Heidi Haskins is very helpful and kind to others. Thanks for being you!
Evelyn always works hard to do the best she can 🐯😊😊🌸🌸

Bailey is awesome! And my best friend! From Elly
Landree Meeks is the best, and really good at volleyball 🏐
Rebekah Douglass is an awesome friend ans is always willing to help! πŸ™‚

We are Douglas Middle School and we want to be kind and loving to everyone.
-Because We Care
Happy Christmas!!!
Rhonda in the office is so sweet and I love seeing her every day with a big smile on her face when she sees me!
Sayde Green is really good at the saxophone and brightens your day!!πŸ˜€
Macey Engle is one of the best soccer players
Lady I wish you the best of luck and all the happiness in the world
Kenzie Deschenes is the best! She always makes me smile and makes my day.
Kayley is always there for people and never lets anyone down
Lily hill has been my bff for 3 years. She has allway been there for me.
-Abbigail Gregory
Kiele Wall

She was very kind and brought me a Christmas present.
Matt keyser and Zander Vollman r good friends
Matthew Kayser is a very nice and kind person. He always makes me laugh.
Matt keyser and Zander Vollman r good friends
Haley is one of the most trustful person
Blake Farrar stood up to someone
Rhonda is the best- She understands everything you say and is always friendly!
Miles is the best!
DMS Bands had a great concert last night!!
Ilia is an amazing friend! Keep your star shining Brotha!
Brooke Willson is a caring person and will brighten your day up.
Crimson is the one of nicest people i know.
Cheyenne is bomb. She is nice, caring, pretty, a daredevil, fun, funny, and very kind.
Haley Harford is always so encouraging and positive, even when the odds are stacked against her. Keep being you, sister!
Ilia is awesome! She cares for her friends, she is funny, and goofy πŸ˜›
Miss. Casy is my favorite teacher. She is makes teaching fun. And she makes every day fun
Cash Tillard and Miles Chapman led the group to move a heavy cabinet yesterday for Mrs. Garza.
Lady is very kind and caring to all her friends.She helps when ever someone is down.
Destiny is always smiling and also looks on the bright side.

Destiny is always smiling and also looks on the bright side.

Diem is always so kind and energetic and can always make me laugh.
Tru is always making sure her friends eat and are ok
Big thanks to Mrs. Cross for all her help during class!
Mrs. Butler's cookies were delicious!
Maggie Booth is one of the sweetest students she is helping her fellow classmates with assignments. She looks for ways to share her talents to help others. She makes really beautiful unicorns!
Izaac Moore always makes sure that his friends know that he cares about their well-being!
Kindness Matters at Douglas Middle School!
Mrs. Pearson is my favorite teacher. I know whe cares about me because even when I do not get it, she keeps trying until I do.
We LOVE Douglas Middle School!
Thank you for bringing the "You Uplift" Platform to Douglas Middle School!