Mr. Eaton made me realize my interest in math once again. He is so understanding and has helped me get through this insane online world of schooling. Thanks to him, I look at mathematics through a different lens; a lens where I can spur change in our world. You're the best Mr. Eaton!! Our AP Calc BC class of 10 students love everything you do for us! -Jasmine R.
Shoutout to Queen Novean for putting a huge smile on my facing early in the mornings. She's made AP Lit an enjoyable and comforting environment where I feel safe to speak. The occasional guest appearances from her cats are always a special surprise and never fails to put smiles on our faces. Thank you Mrs. Novean for helping me start my days on the right foot! -Jasmine R.
Mrs. Histed is a true gem on campus and in the lives of many. She is the foundation and heart of the ASB class and works so hard to push us in becoming the best versions of ourselves. I have grown so much under her leadership to lead my peers and community in a progressive direction. Thank you for paving the path to my success and many others, Mrs. Histed! You are the best. -Jasmine R.
I'm so proud of all of my students for keeping up the fight. To my current and former history babies, you are almost there... do your best this week. YOU GOT THIS.

<3 Ms. Mann
I would like to thank all of the staff members at GV for putting in so much hard work and dedication in order to provide for all of the students. Special thanks to Ms.Arrietta for always getting back to me, making sure that I understand everything that is going on. I really appreciate all that you have done, so I just wanted to express my gratitude on this wall for others to see. Thank you again!
I want to thank Ms. Mann for being such an amazing teacher. It's clear that she wants her students to succeed with all the hard work and effort she puts into her class. Her energy helps make history and learning more exciting and fun. I appreciate her efforts in making this year more enjoyable. Thank you so much, Ms. Mann!
- Kirsten M.
I want to write a message to Mrs. Haddad. Thank you so much for your hard work. You inspire each and every one of us to keep performing. The passion you have for your program and students is admirable, and I am so thankful to have a choir director who cares so deeply for our well being and success. I know under your guidance Vocal Arts will be able to accomplish anything. Thank you so much-Jalen A
I am grateful for Coach Wes and Coach Lonnie. I haven’t seen them in a long time, but I know that they’re working hard to give everybody an opportunity to succeed. Thank you for trying your best to prepare us for szn despite all of the things going on in the world right now. I miss you both and can't wait to get out there and compete again! <3
- celeste r.
Thank you Ms. Mann for being such a kind teacher. You truly care about your students and it’s obvious that you want us to succeed. Thank you for doing your best to make class exciting despite the circumstances we are in, it means so much. I know that all of your hard work is going to prepare us for the AP exam! You are such a special teacher, and I am so thankful to have you! <3
- celeste r.
I am so appreciative of Mr. Patey, who does his best to keep up a positive attitude. He is very kind to all of his students and always puts a smile on our face! I am thankful to have such a caring teacher whose top priority is to see us succeed. Thank you so much for making an effort to connect with us. Thank you so much Mr. Patey, you are one of my favorite teachers on campus!! <3
- celeste r.
Thank you to all the teachers for their flexibility and determination to provide a great learning experience even through current circumstances. Special thank you to Mr. Bunch for bringing joy to every class meeting (: -Gemelyn S.
Thank you to Ms. Mann who is easily the best history teacher I've ever had. She finds a way to make history, which has never been my favorite subject, intriguing and fun even though we're online. It's apparent how much work she puts into every class and every assignment to make them engaging and fun so that it's not just an average history class.
-Jakai Brock
I am very thankful for my past AP Biology teacher, Mr. WIlliamson. He was the first teacher that made me actually work hard for my grade, and I really appreciate that. He was also very humorous and made sure that the class was never boring. He is also one of the few teachers that I would feel comfortable talking with one on one with serious topics, and he was always understanding. -Ayokanmi B.
I want to thank Mrs. De Vera for being a fantastic video production teacher. She makes the class 10 times more fun than it otherwise would be! The freedom she gives us to express ourselves creatively is better than I could ever imagine. GVTV has been a blast and I can't wait for next semester. Oh and congrats on the baby!! Thanks a lot!
-Brandon M.
Thank you to all the teachers who adapted to online learning to best teach us. Having to go online for a whole semester is already tough enough as a student, I can't imagine how tough it is for teachers, so thank you for everything you do, and still keeping the classroom a place of learning and fun!
-Ann B
Mr.Williamson is one of my favorite teachers on campus. He makes a very hard class fun with all of his jokes and his amazing sense of humor. He taught me to persevere and I cannot thank him enough for that. I am very sad that our year was cut short, but I will forever cherish all the fun memories I made in that class. -Aarian C.
I want to thank all of the teachers. Thank you for being understanding and doing your best to teach us online this year. I appreciate the hard work you put into online classes. I also want to thank all of my friends for being there for me.
-Makayla Z
Thank you Mr. Tice for being a fantastic coach and helping our team through this tough time. Without you it would be extremely difficult to get through the year, and the team would have almost certainly fallen apart. So for me and the whole team, thank you! -Nate G.
Miranda M.

I want to thank Mrs. Mann for being the best history teacher I've ever had. Being in her class is a challenge but never boring. She always brings a smile to my face with her jokes and stories. Mrs. Mann goes out and beyond when it comes to class activities like virtual museums and recorded lectures. Mrs. Mann thank you for being my teacher.
Thank you Ms. Mann for everything you do for your students! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into guaranteeing that everyone is being able to succeed. You always make sure there is something catered to everyone's needs. You are making this year so much enjoyable and manageable. Thank you so much for all your dedication and patience! -Cooper S.
Thank you Ms.Mann for making history a lot more engaging and exciting through this online setting. I appreciate your hard work, time, and effort you put into our lecture notes, assignments, and class lessons. I always look forward to attending class and learning new information about History and you never fail to make everyone's day better. Thank you a lot! Yael F.
Thank you so much to Evelyn Joo for everything she has done. She is the most supportive, kind, caring, funny person and has made quarantine enjoyable with her stories, company on FaceTime, and her laughter. It has been so hard not being able to see each other because of the pandemic but I’m so proud of us for pushing through this year and making the best of our senior year together.
- Peyton M.
I’m grateful for all the staff members and how they are working hard to make this year the best it can be. I’m also especially grateful for all the coaches in marching band for keeping us involved and active so we still feel connected to the group, thank you!
Angelina Y.
I am thankful for my math teacher Mr. Patey. He has put extra effort into making this year an enjoyable experience. I look forward to attending his class every day. The way he relates to his students and takes the time to actually talk to us is much appreciated. He is certainly one of my favorite teachers and I am thankful to have him as my teacher.
I am thankful for all the students who are trying their best to be good students during this virtual learning. It is not easy and you are still persevering through it all!
I’m thankful for Charity Evans who has not only been a great friend but an amazing colleague as well. She goes above and beyond for people and does so with a smile on her face.
Thank you Mrs. Pratt for being such an amazing teacher! And thank you to Mr. Frias for being the leader we all need right now.
I am very grateful for the people that have been there for me... and my teachers for helping me for the better. And also my family!
Im grateful for my awesome teachers and counselors.

i'm thankful for what i have now because this is what i want. thank you to all my teachers, friends, family-- because of them i made it this far. thank you again.
Lets take this week off to spend time with families and friends. If your not sure what do during this quarantine , you should go out and help others in need.
I am grateful for the teachers at this school who put effort into their job and actually try to connect with their students.
I am grateful to have friends who help one another through this time and for the teachers for doing their job through this hard time
Im thankful for my health and being able to be in a safe environment. Im thankful for all the opportunities i get and being able to spend time with my family
I am thankful that I have still been able to get an education even through these tough times. I am also thankful for having kind and understanding teachers this year.
What i'm thankful is all my teachers pushing me and being by my side when i went through my tuff time. they were all there and telling me i can do it -- so thank you so much and giving me another chance to pass your class. thank you again-- you guys are the reason why i made it this far! thank you!
I hope your day shines today & that you have the best Thanksgiving Break.
I am thankful that I have a great family, and great teachers who care about me and not just the classroom.
I am thankful for my family and them being safe during the pandemic.
Thank you for the chromebook. Even though I have a computer at my mom's I don't have one at my dad's so thank you.
Thank you so much to all of my teachers this year! Even though you are getting used to online learning, you guys are still doing amazing at helping every student. Thank you guys for your hard work!
I am very grateful for the staff members, they are hard working and just great to talk to. They are the most amazing people to have and caring.
I am thankful for the understanding teachers that try their best to make the work load fair and take it easier on the students this year.
I am grateful for all of my teachers that have helped me throughout high school.
I am thankful for the teachers at Golden Valley, they are very understanding and kind.
I am thankful for my family.
I'm grateful for the education being provided.
I am thankful that the teachers make online learning as easy as possible
Thank You Mr. Leon for making the class fun and enjoyable, it gives me a spark of joy when we are in these hard times.
Thank you to my best friends who have given me endless support during hard times like these.
I am thankful for how patient and understanding my teachers are.
Thank you for all your hard work as teachers! You have always been a a foundation for us as students and you have continued to do so even in our current situation.
I want to thank all my teachers for being amazing this year! Even though online is different, it has been going really well because of all the teachers and the wonderful environment. I am thankful for Miss Smith and Miss Werts for being incredible teachers!!!
Thank you Mr.Flores for being positive and wishing the best for your students:)
Thank you to the entire staff of GV for making this virtual transition as smooth as possible!
Thank you to all the teachers and friends for helping us push through this crazy year.
I am thankful for all the teachers trying their best to help every student with this pandemic going on.
I am thankful for all of the amazing teachers, and kind students.
I'm thankful that no one I know has gotten sick during this pandemic
I am grateful for still being able to keep up my hobbies in quarantine (music, writing, ect.)
Thank you Mrs.Straka for being so understanding, and helping us with anything we need. You truly are the best teacher <3
Thank you to all my teachers for making online school better in their own unique way. I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful and blessed day <3!
I'm thankful for my counselor, she believed in me that I could make it when no one else did and I'm really thankful for that.
I am incredibly thankful for Ms. Straka because even though times are extremely rough right now, she makes a great effort to make sure we smile every single morning and that class is interesting for us! She helps us when we need it, and that is very appreciated at a time like this 🙂
Thank you to my cousin who face times me everyday so it feels like we have class together and thank you graduation who I am looking forward to.
One thing that has been positive this school year is that I don't have to look at a screen for more than 6 hours and the classes go by real quick.
I an thankful for this school year because we actually get school and we learned to adapt to this learning style and I cant wait to go back to school.
Thank you staff members.
Mrs. Richardson is an amazing teacher! She is very patient and goes above and beyond with her students.
Thankful for my family
I appreciate the school and the teachers that they have so much energy in order to put the virtual school together. Also really thankful for the teachers who have helped during this pandemic to make sure that we have all the material that we need and we are still learning.
Be the reason someone smiles today! 🙂
I just want to say thank you to Mrs. Richardson for being the best teacher I've ever had
Thank you Ms. Delgado for being an amazing teacher and making online school easy and fun for your students and being understanding ! Also STAY POSITIVE EVeRYONE WE ARE GONNA GET THROUGH THIS !!!
Stay positive throughout all the hard times, its worth it in the end. Don't give up.
Thank you teachers and staff for helping us get through this crazy year
Just remember, YOU ARE VALID!
Coach Bunch is the best!
There's a brighter side to everything, you just have to find it.
Thanks to my ninth grade English teachers for inspiring me to make something amazing.
Stay strong-- think positive.
I thank all my teachers for being so kind
Thank you Coach Jodi for always being so positive at practice and pushing us when you have to❤️
Always keep your head up, even if things seem hard
To all the teachers-- its hard to be a teacher in general... hard and worth it. Thank you all.
Thank you to my friends who helped me during the hard times during quarantine.
Thanks to all my friends 🙂 <3
Thank you Mrs. Varela for being an awesome teacher and supporting me throughout the year so far! Your class is amazing and I appreciate everything you do for the students!
Thank you to my friends who helped me stay motivated during this difficult time.
Thank you to all the teachers that help us students be the best versions of ourselves!
I am so proud of all my friends and the people who are getting through this.
Thanks for being the best teacher Mr. Durkee
Thank you Mr.Whalen for being a really cool teacher
Thank you teachers and staff for making this horrible 2020 a bit better with all your love thanks and god bless you
Thank you Mrs. Foster for everything you have done, And I want to thank you for helping us in class even it it is online.
Thank you to all teachers for never giving up on anyone and always being willing to help.
i want to thank my frineds for being there for me when i was at my lowest
Thank you all for being good teachers
Thank you to all the teachers for giving us an education even if its not in school.

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