and our squad so much, and can't wait for our adventures to come.
This goes out to Eric c, a great friend. I have to tell him that
Dear Mrs. Sespico,
Thank you for being so understanding this year. You are always ready to help anyone. You have been a great teacher.
Mr. McClain, even though 1 period this year cannot go over the rainbow like we did last year, I can still thank you for being the best teacher EVER! You always listened to me sing and Joe-Bag-A-Donuts memory lives on even though you erased him. My best memories of last year are in your class and I am forever grateful. Thank you for all you do! -Kaitlin
Evy D, you make me giggle.
Jimmy K thanks for being a good friend
Thanks to Ashlee M. for always being an amazing friend... I luv you ... thank you for sitting at lunch with me and playing catch with a clementine with me!
Dear Mr. Mclain, you were honestly the best teacher last year. Even tho I'm in seventh grade and not in your class, you can still make me laugh. Remember to always have a Happy British Thursday and Wallaby Wednesday!- From British Thursday creator.
Thanks to Daniela K. for always being so nice... You are the best person ever and I am so lucky to be one of your best friends... I think you are a wonderful, kind person!
I just want to thank Olivia D. for being such a great friend to me this year. You are so nice and kind. You always make me smile. Thank you!
To Sophie,
You are such a good friend and you are very talented! You are the best player of chess I have ever seen and I wanted to thank you for being so kind!
Dear Molly I.
You are such a cool person...
I just want to thank Olivia D. for being such a great friend to me this year. You are so nice and kind. You always make me smile. Thank you!
Thank you Maddi A. for always being there for me. You lift me up every single day and make me realize my worth! You are friends with everyone and you make me a better person. Thanks for picking me first in wiffleball even though I cannot field the ball Thanks for being one of my best friends.
Mrs. Lang, I cannot thank you enough for all of the kindness you have shown me this year. Even when I come to your room every day before the test or quiz and you are always so supportive. Thank you for being such an inspiration to everyone you teach. You show the world the definition of empathy and understanding and I can't thank you enough for that. Thanks for being you!
Scott is such an amazing friend to have. He makes me laugh and enjoy my day at school. Thanks Scott!
Emma.. Thank you for being such a great friend! You always make me laugh and are always there for me!
Alivia G, Addie K, Ava M, Kenzie J, Mira C
You guys are all so amazing and nice!!
A shout out to Addi H , Katelyn D, Karina B for making tutorial the best one ever
Hi I am so grateful for my friends at school... we are going though so much... without my friends Lily C, Makenna S, and Sophia E. I would be so stressed.
Whitney D,
You are the best person I've ever met. Your laugh is so funny... I can't even. You are so funny in general!
Mrs. Miller
Thank you!! Math is honestly not my favorite subject, but you made it really interesting. I really can't thank you enough. You make everyday so much fun! Thank you Mrs. Miller!!! - Grace S
Ms. Sladic
Thank you so much for everything! Covid was really hard for all of us... however, I could see you bringing your all every class period to get us excited about science. Thank you so much for everything Ms. Sladic - Grace S
Mr. D
Thank you so much! I'm not kidding when I say that history class is the one thing that I look forward everyday. Your class is definitely the most fun class I have ever been in. Even though we could only play battle ball for a couple weeks it was still one of my favorite memories. It means so much when you say "hi" to me in the halls. Thank you for everything you do! - Grace S
Ms. Smajic
Thank you so much! This year has truly been tough for us. However, you persevered through it all. Everything meant so much to all of us. Everything from you telling us how smart and talented we are, to you asking how we are feeling everyday in class. What you do it truly impressive and we could never thank you enough. - Grace S
Mr. Molinero
I'm in 8th grade now, but I really can't put into words what an amazing teacher you are. I looked forward to your class everyday. You are such a funny teacher, but you communicate with us so well. You're amazing teaching has really helped me to succeed in 8th grade. Thank you for all that you do! - Grace S
Cassie V
Thank you!! I really don't know anyone that is more fun and compassionate then you. You are one of my best friends!! I really don't know what I would do without you!
Alaina P.
Thank you so much! You are one of the kindest people I have ever met. You give the best advice and you are super funny. Thank you for always being there when I need you!!
"It's not over when you lose. It's over when you quit." You are not going to win everything, just try, try, and try some more. Practice makes perfect.????
Sergey S
I truly have never met anyone kinder or more trustworthy than you. You are such an amazing person. You help me when I down. You compliment me, and you are so much fun to be around. You are such an amazing friend to me! Thank you so much for everything!
I hope you are doing well and having a good time through seventh grade. You are a kind friend and always know: β€œit doesn’t hurt to ask for help”
I enjoy walking home with you and Griffin as well
Thank you Wyatt B. for being a great friend. You are super funny and awesome to be around!
Shoutout to Kylee M. for working so hard this year. She is nice, funny, helpful, and talkative. I love everything about you.
Rocco you are a great and funny friend to be around
To Lilly M
Thanks for being my friend this year, I really love that we got to chase down chargers for Mrs.Januck in homeroom. I always loved to talk to you. You are a very nice and kind to all of your friends and me ofc. lol. I hope we will have classes together next year so we can chat Thank you for being so awesome and being my friend. - Gloria
To Alyssa, Anna, Ava, Greyson
Thanks for being the best friends that I could ever ask for. You guys always make me smile whenever I talk to you guys. No one can ever replace any of you from my heart and I hope we will continue being best friends for the rest of our lives. You guys are the bast frans ever and I couldn't ask for any better friends than you guys. I love ya all <3
- Gloria
Keep up the great work. You are all doing great this year!!!
Mrs. Sespico is the best teacher you could ever ask for
Thank you to Alivia G, Kenzie J, Mira C, Addie K, Caroline C, Ava M, Ava S, and Ryan K for being such great friends and always being there for me.
No matter what anyone says about you, just know you're amazing
I know life can be hard, and I know you feel like you have no one on your side... but no matter who you are I will always be there for you. ????????????????????????????????
Ms. B you are one of the best teachers ever! 8th period math is very eventful! You are so much fun. You made math so much fun this year
Tanner O. is a great friend and very funny and it is always a fun time when he is around.😎
Thank you, Sophia P., for being an amazing friend!
Dear Daniel M,
Thank you for being the best friend I had since 3rd grade. You make me laugh and make me happy. I don't know what I would ever do if I did not meet you. I can't thank you enough for always being there for me.
Ronin C... You are really funny. Also you're cool!
Mason and Kieran... you're great friends!
Olivia Z thank you for being a great friend! You're so kind, sweet, and a great person! Wish you the best!
Thank you Arie V for being a great friend
Mrs.Lang your are encouraging and always super happy! You make class fun and I love coming to your room everyday! You make every problem better and make my days brighter!
Shawnna, you are SUCH a hard worker! It's been a joy to watch you learn this year!
Thanks John B for always chatting with me when I need a friend.
Thank you Tony I, you make the school morning very fun
Thank you Ms. Heller for always being patient with me and never stressing me out πŸ™‚ you are such a great person and i'm so sad i won't have you next year
To the Challenger Students of 2020-2021:
emma c, love you to the moon and back <3
Thank you Nick B for always caring about your friends.
Mrs. Lang, I admire you so much and you inspire me to be a better person and i love how you always talk to the class all the time -Molly E.
Thank You Timmy and Greyson for a great year.
Dear Zoe P, Thank you for all the best times I have ever had. I love how you help me with the tough times. Thank you Sasha S for all the times you made me laugh. Thank you Tri-an for being there for me THANK YOU ZOE

Thank you Explorer team teachers! F.Y.I. 6th period math is the greatest thing ever created!!!!βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”
Love my homeroom girls!!! Especially your fashion shows ;). I couldn't ask for a nicer group of people to start my day with. I'll miss you next year - Mrs. Woods
Clara M - Thank you so much for always being there for me. You can always tell if I'm feeling down.
7th grade has a bunch of artistic talent! It's really great to watch you create! From Mrs. Woods πŸ™‚
Bailey L - You are such an awesome friend!! I love the little talks we have on the way to band and french class <3
Dear Miss. Morris,
You are the best teacher ever you are so nice and so awesome. You do anything to make us happy. 7th period is so much fun you let us work with our friends and let us be our self. You are the best teacher ever.
Alyssa B. - Thanks for being my friend this year when it was hard for me to find some! Keep being you!
I really like the 6th graders this year! They are kind, positive, FUN and creative! You're making a difference here at HMS. I'm glad you're here :). From Mrs. Woods
Saige D. - Thanks for being your awesome self and spending time with me!
Jack B is good at drawing!
Mar mar
Thank you for being you and talking to me in math class.
Never Gonna Give You Up
Chase H. - Thanks for being your silly self and making me smile on a bad day. Never lose your sense of humor!
Patrick M you make tutorial so funny and great!
β€œAll our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney.
Mr. Weaver, Mrs Sespico, Mr. DiDonato, Miss Davis....
Can't think of a better group of teachers to work with.

Aditya, you're awesome! πŸ™‚
Thank you Will V. for always making tutorial a fun place to be!
Thank you Connor S for being such a great friend throughout my entire life!
Remember only 20 days left. Keep working hard! ????
Juliette L, you never complain and always smile in Homeroom! I love that about you.
Theresa W.
Even though we don't talk much, you are really nice!
I would like to thank Olivia D, Daniela K, and Celia V for being the best friends ever! When we did the History Bowl it was very stressful but it was also one of my favorite Wyland memories. We ended up placing 2nd and it was so much fun. We have done many cool things like zoom sleepovers at 10 pm. We have some of the best memories together. I am lucky to have you guys as best friends. Thank you!
Ellie, you work so hard in all of your classes. And you always seem so positive. Way to go!
To Ethan M,
He is very nice and we will all miss you.
Ethan M.
You are so funny, I am sad you are moving. You will be missed.
Hannah G,
Thanks for being an AMAZING FREIND!!!! Every time I talk to you I laugh and feel soooo happy!! You are a super nice, generous, and artistic!
Brody B. You are really funny, kind, and one of the best friends i could ever ask for.
Shout out to Ian P. for his outstanding reading of directions in English class. You had so much energy and made us all laugh!
Mr Vasbinder you're an amazing gym teacher-- you are always so nice to everyone in 5th period gym your always fun to talk to
Thank you Mrs. Bolton for being a marvelous English teacher and a great tutorial teacher. I don't know how you can stand mine and Cara's behavior. I couldn't ask for a better English teacher to welcome me into the school!
Mr.Lagnese is one of the best teachers! He is so funny and I look forward to his class everyday. Thank you Mr.Lagnese!πŸ€
Ms. B I think you are the funniest and craziest teacher I have ever had. I really hope you see this because It is true. Every day in the morning we both scream MORNING!!! It is so funny... one time people heard us from all the way down the sixth grade hall. Thank You again for being the best teacher I have ever had and I am going To say GOOD MORNING every day until 6th grade it over~ Brody B. MORN
Logan B. you are a kind person. Thanks for thinking of others.
Olivia D.
You are such a funny person and make sure I dint go crazy at lunch πŸ™‚ thanks
Ryan K-- you are very nice, thanks for being a good friend
Keep on going, and stay strong even in these rough times.
Marissa S you are a great friend
Abbie M. thank you for making my day everyday. You make me have a smile every time I see you and make me laugh. thank you!
Thank you Mrs. Ferrero for being such a great math teacher! Even though I'm usually quiet, your room is always a great environment to be in!
Thanks Sophie L for making gym and band so much fun. Thanks for being such a great friend.
Claire M. is so kind! She will always help you with anything. She is so positive. And a great friend!!!😊😊😊
Tanner O, Brady P, Rocco M, Ryan P... thank you for being nice to me this year. From Quintin T