Thank you to Mrs. Mostafa and Ms. O'Brien!! You guys are soooo amazing, and I don't know what I would do if you weren't my teachers! Thank you for always caring about students' mental health.
thank you mrs. mostafa and ms. o'brien for always being very supportive and kind teachers! we appreciate teachers like you, especially during stressful times 😀 thank you so much to all gv teachers and staff for everything you do for us
Thank you Mrs. Valdivia for being so positive all the time and not giving up us! ---Your students
shoutout to mrs. torres, mrs. o'brien, and mr. leon for being such amazing teachers!
Thank you Ms.O'Brien for being a great teacher, because of you I can say English is one of my favorite subjects.
Thank you Ms. O' Brien and Mrs. Frazier for being so kind and understanding as well as very flexible with every student
Thank you Mrs. Richardson for making DMA a fun class for all of your students, even though we can't be in person. I know you try really hard to make it a fun and easy class, and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much, and have a wonderful Spring Break!
I want to say thank you to all of the teachers for working so hard this year and being able to adapt to the new environment so quickly. Thank you for helping the students out in all situations and being so understanding!
Thank you to Terry Bixler, the dance coach/choreographer, and Ms. Pollard, the dance advisor, for never giving up on the dance team! You guys do so much for us and I know that the whole team appreciates you guys very much. And thank you for pushing us always to be a better person and dancer!!!!!! <3333
Nick D., you are a great friend and just an overall good person. I am glad we became friends.
Thank you so much Mrs. Smay for always being so upbeat and positive!!!
Hey Mrs. Werts, thank you for nurturing my love of science and challenging me with science Olympiad, it has turned me into who I am now!
ms. o'brien has been such an understanding and amazing teacher during this time. she is so kind and truly amazing at teaching. thank you miss o'brien!
Thank you to all the teachers for being energetic everyday we come to class
Thank you Ms. Thomas for being a supportive and lively counselor! My first impression of you was that you're a kind, welcoming, and friendly. 🙂 Some people don't do that, so thank you for welcoming us warmly.
Hey Mrs. Valdivia, Thanks for being a fun chemistry teacher this year, it made all the difference for me
Shout out to the teachers out there -- being a teacher ain't easy, especially right now. shout out to Mr. Iwamoto, Miss Mostafa, Miss Capozzi, Mr. Pomilla, and Miss Ingersoll-- yall some good teachers
thanks miss.Mostafa for being a great teacher
ayo everyone have a good year, juss chill - marcos n.
The teachers are trying their best with the new hybrid so thank you to the teachers
to Chris, the athletic trainer: you are very appreciated by every sport! You always make sure everyone is in good condition and that they are doing well. Thank you
Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work. I appreciate how fun and interesting you all may have made your courses so that students gravitated towards each concept well. I especially want to thank, Ms.Ryan, Mrs.Yates, Mrs.Flynn, Mrs.Torres, Mrs.Novean, Mr.Patey, and Mr.Necessary for being there for me and many others. You helped me with my struggles, and I am grateful.
Thank you Mr.Lonsinger for being such a kind and energetic teacher during these hard times and for putting in the effort make the class more enjoyable
Shoutout to Mr.Eaton for taking time out of his day to teach me calc AB so I can take BC next year! - Aarian C.
Thank you to the staff for motivating us during this school year!!
This year has been crazy, but thanks to our amazing teachers we have made it almost all the way through! Thank you to all the teachers for being patient and helping us with all the bumps along the road that is online learning. Hope everyone has an amazing Spring Break!
There will be days where you'll feel down and feel discouraged. And that's okay! Everyone needs a little bit of rain to endure but the best times is what comes after it.
I appreciate all the teachers for trying to make the most out of this school year. I know it's tough not seeing any faces, but I thank you for all you guy's effort. Thank You!!!!
Thank you all the teachers keep up the hard work!
thank you teachers and staff for all of your support during these unprecedented times!!
Mr. Geary is the best counselor at GV by far.
Thank you to all the people 🙂

Here have a hat crab to make your day a little better!
Mrs. Navia is an amazing counselor! She is extremely helpful and gives great advice. She is definitely the best out there!
Every teacher is considerate and thoughtful of their students
Thank you to all of my coaches and teachers who want to see me succeed in life!!!
Thank you Mr. Barker for chemistry class funny and less stressful. You always make me laugh while you're teaching and I enjoy your chemistry class.
Thank you mrs Valdivia and mrs Mostafa for making class fun!
I want to thank Ms. Ryan for being a great teacher and just being there for me made my high school a great experience
Thank you so much to Mr. Brooks for trying to get the band back together and play after a year.
I hope everyone who sees this has an amazing spring break! I love you!
Thank you to all my teachers for trying their best to give us a normal school year and for being so understanding.
I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! Thank you all for the amazing effort!
Thank you, Mrs. Yates, for making anatomy fun!
Everyone be safe during spring break, and have fun! Thank you to all the teachers, all of whom have made online learning enjoyable!
I hope everyone has a great spring break! Relax and take time to take care of yourself.
Thank you Mrs.Valdivia for being you! You always make me smile and try your best to help out and I appreciate it a lot.
Mrs. Mostafa has been super nice and kind. She has been super slow pace and takes the time to talk with me and show me the ropes. I thank her for that and SHE IS AMAZING
To my amazing students who show up everyday and make me smile. You guys are amazing little humans and I'm so happy to be a part of your virtual little worlds this year.
Thanks Mr. Iwamoto for being such a cool teacher
Thank you too Mrs. Navia! She's nice and she always motivates you or makes you feel better some how.
Teacher and administration. Thank you for being so helpful during online school and the transition to hybrid learning.
I just wanna say thank you to Ms.Mostafa because she’s really nice and has a cool vibe 🙂
Thank you Mrs. Mostafa for making your class super fun and funny!
thank you to mrs.mostafa for being an engaged teacher and talking to your students. I really appreciate when you ask us how our day was and being genuinely interested in what we say so thank you 🙂 -bianca e.
I would like to say thank you to all my teachers for making this year a little less stressful.
I would like to give a shout out to my counselor Mr. Geary thank you for everything you have done you rock ! and big thank u to all my teachers <3
Yo Thank you Mr. Cho for being the Coolest teacher and for being so laid back and nice
Aye let me give me a shout out to Mr Iwamoto a good teacher makes math easy for me, also the homie Miss Mostafa your a great history teacher also Mr Pomilla honestly all the teachers hard work but you guys push through props to yall
I would like to thank all teachers especially Mr. Steed. Your inspiring lessons gave my life direction and helped me to see literature in another window that shaped my life. I found my goals once again with your help. You have taught us, all, about growing and learning as a person and finding confidence. Thank you for being in my life and being my teacher. -Sheida S.
Thank you Mr.Iwamoto and Mrs .Botton for being amazing teachers to the point I actually want to learn and pay attention ! 🙂 - Leilani Y.
I would like to thank all the teachers and staff of golden valley! You have all done an amazing job within these times. You all have made it in your best effort to make us the students feel welcomed and safe!
Mrs. Abrams, I love you! You're an amazing teacher 🙂
Thank you, counselors! You rock!
I want to say thank you to Mrs.Botton for always lifting me up when things aren’t so great & for always making me feel good about myself especially with my writing. Thank you for reassuring me that I can push through my past and have a bright future no matter the obstacles I went and still go through. You inspire me to be a good person. You are someone i’ll never forget. - Samantha I.
Shout-out to our GV Counselors -- you guys rock!! Thank you for the continued support!
Thank you to my teachers for helping me with online school
I want to say thank you to all of my students. I have met some really awesome young people this school year of 2020 and I can not wait to meet them in person. Keep up the good work!

Ms. March
I am thankful for waking up and talking to my friends and family-- D.C
Thanks to my friends and family [who] are always there for me when I need help-- Genesis E
Thank to teacher and staff for helping us learn and helping us get all the things we need.
I would like to thank my favorite person in the whole wide world who does not go to this school or is even in the same state as us. I appreciate everything that they do for me and that we can both laugh and have fun in whatever way we can nearly every day. -Pagoda Redfern
I am so proud of every single one of you Grizzlies! Keep it up!
Mrs. Cardenas

Thank you to all my teachers for always helping me and being by my side and giving me all there support -Elizabeth Carillo
Mrs. Abrams, thank you for being such a great teacher and such an amazing person! I wouldn’t be here without you, thank you so much <3
Thank you Mrs. Johnston for just being awesome! You are truly amazing.
Thank you to Amada Domniguez for always being super helpful!
Mr. Eaton made me realize my interest in math once again. He is so understanding and has helped me get through this insane online world of schooling. Thanks to him, I look at mathematics through a different lens; a lens where I can spur change in our world. You're the best Mr. Eaton!! Our AP Calc BC class of 10 students love everything you do for us! -Jasmine R.
Shoutout to Queen Novean for putting a huge smile on my facing early in the mornings. She's made AP Lit an enjoyable and comforting environment where I feel safe to speak. The occasional guest appearances from her cats are always a special surprise and never fails to put smiles on our faces. Thank you Mrs. Novean for helping me start my days on the right foot! -Jasmine R.
Mrs. Histed is a true gem on campus and in the lives of many. She is the foundation and heart of the ASB class and works so hard to push us in becoming the best versions of ourselves. I have grown so much under her leadership to lead my peers and community in a progressive direction. Thank you for paving the path to my success and many others, Mrs. Histed! You are the best. -Jasmine R.
I'm so proud of all of my students for keeping up the fight. To my current and former history babies, you are almost there... do your best this week. YOU GOT THIS.

<3 Ms. Mann
I would like to thank all of the staff members at GV for putting in so much hard work and dedication in order to provide for all of the students. Special thanks to Ms.Arrietta for always getting back to me, making sure that I understand everything that is going on. I really appreciate all that you have done, so I just wanted to express my gratitude on this wall for others to see. Thank you again!
I want to thank Ms. Mann for being such an amazing teacher. It's clear that she wants her students to succeed with all the hard work and effort she puts into her class. Her energy helps make history and learning more exciting and fun. I appreciate her efforts in making this year more enjoyable. Thank you so much, Ms. Mann!
- Kirsten M.
I want to write a message to Mrs. Haddad. Thank you so much for your hard work. You inspire each and every one of us to keep performing. The passion you have for your program and students is admirable, and I am so thankful to have a choir director who cares so deeply for our well being and success. I know under your guidance Vocal Arts will be able to accomplish anything. Thank you so much-Jalen A
I am grateful for Coach Wes and Coach Lonnie. I haven’t seen them in a long time, but I know that they’re working hard to give everybody an opportunity to succeed. Thank you for trying your best to prepare us for szn despite all of the things going on in the world right now. I miss you both and can't wait to get out there and compete again! <3
- celeste r.
Thank you Ms. Mann for being such a kind teacher. You truly care about your students and it’s obvious that you want us to succeed. Thank you for doing your best to make class exciting despite the circumstances we are in, it means so much. I know that all of your hard work is going to prepare us for the AP exam! You are such a special teacher, and I am so thankful to have you! <3
- celeste r.
I am so appreciative of Mr. Patey, who does his best to keep up a positive attitude. He is very kind to all of his students and always puts a smile on our face! I am thankful to have such a caring teacher whose top priority is to see us succeed. Thank you so much for making an effort to connect with us. Thank you so much Mr. Patey, you are one of my favorite teachers on campus!! <3
- celeste r.
Thank you to all the teachers for their flexibility and determination to provide a great learning experience even through current circumstances. Special thank you to Mr. Bunch for bringing joy to every class meeting (: -Gemelyn S.
Thank you to Ms. Mann who is easily the best history teacher I've ever had. She finds a way to make history, which has never been my favorite subject, intriguing and fun even though we're online. It's apparent how much work she puts into every class and every assignment to make them engaging and fun so that it's not just an average history class.
-Jakai Brock
I am very thankful for my past AP Biology teacher, Mr. WIlliamson. He was the first teacher that made me actually work hard for my grade, and I really appreciate that. He was also very humorous and made sure that the class was never boring. He is also one of the few teachers that I would feel comfortable talking with one on one with serious topics, and he was always understanding. -Ayokanmi B.
I want to thank Mrs. De Vera for being a fantastic video production teacher. She makes the class 10 times more fun than it otherwise would be! The freedom she gives us to express ourselves creatively is better than I could ever imagine. GVTV has been a blast and I can't wait for next semester. Oh and congrats on the baby!! Thanks a lot!
-Brandon M.
Thank you to all the teachers who adapted to online learning to best teach us. Having to go online for a whole semester is already tough enough as a student, I can't imagine how tough it is for teachers, so thank you for everything you do, and still keeping the classroom a place of learning and fun!
-Ann B
Mr.Williamson is one of my favorite teachers on campus. He makes a very hard class fun with all of his jokes and his amazing sense of humor. He taught me to persevere and I cannot thank him enough for that. I am very sad that our year was cut short, but I will forever cherish all the fun memories I made in that class. -Aarian C.
I want to thank all of the teachers. Thank you for being understanding and doing your best to teach us online this year. I appreciate the hard work you put into online classes. I also want to thank all of my friends for being there for me.
-Makayla Z
Thank you Mr. Tice for being a fantastic coach and helping our team through this tough time. Without you it would be extremely difficult to get through the year, and the team would have almost certainly fallen apart. So for me and the whole team, thank you! -Nate G.
Miranda M.

I want to thank Mrs. Mann for being the best history teacher I've ever had. Being in her class is a challenge but never boring. She always brings a smile to my face with her jokes and stories. Mrs. Mann goes out and beyond when it comes to class activities like virtual museums and recorded lectures. Mrs. Mann thank you for being my teacher.
Thank you Ms. Mann for everything you do for your students! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into guaranteeing that everyone is being able to succeed. You always make sure there is something catered to everyone's needs. You are making this year so much enjoyable and manageable. Thank you so much for all your dedication and patience! -Cooper S.
Thank you Ms.Mann for making history a lot more engaging and exciting through this online setting. I appreciate your hard work, time, and effort you put into our lecture notes, assignments, and class lessons. I always look forward to attending class and learning new information about History and you never fail to make everyone's day better. Thank you a lot! Yael F.
Thank you so much to Evelyn Joo for everything she has done. She is the most supportive, kind, caring, funny person and has made quarantine enjoyable with her stories, company on FaceTime, and her laughter. It has been so hard not being able to see each other because of the pandemic but I’m so proud of us for pushing through this year and making the best of our senior year together.
- Peyton M.