Elizabeth H. is a very kind person and is always very kind to me. She helps me a lot in school and I really appreciate that from her.
Ellie K. is very nice and a good friend
samantha d is a very nice and funny person

I want to thank Lexi for being a positive and happy friend and just being herself.
Ally M. Is very nice and is a really good friend.
Molly Boenig is a really good friend and is super nice
I would like to thank Sam Rogers for being SO nice.
I would like to thank Mrs. Conner for being such a great teacher and I always feel safe in her classroom and it's like a family.
I want to point out neha, i look up to her.
I would like to thank Miss Williams because she is such a great teacher and makes science class really really fun!
Alexandra G. is so hilarious and kind to everyone and is a really great friend to me!
I WANT TO SEND AN EPIC GAMER MOMENT TO TANNER B CAUSE HE IS EPIC GAMER, He is also a very good friend who helps me with everything
thank you to will for always being a good friend and for helping me in math

I want to thank Evalina for being a nice friend even if she goes crazy sometimes
Yo thanks Cody Smith Alex P Jacob H Arturo H Aiden B for being great friends Zachary B Shresth S Adrian D for being great friends -Mark Mays
I want to thank Jewelle for being the bestest friend i could ever have~Bestie
I want to thank Nancy L. for always helping me carry my stuff and always being a caring friend.
I would like to shout out sovie nance because she is a wonderful person she is kind helpful supportive and always there for everyone you are the bomb to my pop:)
Love you Acquaintance
love Bridget.
I would like to give a shoutout to Lauren M for making me almost suffocate of laughter in band.
Adrian K. You are have an uplifting influence!
Cooper is in my first period and he always makes me laugh. Cooper loves when you call him Copper.
Thank you, Jackson, for giving me a shoutout and being my math buddy.
- Dill 🥒
Van Erwin invites me to more things than anybody and we talk every day and he is really nice to me we are like brothers.
Parker V. is a really good friend to me he invites me to lot of things and he is nice
Wyatt C., is a great friend and has always been here for me.
Dear Daniel Marcano,
You are one of the greatest friends ever. You always make me laugh and smile. You're amazing and you should know that.
I would like to thank Mrs. Burke for being positive at all times even when its not the best day!

Hi Ms. Zumbach!!!!!!!! You're the coolest cat in the jungle.

From Your FAVOURITE ela stud

Sophie ChewBacca
Dillon G. he is my math buddy and he helps me on lots of things. We also are partners whenever we can be them.
Thank you Alex M. for being my best friend since kinder. You are a great friend! You are so sweet!
I want to thank Trishna U. for always being there for me when I need her the most. She is an amazing friend.
Thank you Ms.Washington! Even though you are sarcastic every day we still think you're pretty great!


Sameena W. is very nice to me and makes me laugh all the time
https://youuplift.com/four-points-middle-form/ thank you for helping others be kind and making them happy
I would like to thank Mrs. Hanna For being the most awsome Teacher Ever! im glad that she teaches us new things everyday!
jadon is always nice and funny
I would like to shout out Mrs.Burke, as she has made everyone around her happy!
thank you to my teachers for keeping me positive all day!
-Ben Evans
I want to give an epic Gamer Moment to Tanner B cause he is a good friend
Sameena W. for being a good friend and helping me.
Brooke B, Lo H, Trishna U, Marissa L---> y'all are awesome mini science teachers!
I would like to say thank you to Mr. Kronk for being such a nice teacher and helping me to be a successful student and for being so nice to me and all of the 2nd period. He is super nice and is a great role model to the teachers and the school. He is always super helpful and is super kind to the class. Every day I wake up I look forward to social studies because of Mr. Kronk!
I would like to thank Eli for being a good friend and making me laugh 😀
I would like to thank Emily P. for always Making me laugh. She is an amazing friend. Thanks Gurl!!!!!!!
Thank you, Bodhi for helping me calm down in math class🙉
I would like to thank Ava B. for being a great friend and always makes me laugh.
I want to thank Sara W. because she is always positive and brightens my day. She makes me feel better when I'm upset and has a purpose for everything. Thank You!!!
I would like to give a shout out to Marie for being funny, kind, AWESOME, Freind you're amazing -Makayla oh and by the way, I said I was going to give you candy so I will tomorrow
I am giving a shout out to Abby M. because she is always very funny and kind and she brightens my day.
- Dr. Isabel
jadon is the best ever is so nice and epic!Jadon deserves the nobel prize
I would like to thank Bodhi G. For being nice and funny to give school enjoyment.

Thank you Marissa and Trishna for cleaning my room EVERYDAY after 9th period. Y'all are rockstars! <3 Miss Williams
Thank you, friends, for helping me through hardSHIPS if ya get what I mean!
-Mad Hatter
Thank you to Ms. Moreland's 9th period AVID class! Your participation and behavior was awesome for the library practicum student and her UT supervisor. I appreciate all of you!
shoutout to ms weston!
she cares and listens to every student in choir and puts so much effort into what she does. she has made a difference in so many people’s lives because she does so much for the choir at fpms
I would like to compliment Mrs.Barstow for being an amazing teacher! I’m always excited to do the assignments in class because she makes learning so fun!
Every body is a good person on the inside they just need to find that goodness and use it for others.

I accidentally dropped my book, and my friend Antonella helped me pick it up. And she's a great friend!
Mierage always help me with my works or homework and she is a great friend thank you for all Mierage
when I was upset Rachel Y. came over and helped me and I really appreciated it and also she talked with me through it and got me someone to talk to about my feeling and she didn't have to do that she just did it because she was soooooo nice.
i want to thank Natalie D. for always being there for me when i need her. just seeing her in the mornings makes my day and i really appreciate her being a great friend to me.
Jaxon - thank you so much for helping me last week move my sample boxes. You are such a kind, sweet, helpful young man.
Love, Mom
Thank you to Mrs. Burke for being an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher, as well as an excellent communicator. I so appreciate your taking the time to answer my emails with kind and thoughtful reassurance and stoking my child's love of math!
Congrats to the FPMS Majestics Competition team on all their hard work and dedication! Winning “Best in Class” is a great achievement! Way to go girls! Special thanks to coach Mabry for all she does. You are much appreciated.
Dear Layali,
Why are you so amazing?! You are so kind and smart and funny. Everyone loves you. Even if you don't think so. And if someone is mean to you it is because you are so beautiful and amazing that they are so jealous of you that they have to be mean. I will always be your friend no matter what.
~You secret friend😜💖
This is to Samar because she is a great friend and she always helps me out. She is the best person in the world and she is always kind to everyone!!!! She is smart, funny, kind, and just amazing! I want her to know that she is the best and that I want to be like her. Samar you are the best person I could ever ask for. I hope we are friends till the day I die. You are so kind. You are the best!
I want to thank Amberley D. for Helping me with everything and helping me by being my friend
Naa is a great friend and always helps me out.
I want to thank Tessa R. and Sam R. because they are the best and funny
I would like to send a message to Wesley J. and thank him for being such an amazing and supportive friend.
I want to thank Kent S., for being a great friend.
I want to thank Sophiann D. for being such a great person and being so kind to me.
I would like to say Thank You to Kenna because she walks with me to my 9th-period class.
Thank you, Coach Bridgewaters, Davies, Sulak, and Scott, for making me stronger and faster.
I want to send a thank you to Sophieanne because since I'm on crutches she held the door open for me.
i want to send a thank you to norr in 6th grade because she is my friend and helps me when i don't get things in class.
I want to shout out Francisco A. for helping me with band.

I want to send a thank you to Alaina H. and Avery F. for standing up for me and helping me with anything I need help on.
I want to recognize Elli M. she is always so nice, and always helps me feel happy when I'm annoyed or upset, so thank you! ilysm!
I want to give a thank you to Alissa D. for watching my things in the hallway when I have to go to do something.
I wanted to thank Jake K. for helping me get my stuff and help me with Imagine math in APS and he is kind of funny
Indie is such a good friend, she is always there for people when they are sad. When people are being mean, she always stands up for the victim.
Emre A. Is doing a great job in playing a symphonic percussion ensemble.
thank you Blake,Conor and Sam for being amazing friends and always having my back
Natalie Schuller : came to Majestic's competition and stayed the entire time supporting the team.
Landon Von Stroh has helped me with my math homework when I needed help understanding it.
I would like to thank Kayla for being like a sister to me always making a sad day happy!
coach bridgewaters is really nice
Karsten L. is happy and helped me with my math homework.
Colton W. has always been there for me and has helped me thou hard times and with my grades.
cole h. because he is very smart and funny and always helps me whenever i need help on homework.
Ms. Conner has helped me through lots of bumps in my language arts class. I used to do terrible on comprehension quizzes, but now that I have her she has helped me with those weaknesses and make them strengths so I want to send a big THANK YOU MS.CONNER!
Mrs. Gonzales is so fun and she is always makes band super fun. Love ya!
I'd like to thank Cole H., Samantha D., Sydney O., and Landon C. for all helping me out with classes and managing time. On top of that they are very kind.
Thank you, Mario Z. for helping me throughout 1st through 6th grade. Without you, I don't think I would be able to make it this far.
I thank Parker A. for keeping his stuff at his desk while I was doing the same. Generally he is a nice person.
Michael V. is a great, and uplifting friend. He always make you feel comfortable, and has a great sense of humor.
I want send a thank you to Kayla N. for being a good friend to me and always being caring and supporting to others.