La'Nasia is a good friend.
Jesus I think your a really good friend
Cody you are a good and funny friend and you will always help a friend in need
De'Royal you are a good friend I feel like I can talk to you when I'm sad I can tell you everything
Ariyah is nice
John you are the tallest kid I know. I am sure you are going to be dunking on NBA stars all around the world.
William you are my brother you are nice and kind to me and you care about people
Darrik is the best friend ever
Byron, you are the best and you are my best friend
You have so many amazing qualities. Thanks for being a helpful friend.
Thanks for being so kind to everyone. Youare a good friend.
nyaire you are the best person ever
Darrik you are smart and a good friend πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜Ž
Chis you are funny you always tell us you are having a bad day so i hope you have a good day.
My angel you are a great person and you are so funny and trustworthy and you are a great friend .
Destiny lewis is a very nice , loving, and caring person when somebody is hurt she always asks what´s wrong😘😜
Dear darrick,william,myangle,and jeuse you guy are some of my best friends
Cayden and Elijah you two are the nicest. Elijah I like your drawings. And Cayden you are so nice.
Devin, you are very good at sports
Cody is a nice and hard working man who all was gets his work done.
myangel is nice
Laniya you are my best friend and we like to play together on Xbox.
Chris is a good friend and person!
CODY you are a good friend i hope we are still friends in the 6th grade
CODY you are a good friend : ]
CHRIS you are an outstanding friend in are group
CODY hope you have a good day and weekend and a good day just have fun man.
ZAY hope you have a good weekend have fun man.
ANTHONY you are a good friend hope you are happy dod.
Athena, you are an amazing friend and you're always getting your work done thanks for being my friend.
Ur smart and a good friend.

Thanks for being a gr8 friend.

Welcome to David Hill. We are so glad you are here.

Emmanuel, You did a great job today. Thanks for working hard.
CODY you are a good friend hope you have a good day.
You are a great student and a good friend.
Thank you for working so hard today.
Aaron is kind, he responsible, and he is a great friend
Mrs.Ripley you were my 3rd grader teacher and bday twin you showed so much love to me even when I had caught a attiude .
For Ben, People may knock you down, People may hate you, But you are you, you are an outstanding student!
ny'aire is a trust worthy kind friend .
CODY have a nice day.
Kaden Smith is cool,kind,caring and trustworthy.
Kaden Smith is cool,kind,caring and trustworthy.
Aanijah springfield you good at basketball and smart
coach you are the best coach in the world keep it up.
Dear Jaidah Baker, you are an awesome friend you make me happy no matter what. Jaidah we can always trust you.
Byron you are good at math multiplication
Cayden you were my best friend in four you are my best friend.
BRYCE Hope you have a good day at school. I know that you're good at math and at reading and you always know what to do Hope you can get all your work done.
EMANUEL you Are a good friend and you always help me with my work. I am happy that you have good grades and Good days at school πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hope you have a good time at school Hope that You can get all your work done so you can have some free time
Robyn Williams you are a good friend β€β€β€β€πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
Laniya you are my best friend i would never have another bff like you. you are so funny. I know I can come to you if anything was wrong you help me with my work. ????????????????
Shalaya Mosley you are very smart β€β€πŸ’•
La'Nasia Griggs is my best friend i want to her house she is nice to me we are good friends, She is nice to me. she give stuff when i have nothing
MyΒ΄angel Brewster is my best friend forever she is nice and kind to new people that come to our school.
HUNTER YOST you can de so helpful and so nice some times and a good friend too.
Heaven you are my friend you make me laugh.πŸ˜†
McKenna, you are so nice when I talk to you when we went to the same school.????????????????????????????????????????????
Paola Mejia Valasquez is a nice friend
Thais is a good friend and she is smart, funny, and she is honest and loving, and a super happy friend.
Darrik Rckley you are a good boy and a good friend😜😜✌✌😜✌
Ariyah Antoine is a nice kind person she is nice to all the new kids.
william is my friend
Makayla harper i like your hair.
Elijah Williams is very smart and he does not like it when people fight. He does not appreciate bad kids and he comes to school to learn everyday Elijah is my friend ????????????????
JESUS you have helped around the room and other people have a good day.
john isom I think you are a great dancer
Aaron Houze is a very loving person he becomes friends with every body he never get in trouble and he is always respectful to everyone.
nariyah bruster is a cool and nice friend
CARTEL i thank you for standing up to others
Athena is very very smart and good at art like me..

La'Nasia you always goin to be in are trio besties group because you care for us #Love you bestie
Anthony Humpries You are smart.
shwe is a hardworking and a good friend
Aanijah Springfield is very helpful towards the students and the teachers. she is also a great listener and when somebody is hurt she always helps them.
Destiny Lewis your cool,competitive and hard working.
Garland Murkins you are a good friend and more.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
benjerman you are the best kid ever
Raydell is a good kid.😎😎😎
kaden smith is kind because when we were was playing basketball and i fell and he helped me up
Destiny Lister always remember your special.
Sa'lisa is a good friend
Devin Pride is cool,kind,and caring, trustworthy.
To Ra'meir, People will be mean, People will be rude, People will try to bring you down, but you have to try your best no matter what continue doing a great job.
Riley Mitchell is a good kid and he does do his work and he's a cool friend

Isaiah you are smart
Zayvion Jones is very kind and he picks people up when they are down.
NyΒ΄aire brock is the best basketball player i know
CODY PUTMEN hope you have a good time today ????????????
CODY you are a true frende hope you have an A+ on your report card πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
JEION you are good at math πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
I want to thank some of our AMAZING FIFTH GRADE students who are responsible and ready to learn! You know who you are, and WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!
Zaire Noel is a kind and caring person to other students.
Thank you for always being kind to everyone.
Kamaria Lewis is kind because she encourages people.
Paola Valasquez You are very outspoken and kind that's why I like you. Love ya.
Cayden Crown your one of the best people I know to this day that have a working heart.

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