What makes a good personality is being kind, brave , honest, responsible, generous, trustworthy...
NEVER ever be rude to someone until you hear their story.
My friends are amazing they brighten me when I feel sad they help me when I need them.I hope that I'll always be there for them and and they will always be there for me through out all these Years.
i am so great full for everyone who has done everything they possibly could to make me feel welcome !
Don't give up on yourself someone loves you whether you know it or not. Just In case someone needed that. 🙂
All my friends are amazing. They all are funny, have a good personality and they are overall good friends
I miss making jokes with my friends.
being unique is what makes u. YOU
RUBY Arenivar is a good friend and great person and fun tot alk to in the morning lol
Yair, very nice and kind towards others you are a very nice person one of the nicest people I have ever meet and my best friend.
Samuel, you are my best friend you always brighten up my day, and your always making me laugh don't let no one bring you down
Camille Queen. You're a special person you don't realize how you help tons of people like me you helped me so many different times. {your best friend}
I miss my friends Zach, Ethan, and Haden
Thank you Immanuel for holding the door open for others.
One Kind word can change someone's entire day.
Students of EMS: You have taken all of the changes and challenges of this year in stride. You are the reason why we do what we do. Stay Awesome.
no matter how THIN or Fat you are, your perfect just the way you are. just incase someone needed it
You are unique.
Miley P. Your an amazing person inside and out keep doing what you do! Your an amazing friend! ????
akeylah. this is just a special shoutout to you keep your head up no matter what-lexi c
Be kind, Be generous, Be smart, Be positive, and be awesome.

You never know if someones planning on being here tomorrow so be nice.
You are perfect the way you are!!! Keep smiling
Miley P. - You are not afraid of hard work! You’re always giving 110% with a bright smile on your face!
Amy G. Your smile and positive attitude is amazing!! Keep smiling!
Kaiden B. you’re so witty and you always make me laugh! Keep ballin’ 🏀

THANKS! to the officer that gave me stickers

A huge thank you to the custodians that work after hours and pick up after us! Stephanie Moreno, you are such a good friend, you lift me up when I’m down or when I need someone to talk to your there for me.
Thank you all that you do for our kids.
You are appreciated. To each and every one of you.
Alexia Marquez is the best friend to ever have.
Layla, you're such a kind student and a good friend to your peers. Keep up the good work!
Thank you to all the teachers at EMS, you are working hard and it does not go unnoticed!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Dolen for considering to bring the YouUplift Kindness Wall to Eisenhower Middle School!

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