"What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." -Confucius
Start each day in a happy way!
A smile is the best present you can give away! 🙂
When you are kind to someone, it makes your heart happy!!!
"...hold onto whatever light you can, believing that even in the darkest of moments, it is the light of kindness, service, empathy, and love that will heal us in the worst of times." -Mal Coles
How many good things have happened today? Count the GOOD things! They are everywhere, too!
Throw kindness around like glitter! It'll stick to everything it touches!
"A single grain of rice can tip the scale." - from Mulan
Today is a good day for a good day!
Sometimes you forget you are awesome! This is your reminder! 🙂
smile 🙂
smile 🙂
Every person is a different kind of flower. All together, we make a beautiful garden!
Be the sunshine in someone's day today! ☺
Thank you everyone who has been nice this week. It helps have happy days!
The BEST weeks start on Monday! 🙂
"Start everything with kindness and the end will be ok." - Elijah James Knight
Just keep doing your best and good things will happen! 🙂
"Like so many things, it's not what is outside but what's inside that counts." - from Aladdin movie
No one is you, and that is your SUPERPOWER!
How can you help someone smile today?
Hope you have a happy day! (ᵔᴥᵔ)
Everyone is going through something. Be Kind!
How happy it feels to make someone else happy!
PERSPECTIVE (perˈspektiv) Change how you look at something and you can change your whole day!
Let's have a wonderful week! Keep smiling, everyone!
Big things are often made up of lots of little things! 🙂
Celebrating and appreciating the special help we all have! Happy School Counselor's Week!
What do you call an alligator in a vest?

An investigator! 🙂
TOGETHER, we can weather any storm!
"Always be HUMBLE and KIND."
People are like Snowflakes. Each one is different, but working together, they create a beautiful landscape! *********
Everyone smiles in the same language!
"Every little thing is gonna be alright."
MAKE today a good day!
"Remember you are the one who can fill the world with sunshine!" - Walt Disney
Elle is smart and kind she is also a very good reader.
It is a great day to have a great day! 🙂
Elle is an amazing leader and always stands up for whats right! 😊KJ
"Every moment is a fresh beginning." - T.S. Elliot
Be a LiGhT!
Elle is very smart and a very good reader. She is a good friend.
Elle is very intelligent and she is super kind. She is a great friend!!!
Elle is a very kind person and she is a great friend. -Madeline-
Elle is very smart, funny, and she is a great friend. I love that she is always nice and kind to others. - Baylee
Elle is very smart and funny.
Elle is very smart and always a good friend.
Elle is very smart, and intelligent she is an amazing friend and she is so caring
sincerely- Kinsli Ray

🤪😜😛 Boone is very funny and makes me laugh everyday 😛😜🤪
Boone is a very good friend

by : xzavior
Boone is super nice and funny and is such a good friend.

Jayden is very nice and fuuny and i like that he sticks up for his friends.
Jayden is all ways willing to help others when they need help.

Thomas, you are a loyal and kind friend. I like how you feel comfortable when your playing with a bunch of girls, and you don't run away screaming. You are so funny and make everybody laugh. Thanks for being such a good friend. Adalyn
😋Thomas is a smart and Hilarious friend, who is kind to everybody. He treats everyone like a friend.😋
Thomas is a very good friend and will not let you down at any time -Aaidan
I love that Thomas has a very giving heart and is willing to share with others . He also has such a fun, silly personality and almost always has a smile on his face. He makes me smile.
Mrs. Craft
Thomas is a funny rascle and when somebody needs help he will help sincerly, Gdawg= gavin to Tdogg
Thomas is very kind, funny, and he is a great friend. From, Madeline.
Rachel is my friend and she is nice to me. She mostly never rude to me and she is the most kindest friend I had 🙂
xzavior helps people all the time, and makes me smile.

by,emi smith
I love how funny you are Thomas. You are DEFINITELY the class clown. you are great at making people laugh and
you are also good at math. Thank you for being a friend. Kennedy
Xzavior makes me smile he wakes up and has a smile on his face everyday, he is super helpful, and fun to be around
By: Rachel
Tomas you are a good friand and make me want to be a kinder porson.You now how to do a lot of kind and respectfal thanks and make me fulllike a better person. From, Noah C
Thomas always hangs out/plays a game with someone even if it involves mostly girls.
your a good friend and your kind. your funny and you are good at Avery think
Thomas is a good friend and he is kind. from IsAaC
Jayden is very helpful he is smart!

I love how funny you are Thomas. You are DEFINITELY the class clown. you are great at making people laugh and
you are also good at math. Thank you for being a friend. Kennedy
Xzavior makes me smile he wakes up and has a smile on his face everyday, he is super helpful, and fun to be around
By: Rachel
Thomas is a nice friend he will help you when you struggling .He is good at baseball RANDOM
Jayden is nice to other people .
Thomas is a nice friend he will help you when you struggling .He is good at baseball
Xzavior is a very nice person, he is smart. He makes my heart shine bright and he has a good smile on his face

Emily Stephens
Xzavior is helpful. Xzavior gives the best compliment he is so nice to me.
Xzavior you are really good at your vocabulary.
he is kind
Xzavior your awesome, nice, and you bright up my day when you smile
Ethan is kind and he will help you with your work
jayden is really kind and sweet.
I want to say thank you to Ms. Sholl and Ms. Kellerhals for making this kindness wall, I send you 2 a big HUGE thank you!
Graysville is the best school!
A big thank you to Mrs. Kellerhals for setiing up our Kindness Wall!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Sholl for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Graysville Elementary School!

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