I would like to thank my counselor Mr. Geary. He's actually the certified goat. He always makes sure to check on me and helps me with my classes. I appreciate it very much.
Thank you Mr.Lonsinger and Mrs.Straka for spreading positivity every class period 🙂
Thank you Mrs.Botton for being a great teacher we love you. You will forever be my favorite teacher. We will all miss you!
I would like to thank Mr Geary for all his help and support .Thanks for always being kind and funny.
Bryanna R was one of my closest friends this year, and helped me so much to grow as a person.
I would like to thank Mr. Geary for supporting me this year. Kind and wonderful person, with great humor.
I want to thank my best friend and my girlfriend, they were always there to brighten my day. Whenever I saw myself not feeling the greatest, they were there to cheer me up. I hope they, and everyone else, a very good summer break.
i would like to give a big humongous thank you to Dr.Delgado, for being there for me now the same way she was in 8th grade:) have a great summer Dr.Delgado!!!
I'll say thank you to my mom for pushing me to do well in my classes and trying her best give me a brighter future.
Thank you Mrs. Abrams for everything that you do. I loved being in your class this year. Have a great summer!
Sr. Ruiz is the best teacher, anyone who disagrees can meet me in the parking lot.
Thank you to all of my teachers for teaching me during this difficult time and not giving up <3
Thank you to Miss Capozzi for being an amazing and supportive teacher .
Thank you Mr. Ruiz for being such a nice and funny teacher. Life is hard, yet it is beautiful!
Thank you Mrs. Garcia for always helping me out on any assignment I needed even when it was on your own time and also encouraging me throughout the whole year.
Mr. Ruiz thanks for being fun in class
I wanna thank my Teachers for supporting me throughout the year and giving me second chances.
I want to thank Ms.Smith for always giving us chances to fix our grades, she always had positive energy. She always believes in us. And I can't wait for you to get a new class, and treat it the same way.
Thank you to all of my amazing teachers for everything that they have made possible this difficult year! I hope you all have a great summer!!
thank you mrs. abrams for always making me laugh during class with your sarcasm.
thank you to my teachers and family and friends for making this year possible
Thank you Sr.Ruiz for all your support this school year!!!!!!!!!
Online has been hard, but all the teachers have been doing a great job!
Thank you Mrs. Navia for being an amazing counselor and helping me out.
I wanted to say thank you to my friend outside of school she’s always there for me whenever I need her and she always says the funniest things to make my day!
Thank you Mr Pellegrin for being an amazing counselor and always wanting the best for your students. I truly appreciate you so much!
I want give my thanks to my amazing teacher Ms. Botton for helping me with English and Mr. La Rue for making me open my eyes to more colleges and school for my career
Thanks miss Botton for being the best English teacher
I am glad to have had such good caring teachers throughout this hard year.
Thanks for Ms.Botton for being a great teacher that is so kind and fun.
I want to thank Mrs,Botton for being the most amazing teacher who encourages me to become a better person everyday. She supports me using my voice with my past to be an inspiration and to show others they are not alone. <3 samantha i.
Thank you Mr. Iwamoto for being the best math teacher that I have had. I enjoyed saying Good Morning to you everyday and your class was always fun. I hope to have you again next year 🙂
Sr. Ruiz is a great Spanish teacher as well as very funny and kind, he goes in depth with lessons and if you ever need help he is always there for you.
Thank you Mrs.Novean for being such a nice and funny teacher
Although my first year of high school has been completely online, I feel grateful to all my teachers and my counselor for working hard to help all of their students get through this tough year. I sincerely hope you have a nice, restful summer, and stay safe!
Thank you to all my friends for making online learning better than it being stressful most of the time.
Thank you Mr. Geary for being such an amazing counselor. You have always been there to help me through my career paths!!
Thank you Miss. Werts for being a great teacher, and facilitating a meaningful relationship with me and all of my peers despite the screen that has been separating us.
Thanks to any teachers who kept a positive mood during this tough year especially
thank you Mrs. Abrams for being a good teacher. gives a lot of people a chance to get their grade up.
thank you to my teachers for working with us through this crazy year <3
Thank you Ms Capozzi for making this year's English class very easy to get through and acknowledging the facts that we are in quarantine and it may be hard. You make the class very easy you are such a sympathetic and caring person for all your students.
I would like to thank Keira for being a bundle of optimistic energy and for lifting my mental health in the dark times
Thank you Mrs. Frazier for such a great year! You are the best geometry teacher ever! I hope to see you next year.
Thank you Mrs. Abrams for making this school year a fun one. It made this situation a more bearable than it was. Hope you have an amazing summer break!
Thank you to my teachers for helping me this year
thank you Mr. Ruiz for being such an amazing teacher
Thank you Miss Capozzi for making honor English fun and easy to understand. You helped me find my passion in writing again. You even got me into reading which might I add I didn't like doing. Thank you for inspiring me!
Mrs. Smith is a very kind and understanding teacher, she teaches her lesson clearly and at a good pace for all her students to comprehend. It was a pleasure to have her as my English teacher this year through these very hard times.
Thank you so much to Ms.Capozzi who did her best to support me through this tough year. You are one of the best teachers I've had and I'm so grateful to have been in your class.
I wanna say thank you to Ms. Smith for always being positive and believing that all her students can do great.

I also want to thank Mr. Ruiz for helping me in Spanish and always pushing us to try our best.
Love all the GV teachers
Thankful for meeting such a great person who I now call my best friend . This year was tough but he made things easier. Thank you to my study skills teacher Ms. Gadbois who helped me pass my classes. 🙂 <3
Ms. Smith has been an outstanding teacher and a pleasure to have. I don't have the words to explain how much fun I've had writing because of this class. Also reading The Hunger Games was super fun. Ms. Smith has taught me how to be a better writer, and I know I am still not perfect but I still years to perfect my writing technique as you would say it. I went from getting F's and
Thank you to all of my teachers for helping me throughout this year.
Thank you to the greatest Math teacher, Mrs.Barr. You have always helped me out with all of my odd questions. I'm going to miss you a lot.
This is just to all the teachers and students! Thank you for making it through this stressful year of school!
Thank you to my teachers for the help they have given us during these hard times.
to Ms. Capozzi,
Thank you so much for helping me out all this school year. I wish you so much happiness this summer. take care Ms. Capozzi - daysha
Thanks to all the jokers in Mr. Ruiz's class for making it better each day !
Andrea Hernandez, You are the sweetest, funniest, and friendliest person. You are also smart and outstanding.
Thank you to all of the AP teachers who did a great job of doing their best to prepare their students for the AP exams, albeit the pandemic and online learning. Through these obstacles, these teachers were still able to keep us engaged and help us learn all that we need for the exams in May. Thank you guys!
I appreciate all of the teachers who did their best to make online classes engaging and insightful. Their efforts helped me to stay focused this year. Especially Mrs. Histed who played music everyday at the introduction of every morning class. I loved hearing the song selection throughout the year! Thank you teachers!
Thank you to my teachers who did their best to keep students engaged, make class lessons fun, and be helpful in teaching content during a pandemic. Your hard work is truly appreciated and well approved. Thank you!
Thank you so much to all of the Golden Valley Coaches and sports staff who were able to make our sports seasons possible. I truly appreciate the effort you have dedicated towards us and the time that you have sacrificed for us. Thanks again!
Thank you to all my teachers for being patient with all the students during the whole online learning.
To the AP Teachers,
Thank you so much for being supportive and engaging throughout the entire school year. I know it must have been hard to teach and keep students involved when every person was miles away in their home. This year's AP tests will definitely be a challenge, but I am confident that each and every teacher put in the most effort possible. Thanks so much! -Cooper Segall
Thanks to Mikael Ohlsen! Your knowledge and patience is appreciated. I am glad you are on my team.
Thank you Ms Straka for being the best psychology teacher ever 🙂
Thank You Mr. Whalen for everything that you do! I appreciate all the hard work that you put in for us to excel!!
This is for Daniel Kelly.

I know this new system has been tough. But I hope you're doing well and I hope you enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Day. I believe you deserve it, you have been working hard for our class and I appreciate it.

Francisco Lascano
Thank you Ms. Gistaldi for being the best math teacher and always pushing me to do better
Thank you to the amazing counselor Mr. Pelligrin for always being there for me; he's a great person who not only cares about his students, but values them and pushes them towards success.
Thank you Mr. Bunch for doing so much to help our senior class grow and learn more super amazing skills that are needed for our futures. We ALL appreciate everything you do to help us!!! HAPPY TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK 🙂
Shout out to Mr. Brooks who tries to get the band back into shape despite having trouble with tech.
Shout out and big thanks to Dr. Delgado, for being an amazing teacher, making sure her students always understand what we're doing and learning and explaining in a way so clear. You've made me find interest in history class. Thank you for being so understanding and an adult I can trust!<3
Thank you Ms. O'Brien for being an amazing teacher. You've made me find joy and interest in not only your class but in writing and reading too! You always make sure your student understand and you explain it in a way that makes it so easy to understand! Thank you for being an adult I can trust as well! <3
Thank you Mrs. Bricker for being an amazing teacher, always starting off class in a good mood, helping out your students and for making them feel comfortable!
Thank you to Sra. Gonzales for being an amazing teacher, always helping out the students when stuck and for initiating conversations in class! <3
Thank you so much Ms.Mann for being such an amazing teacher throughout my junior year!
I just wanted to give 3 Cheers to all of the coaches and volunteers that have come out for the student athletes. You have brought smiles to them all.
Thank you so much to all the teachers and staff for being amazing, kind, and working hard during these unprecedented times. Your work is really appreciated, and is never taken for granted!
Thank to all the teachers and staff for be amazing and helping out everyone during this crazy year. It really does mean a lot, thanks so much for all that you do for us!
Thank you to all the teachers and staff for finding the motivation to power through the school year and enable others to finish off the year strong. I hope you're having a great day!
Thank you to SPED for always caring about our students. Special Thank you to Mrs. Pratt and Mr. Richard 🙂
Thank you to all of the students who are working hard and are committed to finishing strong!
Thank you to all teachers and staff who are working hard through the tough circumstances to help our students persevere. We truly appreciate all that you do!
Thank you Ms. Jacobson for having so much faith in me and pushing me to do better. Thank you so much! -Haelle
Thank you Mrs. Bricker for being an amazing teacher! 😀
Thank you to all the teachers and staff for keeping up with this new schedule and crazy year, it has been a new experience for everyone and everyone has been handling it amazingly. Thank you for keeping up with all the students and with a smile on you face.
Thank you to the Golden Valley staff for helping make this a great year!!
Thank you library staff for always taking care of us.
Our librarians are very helpful and provide excellent resources for us
I love how the library staff is always willing and ready to help me when I'm in there!!! 😀 <3<3
Thank you to all the teachers, staff, librarians, janitors, etc. for doing everything you can to make our school safe so that we can come back and have fun. Thank you for taking the precautions and making sure everyone is safe at school. Thank You! Happy Librarian Week!
Thank you for your undeniable and indispensable services done for GVHS students and teachers during the pandemic, school would be much more difficult without your efforts.
Thank you to all the GV staff that make school online much better hope you all have a wonderful day
Ms. Hall is super cool
Thank you to all the staff and teachers on the golden valley campus. You all make it possible for students to thrive, and feel well comforted within the campus and online learning.