Congratulations to Will Wiskus for breaking the record in JH shot.
Congratulations to Kenzie Barnhart for placing 10th at conference golf.
Students, look back over your shoulder. What you see is your past. Now look straight ahead of you. This is your future. Remember, you past does not define you. Keep looking forward.
Keep up the good work Ed-co baseball
Thank you, Mrs. Giesmann for taking us to the sophomore career fair. We had a great time!
Happy almost birthday Kallyn!
"Why be content to crawl when you can soar?" Helen Keller
Congratulations to Keegan Hansel & Harrison Underwood for your amazing work you've done with the EFD! You are excellent representatives of Ed-Co!
Good luck at conference Parker!!!!
Happy teacher appreciation week to Mrs. Lange for being such an amazing math teacher.
Thank you Emma Lange for all your help and hard work to help our grade be successful 🙂
Congratulations to Kody Hoeger and Jack Wiskus for recieving 1st team all-conference for Tri-Rivers West in golf and to Korey Putz for receiving 2nd team all-conference.
Even though we may argue, I still love you. Lets do something fun after school carrie.
To do more for the world than the world does for you -- that is success.

- Henry Ford
Remember that you are the main character in your life.... so act like it!
The girls golf team had a phenomenal season! Congrats!! 💪🏼💛🖤
Congratulations to the JH boys 4x200 team of Pryce R., Mason B., Mason S., and Noah M. for breaking the JH record in that event.
Congratulations to Pryce Rochford for breaking the JH boys track record in the open 100.
Ed-Co Baseball had a GREAT first day of practice Monday - 14 more practices before we open @ Starmont.

Dominate the Day!!
Mrs. Bond's students are the best! Thank you for bringing sunshine into my life.
Hey Abby hope you're having a great day!!
Thank You Mrs. Giesemann for all that you do for Ed-Co!!!!!
We got this!! Class 2021
Thank You To Every teacher who has helped me become better than I ever have.
Thank you Keeley Bakey for lending money for me too have a mask.
Thank you Mrs. Anderson for helping me with my problems.
Thank you Mr. Calderwood for letting me enjoy what I like to do most Singing.
Thank you for every thing you have done for me since I was 2 years old Carrie.
Boys and Girls Golf are both rolling! Keep it up!
Congrats to Student of the Week Owen Micheals!
Thank you teachers for your hard work!
Thank you to our teachers for putting up with us.
Congrats to Alex on her senior golf season. Come support her on May 17.
Aspen and Emma are super nice and friendly today!
Congratulations on the 1st Place Finish and new School Record time of 1:03.81 for the Boys Shuttle Hurdle team last night at the MFL MarMac Invite. Team of X, Cam, Q, and Keegan ! Way to go fellas!!
Awesome job to the boys golfers yesterday!
Don't forget to tell your mother that you love her!
Good luck at testing for the rest of the week
The donuts are tasty today 😋
Remember to smile today 🙂
Happy Monday Everyone! Make it a GREAT week!
Way to go on your 1st place 100 meter finish at Cascade Parker!
Check out our Ed-Co Alumni Spotlight with Luke Brady! Ed-Co students can choose their path!
2 cool 4 skool😘✌️
Everyone have a great day!!
Ellie Bockenstedt killed her open 800 🤩
Let’s finish this year out strong!
Hey Ed-Co students! Do your best on the tests!
Hey Ed-Co! Let's do our best on the ISASP tests!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Mr. Kleis for bringing the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Edgewood-Colesburg High School!

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