Thanks to all my friends, especially Simone P.
From Reese S
Maddie B is the most kind an caring person -- thanks for being awesome

Celebrate the little things!

Be happy and proud of your self

-Carmella A

Andrew N is the nicest person I’ve met!
Truman D. is a very nice person!
If Rick Astley says it, you can't give up.
If minecraft taught me anything, it is that blue diamonds are better than gold. We are the toughest, we are the most unique! Go Blue!
Middle school is great like a dream!
There is so much technology!
This year will be great, as long as we all don't give up

Also, don't give up, you can do it????
thanks to all my kind friends on the blue team and gold team
Thank you Matthew C for being so kind to me
Connor B.
Remember to always stay positive and strong because it gives you energy 🙂
have a beautiful day and be kind to each other

Thank You Mr.Geary For Serving in the Army that helps!

have a good day everyune!!
I love Hms so far it is great and I am starting to get used to the whole instead of 3 periods you have 8.
Christian K is a really goofy person. So fun to be around!
be the kind kid
We can make this an amazing year together!
Never gonna give you up
Gold Team is the GREATEST!
Hey everyone! Don't forget to wear your smile today, they look good on you.

It's nice to have someone in your life that makes your smile even when they aren't around. Have a good day everyone! Jocelyn R.
👍😁😎Go Gold team!!!😉
Gold team is awesome
Mrs. Lang,
I may not be in your class anymore, but you were one of the best teachers I have ever had. No online message can portray the impact you had on me. You made me feel valued and respected, and you listened to me. Nobody else has done that to the degree that you did. Thank you for being a positive influence on my life and countless others.
Thanks Haley for being so kind !!!!!
Masks and all -- this year is great so far.

thanks for complementing me!
Mr. Lagnese is the funniest teacher ever! Mrs.Bolton is SO humorous and Miss Morris is so AWESOME!!!!!!
I cant wait to learn more about you! I am so glad that i am going to learn about Ancient Greece Egypt and Rome! I love that Miss Morris read Percy Jackson and Mrs.Bolton for her kids that went to Surf City!!! 🙂
Keep up the great work fellow students you are doin great
Never give up, be who you want to be.
Thanks to all the great teachers, blue and gold, school is amazing and we couldn't be luckier with our teachers!
Have a great day everyone! Remember you have so much value
Ms.Raggi is the best and most caring English and Homeroom teacher ever!
Let's Go Blue Team!
Lets go Hampton! This is going to be a great school year!
Never give up, everyone is important.
Mr. Geary is the most caring and fun teacher I have ever had, thank you for all that you do!
You're awesome and let's go Hampton!
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never turn around and desert you!!
This school year is better than the last so we can definitely do this!