am grateful because of my family and friends to be around with
I am thankful to all my family who help me work hard and who stand up for me when ever I need them .
Thank you teachers for doing a lot for us during a stressful time.
thank you for all the teachers who help me with my work - you didn't have to help me but you did.
Thank you Mrs.Yoakum for being so kind to us - I hope we could go to school
Think you for helping us doing our work
Thank you, Mrs. Ingersoll for being kind and helping me!
I want to say thank you to all the teachers and staff that are still working hard to make sure we succeed! Thank you!!
Thank you Shaima and Zoey for always being there to help and support me!
Thank you Mrs. Werts for being such an amazing teacher. You have already taught me so much in a short amount of time. Thank you for making my freshman year so great!
Thank you Mrs. Abrams for making freshman year great so far. You are such an amazing person and I am so glad to have you for a teacher.
Thank you Mr. Gaunt for making English easier and fun for both my Junior and Senior year.
I would like to thank my students for being the best thing about my job. You make me smile each and every day.
Thank you Sarah Castillo and Julie Rimando for being the most amazing IAs EVER!!! <3 <3 <3
Happy School Administrator's Week! You all work so hard for the kids!
Thank you Mrs. Gastaldi, Mr. Zamora, Mrs. Botton, Mr. Moskal, Mr. Oliver, and Mrs. Varela for being amazing teachers! All of you are working really hard to just help me and several other students to learn through these really frustrating times. Your patience and support with me and other students is very much appreciated.
I want to thank Mrs. Varela and Mr. Zamora for being amazing teachers. I'm really glad I ended up having them as my teachers. Mrs. Varela is very kind and she makes history much easier to understand which has helped do well in her history class. Mr. Zamora is also very kind and is always working hard to see what he can do to help me and other students succeed in their classes.
I am so thankful for my classified team members! I would be lost without their support and skills not to mention their ability to laugh in complicated or just unexpected moments that pop up in our classrooms.
I would like to thank the whole staff at Golden Valley because my whole 3 years I have been there, they have treated me with respect, and I feel like they don't get enough credit for what they actually do. They are all special people and mean a lot to us. Without them, we wouldn't be able to be on campus. Also, they make sure the school stays safe and check up on the students who they
Shoutout to Miss Maureen and Miss Amanda for being great instructional aids who go above and beyond for our students <3
Thanks to all my teachers who have helped me and COF for helping during hard times and joining the club
Thank you to all the teachers who try their absolute hardest, especially during this hard time. Your endurance over the endeavors we face every day have only provided an extra source of motivation for my peers and I.
Mrs. Mann is the best, kindest, and all around awesomest teacher on campus, and I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to take her class.
Thankful for Mr.Iwamoto
Thank you for all my classmates and teachers!! I felt like a fish out of water especially because this is my first time in public school and junior year is a weird year to transfer but I felt nothing but positive vibes and support and I love my new GV family 🙂
Thank you Mr Gaunt for making english class fun.
Shoutout to Mr. Iwamoto for helping me with math!! He's the best math teacher I have ever had!
Thank you Mr.Haddad for making the choir and my life so much better and really allowing me to expand my personality and confidence.
Thank you to all the teachers that are helping through the hard time
thank u to my math teacher Mr Iwamoto

Thanks for making math easier Mr Iwamoto
Hola buenos Ms Maria queria agrdecerle por ayudarme en mis dos clases siempre que se lo pido me ayuda por que me cuesta entender un poco pero uste siempre me ayuda muchas gracias estoy muy agradecida con su ayuda y por ser una persona comprensiva y bondadosa
Thank you to all the teachers for your hard work
Thank you Mr.Steed for making this year so much fun!
Ms. O Brien is the best teacher on campus. She makes a big impact on everyone's education and really connects with everyone.
Thank you to Ms.Straka for being so understanding and making me feel comfortable to learn in all her classes. It means a lot when the teacher is like this because it helps me to succeed in that specific class. (I had her in psych and human geography.)
Just want to thank all the staff for doing so much for the students
Thank you Ms.Lucero and Ms.Ortiz for believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself. -Isaiah R.
This message is for Mrs.Haddad--- you built a program that feels like a home that people look forward to going to everyday! You helped people find a second family and amazing friendships. You make everyone feels like they belong and you're just easy to talk to. If someone has a problem you listen and make us feel better and no one ever doubts that you love your students.. so just Thank You f
Mr.Iwamoto is a great math teacher - he is fun and kind to everyone during class. He makes online school fun because he plays music every day and he is supportive. Every Wednesday i enjoy answering his wellness questions because it shows that he really does want to learn about every one:)
This is for Mrs. Abrams. Thank you for being an amazing english teacher and checking in to see how we are doing and understanding that its. not easy online. I would also like to thank coach Cho for helping me and teaching me what to do.
I want to thank Mrs.Richardson for being such a nice and helpful teacher.
Thank you for all of my teachers for helping me keep my grades in check.
Mr. Whalen is such an amazing teacher!
This is for Mrs. Smith, thank you for helping me with school work. You are amazing teacher, you help me bring out the best of me. Thank you so much!
I would like to thank Mr. Pellegrin for helping me through some hard times, and putting up with my annoying non stop talking lol
This message is for Mrs. Haddad. Thank you for helping me find a home in a place that i never knew would turn out as amazing as it is. You gave me a chance to shine and I hope that I haven't let you down. You've given me so much advice and helped me in times that i never though i could get through. Thank you for everything you do Mrs. Haddad, I know im not speaking for myself when i sa
I want to say thank you for all the teachers for trying to make this process easier of doing online school. As a senior I thankful that I still get to continue learning in golden valley. You teachers are working hard to make this feel normal and easy, thank you.
I want to thank Ms O'Brien. She has always been so positive and so kind. So when I had her for Honors 10 English last year it was great. I have definitely improved on writing because of her. So I just want to write this for her. One of the best teachers I have ever had.
I just want to thank Mrs. Varela for being such an amazing history teacher. She helps me understand history in a way better format. If I didn't have her this year, I am pretty sure I would have a b or a C in my history class. She is like so amazing, covering things in a more understandable and easier way just helps my life as a whole. Mrs. Varela, if your seeing this, ILY and I wish the best
Thank you to Mrs. Botton for being the best English teacher. I appreciate everything that you do for your students, Thank you! 😀 you rock
I just want to thank my newfound best friend for being so kind and supportive of me after going through some dark times. You've always been there to uplift me and make me smile and I'll forever be grateful for the impact you've had on my life <3
Thank you to Mr. Geary for everything you have done to keep me moving! You are the reason I'm graduating!!
Mr. Iwamoto is the best math teacher I have ever had.
Thank you Mrs. Botton for being such a great teacher and creating a classroom environment that allows all types of students to be comfortable. Also for being there when we needed someone to talk to when it felt like there wasn't many other people to express what is on our mind. You will forever be greatly appreciated <3
Thank you Mr. Iwamoto for caring a lot about my grade and making sure I succeed in your class.
Thank You staff for being super helpful and for being there for us in this time and always!!!
I want to thank the GVHS track and Xc coaches for continuing to work hard and continuing to motivate and help athletes during these rough times
Thank you Mr. Iwamoto for being a cool teacher and for making learning fun!
thank you Mr.Gaunt for being a great teacher
Thank you Aimee for always being there for me! <3- Lilibeth
I appreciate the hard work many students are doing. Being on a computer for many hours is no fun; yet, you do it daily in order to keep up with our changing times. Keep it up!

Thank you to the staff and faculty who support our teacher as we try to transition between board vs computer screen.
A huge thank you to all the administrators and counselors!!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!!
I appreciate everything you do!!!!! Mrs.Gastaldi

Thank you Mrs.Yates for helping change my health grade that is much better and passing.
Thank you to all my teachers for teaching me .
To the teachers I have, I thank you all for trying their hardest to help me out. For all the friends that been there for me since day one thank you and hope we all can see each other soon.
I would like to thank honestly Mr Ruiz he was a cool teacher- He made the class fun and stuff. Also was just an understanding teacher one of the best teachers with one of the best trucks in school.
Thank you Mrs. Haddad for being so cheerful and nice whenever I come to class. You're so happy and it's contagious.
I am so happy that I was put into your class.
Thank you to the yard supervisor George, He is the homie and has always been there for me at school and was like a bestfriend to me and has helped me through a a lot so thank you to him for everything <3
I want to thank Mr. Williamson who is one of my coolest and understanding teacher, he also replies to email quickly which helps a lot.
thank you mr cho for helping be better in volleyball and for making me laugh
thanks to all my teachers who allow me to get my grade up
I am very thankful for my teachers because right now most of all they have been working hard to make sure that we are learning and getting what we need to get done.<3
Thank you to all my teaches for teaching me more.
Thank you to all the staff tht helped during this time.
Thank you to everyone on the gv campus you guys make the campus feel safe and comfortable.
Thank you, teachers for helping me; I am grateful for all of you.

Esperanza D
Thank you Iwamoto for helping me with math
I am thankful for my teachers. They help me really well and they make things easy.
Thank you to all my teachers who try their hardest to help me out!
Thank you to all of GVTV. You folks are talented and you always find a way to make me laugh!
Thank you to ALL ADMIN, STAFF, CLERICAL & JANITORS who help the school run smoothly. With out you guys none of this is possible. You guys are the true heart of the school, and without you teachers would not be able to do what they do so THANK YOU!

My favoriteeeee person in the whole entire world Mr. Gaunt. Thank You for being so understanding !!
to Kali H.- I just wanted to say how amazing you are, and I admire you❤️:)
Thank you to all of my teachers for helping me whenever I am having trouble with something:)
I would like to thank Mrs.Pollard for giving me a chance to be part of the team it has been amazing and I can't wait to be back in class and thank you to all the other teachers for all your hard work and patience during this time we are going through right now
Thank you to all my teachers and the dance team for making me feel so welcomed to the golden valley.:D
To all my teachers for being able to help me even with the situation we are in currently Thank you teachers
Thank you to all the teachers that have been doing after class office hours to help their students.
Ms.Abrahms you are the sweetest and kindest teacher I could ever ask for!
I would like to thank my English teacher Mrs. Abrams for making class really fun and enjoyable.
My dance girls always cheer me up during zoom <3
to Kali Hubbard- I just wanted to say how amazing you are, and I admire you❤️:)
Thank you to all my friends I have been able to stay in contact with during this hard time. I love you guys 🙂
Thank you to all my friends for helping me when I was stressed about assignments through Facetime. 🙂
Thank you to all of my teachers who are there to help me, especially Mrs. Thomas!
- Brianna T
Thank you to all my teachers that have worked very hard to help us out!
Thank you to all of my lovely teachers who are helping me through this pandemic and helping my with everything that has to do with school! Thank you for putting in the time to help students continue their education with these tough times. Love you all!
Thank you Mrs.Pollard and Terry Bixler for always making my day brighter with the jokes and knowledge you spread throughout the week.
Someone who lifted up my positivity was Mrs.Torres. She always makes me happy to go to her classroom. It's my favorite class to go too. I can't wait for the next time I'm with her.

---Ashlynn E