I love seeing the kindness from the kids in Miss Albee's class. They really look out for each other!
I have been so impressed with the good behaviors in Mr. Blackburn's 2nd grade class...Great job!!
Thank you, Anorah and Gabe, for helping with clean-up each day after reading group!
I very much appreciate the 3rd grade team and their willingness to jump in when needed. They truly helped make a stressful week easier.
Keep up The good work Dayton pirates

Thank you Freya for doing such a great job in music!
Love, Mrs.Wilson

Hooray! Fourth graders from room 5 are finished with state testing! Way to go!
Congratulations Mrs. V's fifth graders! You have finished ALOT of state testing! You rock!
Thank you to the amazing Mr. Bixler for keeping the internet running throughout the district and stepping in to assist teachers daily! We appreciate you and your willingness to make time to support our students!
Thank you to Fallon and Zach B. for always being there to help during lunch service. I appreciate both of you so much
Lunch Lady Land would not be the same without you
xoxo Norma.
It warms my heart to see Mr.Kemper mentoring Noah (Rm 10) in the mornings. Mr. Kemper goes above and beyond to keep our school running smoothly and help our students.
Miss Bales-Your substitute lesson plans were AWESOME! Thank you!
Damian, thank you for sharing in class. You are an incredible young man!
Thank you to all the contributors for all of the fun and delicious treats last week for Teacher Appreciation Week. DGS is filled with amazing educators!
A huge thank you to all of the staff that changed their schedules and canceled groups to cover absences in priority areas for student supervision and safety. You are appreciated!
Happy Nurses' Appreciation Week! Our Nurse Jen is wonderful! We are grateful to have her to take care of us.
You all have done a wonderful job during the last years…always positive and always having the kids at heart. You are appreciated ❤️
Thank you Renata, Tyce, Ethan, Hugh and America for an outstanding job with the daily announcements! You have shown that you have super leadership skills! Mrs. Sanders is very proud of you!
Mr.Claxton is an amazing teacher, he has taught my son so much throughout the year! Adriel loves having him. Math is his favorite subject to work on in class.
Freya is doing a super job being patient! Mrs. Sanders is very proud of her!
Our lunch ladies are the best! We are so lucky to have Sheri, Sherri, Mary Lou, and Norma. Thank you for all you do!
Thank you Mrs. Patt for your work on the Wellness Program! We appreciate your willingness to support staff positively!
Thank you Mrs. Button for your continual support to students and for jumping in to assist throughout the building. You are appreciated!!

Thank you to Kari Sanders for being such an amazing advocate and support for the students! And for being such a phenomenal site supervisor.
Jose', Montce and Gracie did such a great job in the assembly! Thank you to Mrs. Hill for planning such a fun time!
We loved watching Gracie, Montce and Jose' dance with the Aztec Dancers on Friday!
Mrs. Mack has been amazing as a teacher. My daughter loves being in her class. Thank you for all of your hard work, caring and kindness. I know you work evenings just to make sure our questions are answered promptly. Thank you!
Huge shout to the office staff. They always have the answers and always respond to emails so quickly. Thank you for being the face of DGS!
Victoria Garcia, the work you do with students doesn't go unnoticed. Thank you!
Thankful for Norah’s help with keeping our crosswalks beautiful.
A big thank you for Miss Nancy and Miss
Maria’s class for being so kind today!!!
All educators (licensed, classified and admin) deserve a huge shout! Working in education is difficult in a normal year and I can't imagine the extra work, stress and pressure that has been placed on everyone during COVID. Thank you for keeping our kids safe and for giving then a second home. You are making a difference in the lives of the next generation. Thank you!
So thankful for Tonya Hill and Elyce Schilling for helping to coordinate schedules. You are so very appreciated!!
Dana, you are doing an amazing job! You show staff and students how much you truly care! Keep up the great work!
Brooklynn and Elena,
You are remarkable teachers! Thanks for all your help with the littles this year!
A BIG THANK YOU to the secret fairy that leaves little gifts in the teachers’ mailboxes. You always make my heart smile!
Thank you to all the staff for always caring for our children.
Mrs. Hauck,
Thanks for riding the bus with me!🚌
Congratulations Room 5 Third Graders!
You did an awesome job on the state test!
Mrs Shaffer,
Thank you for planning the teachers’ Friday lunches. They are always delicious and it is fun to eat with friends!
Mrs. Sanders,
Thanks for reminding us to always be kind, while always being kind!
Mrs. Osburn,
thanks for always helping the room 5 kids check out books! We love those books!
Thank you to Ms. Patt for everything you done to help and support Kennedy over the last 2 years💗We love you!
I just want to say that I appreciate Mrs. Putman, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Symons Mr. Brooks, Mrs. Vuylsteke and Mrs Button. They work with Kollyn everyday and do an excellent job of it. I value them all sooo much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thanks to the parent club for making the teachers feel so special during Teacher Appreciation Week!

Your kindness is so appreciated!

Thank you to my music leadership students for helping tye shoelaces, giving out bandaides, being a friend, and singing along with my kingergarten and first grade classes. You are all awesome! Thank you Tyce, Jennifer, Alley, Johanna, Brooke, and Ethan!
I love my colleagues; everyone is so dedicated!
Thank you Mrs. Babcock for your help and support to ensure all kids have what they need to learn and grow!
Thank you Mr. Brooks for supporting all the DGS kiddos and for being everywhere there is a need! We appreciate you!
Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!! We love you!

Happy Principal’s Day Mrs. Symons! We appreciate all you do for us! ❤️
The students in Mrs. Babcock’s second grade class are amazing artists! I’m so glad I got to see your work today.
-Mrs. Symons
Los estudiantes de segundo grado en la clase de la Sra. Babcock son artistas increíbles. Me alegro de haber podido ver tu arte hoy.
-Sra. Symons
All the 5th grade students in Room 21 are doing an awesome job on state testing!
A BIG "thank you" to Mrs. Putman, Mrs. Young and Mrs. Blackburn! You are amazing and we appreciate all you do for us!
Gracie says “THANK YOU” to Mrs. Young, Mrs. Putman, Mrs. Blackburn for puppy sitting while mom was recording announcements!!
I am so proud of your effort during the Pirate Walk! I can't wait to see how much money we earned and who will have run the most laps in each grade level. I will be getting my goggles ready for some lucky runners to make me into a human sundae!

Congratulations to the winners of the coloring contest!
Kindergarten - Aliayah A. and Mia W.
1st - 3rd grades - Maritsa N-A, Hannah C, and Eliana C.
4-5th grades - Karla C., America H., and Naomi C.

We are so proud of you!
A big shout out to Orrin, Jennifer, Aspen, America, Renata, Ethan, and Delaney who turned in Earth Dau Poems last week in Music. Mrs. Wilson is proud of you!
Melissa, Leslie and Solana:
You are the best secretaries in the world!!!
Thank you to Mrs. Oace for her hard work and dedication to keeping everyone healthy and supported! A HUGE shout-out for your overwhelming work over the last 2 years during the pandemic!
Thank you to Mrs. Young, Mrs. Putman and Mrs. Blackburn for their constant support in the office for students, families and staff! You are all rockstars and we couldn't do it without you!
TO Room 16 You are an amazing class and bring great joy to Mrs. Wilkinson.
First graders-Fame and Colum were both looking out for friends and each other at recess. Both received pieces of 8.
Tucker, Bryce, and Parker were very kind to each other at first grade recess. All got pieces of 8. Good job!!
Great job Logan, Alexis, Tanner, Allison and Sophia on the morning announcements! Your leadership skills are shining through for all the school to see! Keep up the SUPER work!
Thank you to Mrs. Sweet for her willingness to learn new things and help students in class! She is amazing!
Thank you to Logan Munro for stepping up and helping out a classmate who was absent. You did a fabulous day on the Tuesday announcements!
A HUGE 'Thank You' to Ms. Sanders and staff for bringing the YOU UPLIFT Kindness Wall to Dayton Grade School!
Go Pirates!
Phone App Install Feature
Currently, YouUplift does not have an app located in the App Store. However, the following link provides simple instructions on how to easily turn your Kindness eWall into a homepage app for any mobile device: Phone App Install Instructions
(Great tech assignment for students!)
Website Embed Feature
This feature provides your Tech Team with a simple line of code that would allow you to embed your Rotating Display of Positive Messages into your school website, so that visitors can instantly see your messages.
Social Media Share Feature
This feature places Social Media Share Buttons on your entire Kindness e-Wall webpage or just on your Rotating Display only – whichever you prefer.
Yes! There are no Sign-Ups and no Log-Ins required in order to participate, as we collect no data or information of any kind. The platform is currently being used by large and small school systems throughout the country in almost all 50 states, and it has passed 100% of all school privacy regulations to date.
Yes! You can have all messages sent to as many faculty email inboxes as you’d like for Approval, and we can change or add to this list at any time.
Yes! Many of our schools do this, because if your students take to it – then the messages can begin to overflow your school email inbox at times. Not only will a separate gmail account prevent this from happening, but you can also make it accessible to all faculty members if you choose to.
You can either cast your Kindness Wall link from any internet device to any TV monitor via a chromecast or Apple TV device, or you can place your Kindness Wall link into the browser of any Smart TV that displays the internet browser. After doing either of these, then you can simply click the FULL SCREEN MODE button on your Kindness Wall, and your Rotating Display of Approved Messages will scroll non-stop and will update itself with newly Approved messages every 10 minutes.
Yes! You can edit the text of any message before Approving it. In addition, if you’d like to keep a message but would like to remove an included image… or if you’d like to keep an image and remove the text, then you can do this before Approving the message. Your Rotating Display will only display exactly what you choose to make visible.
If you still have the original email that the message came in on, then you can return to that email and access the Approval Page for that message and click the Delete button. This will override your initial Approval. If you do not still have the original email that the message came in on, then just copy/paste the message to us, and we can jump in the back office and remove it for you – no problem!
We can provide your Tech Team with a simple line of code that will allow them to embed your Rotating Display of Approved Messages onto your school website, so that they are visibly scrolling whenever anyone comes to your site.
The schools with the highest participation are those that provide their students with 5-10 minutes a week (during Homeroom, Character Education type classes, or classroom downtime) to use the Platform to submit positive messages about one another. They will then display their Rotating Display of Approved messages via classroom Smart Boards during Homeroom or will have a TV monitor in their cafeteria or commons area where all of their Approved Messages are scrolling all day long for everyone to enjoy.
The system is set to display the 100 most recently Approved messages, as older messages start falling out of the rotation in order to make room for the newer messages. However, we can increase or decrease this number to be whatever you’d like it to be.
Your subscription includes an unlimited number of messages and an unlimited number of displays for everyone in your school for the entire length of your subscription.
Yes and No. Your Kindness Wall is a web app, but it is not located in an App store. However, this link shows you how you can easily turn your Kindness Wall into an app for any android or apple device: Phone Web App Instructions