"Remember you are the one who can fill the world with sunshine!" - Walt Disney
Mrs. Hodskins is a great teacher she makes me laugh and she's very kind. She's the best teacher I have ever had.
It is a great day to have a great day! 🙂
"Every moment is a fresh beginning." - T.S. Elliot
Mrs.Hodskins is super kind and the best the teacher in the world because she helps me when I am stuck with math.
Congratulations Mrs. Fulkerson! We are excited to see your new little one!
Thank you for making your students feel like your family!
~Very Thankful CHES Parents
Mrs. Heady is always kind and always shares good news!
Mrs. Buntin is so nice. When you need help, she is always there. That's why she is a leader.
I love how the nice lunch ladies make such good food! They are leaders - keep up the hard work!
Mrs. Boles is an awesome teacher and makes sure that my class understands what we are doing in the best possible way! Thanks Mrs.Boles, you are awesome! We love you!
"The time is always right to do what is right." - Martin Luther King Jr.
Mrs. Maria has been working two jobs and is a rock-star! What a great person we have here, loving our school!
Mrs. Westerfield’s class showed EXTRAORDINARY manners in the Media Center. Their gifts of “please, thank you and you’re welcome” are small ways to spread kindness that make their friends and teachers feel loved and appreciated.
Ms. Nally makes everything fun. She is such a good teacher and she helps the school so much. She is nice, funny, enthusiastic, funny, funny, funny, nice, funny, and much, much more. Ms. Nally is such a good part of our school.
Mrs.Howard makes fourth grade the best it could possibly be. She is so nice and funny and just a great teacher. I love how I am one of Mrs. Howard's students.
The THIRD Grade Leaders of the Month for December
Mrs. Holmes - Julianna G.
Mrs. Hodskins - Kable H.
Ms. Griffin - Amelia B.

"Knowing what's right doesn't mean much unless you do what's right." Theodore Roosevelt
The December Leader of the Month
Mrs. McIntire - Murphy S.

"The sky is not the limit. Your imagination is!" Unknown
Fifth Grade Leaders of the Month
Mrs. Clay - Cohen G.
Mrs. Fulkerson - Katie E.
Mrs. Boles -Mayci G.

"Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile." Unknown
Fourth grade December Leaders of the Month

Mrs. Howard - Elijah B.
Mrs. Westerfield - Emersyn B.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." John F. Kennedy
The SECOND grade Leaders of the Month for December
Mrs. Mohon - Addie M.
Ms. Moore - Paisley M.
Ms. Buntin - Carley C.

"Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle." Unknown
The first grade leaders of the month for December
Ms. Janoski - Asher F.
Mrs. Sharp - Lillian P.
Mrs. Haynes - Eli C.

"Don't be mean, be meaningful." Kid President
Kindergarten Leaders of the Month for December
Mrs. Norris - Angel G.
Mrs. Henderson - Brooks B.

"Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE, the word itself says, "I'm possible." Audrey Hepburm
Family Gratitude Challenge Completed!
Peyton showed gratitude by walking her 4 dogs for her family.

Leader of the Month for November

Mrs. McIntire - Nathan
The Fifth Grade Leaders of the Month for November

Mrs. Clay - Vincent
Mrs. Boles - Maverick
Mrs. Fulkerson - Max
The November Leaders of the Month for Kindergarten

Mrs. Norris - James
Mrs. Henderson - Kooper
The November First Grade Leaders of the Month

Ms. Janoski - Gunner
Mrs. Haynes - Piper
Mrs. Sharp - Tatum
Second Grade Leaders of Month for November
Mrs. Mohon - Ella
Ms. Buntin - JP
Ms. Moore - Ella
Fourth Grade November Leaders of the Month

Mrs. Westerfield - Raeleigh
Mrs. Howard - Byron
Third Grade Leaders of the Month

Mrs. Hodskins- Autumn
Mrs. Holmes - Libby
Ms. Griffin - Jessa
Mrs. J is a GREAT teacher and a friend to everyone in the whole entire school!
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Alivia showed gratitude by hugging her uncle who has special needs.
"Gratitude turns what we have into enough."
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Kadence, a third grade leader, made a card for her older sister Kaylee, who is away at college.

"Kindness cost nothing, but means everything."
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!

Carter showed leadership by donating some of his clothes and shoes to a local organization. This is a simple act of gratitude that can make a huge difference for others.
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Taylor thought of others first and took her best friend a movie night basket.

"Start each day with a grateful heart."
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Trenton showed gratitude by opening the door for his dad during this busy holiday weekend. A simple act can make the biggest difference for others.

I want to thank Mr. Tim for all that he does for our school and he never gives up!
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Blake showed gratitude by donating to a needy community and received an advent calendar.
GRATITUDE in action- Brooke praying over dinner is one way to show gratitude.
"Be kind, be thoughtful, be genuine, but most of all, be thankful."
Check out this act of GRATITUDE!!
Nate showed GRATITUDE by taking his grandmother's neighbor some bread from Great Harvest! Kindness can be contagious!
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!

A CHES family picked an angel off the angel tree. Rynn, a CHES student, helped pick out the gifts and understood this was an act of GRATITUDE! The family bought several gifts for a child they didn't even know! This act of kindness can bring instant joy to each of them.
Mrs. Peek is very kind and helpful. She cleans the school, so we don't get sick.
She is the best person in the school and she is very very smart!
Family GRATITUDE Completed!

Check out our 3rd grade leader who is showing GRATITUDE by donating the board games she doesn't play with anymore to a local donation center. She also made a GRATITUDE card for her grandparents.
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
This first grade leader showed his family GRATITUDE by helping his family babysit his cousin.
GRATITUDE is contagious - watch out!
Mrs. Hast works so hard to make sure the kids learn and this year she came back to school to help us again.
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed! This kindergarten leader decided to pick out toys to donate off of Borrowed Hearts Amazon wish list. When her mom asked her why she chose these toys she said, "I really think that the kids will like them."

Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Check out this kindergarten student - he made thank you cards with candy in them to pass out to the delivery men and women.
"Joy is the simplest act of GRATITUDE."
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
This first grade student showed gratitude by cleaning out her closet and taking her clothes that were too small to Borrowed Hearts. This was a great way to show GRATITUDE!
When I think of a teacher I see a person who teaches but when I think about Mrs. Howard I see a kind and sweet and funny minion lady and a person who works hard every day to keep kids smiling.
Mr. Tim works so hard to help us kids. He has the biggest heart. Thank you Mr. Tim!
I love Mrs. Heady because her lessons are always fun!
Family Gratitude Challenge Completed!
This sweet first grader held the door for her brother and helped him when they were outside playing. She also helped
him with his dinner and to show gratitude he hugged her ❤️.

"A thankful heart is a happy heart."
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
These 2nd grade boys showed the ladies in their home GRATITUDE by holding the door for each of them while they exited Texas Roadhouse. There were definitely thinking about keeping them safe from germs and being polite by letting ladies go first!
"Family is not an important thing, it is EVERYTHING.
Thank you Mrs. Howard your the best teacher ever! Thank you for helping me with my math and my work (:
Mrs. Fenwick for helping us find books and making sure we all have something to read and enjoy.
Ms. Fenwick for helping us find books and making sure we all have something to read and enjoy.
I think Mrs. Hast is a very nice helper and kind. She is the best teacher ever! She is so amazing, her last years students love her so so much. We love you Mrs. Hast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am going to nominate Mrs. Howard because every day she makes me fill safe and she is really funny.
Ms.Clay for being an awesome teacher. 5th grade Rocks with her
Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
This amazing CHES family showed GRATITUDE to our military soldiers! They appreciate their service and respect their time they have given up to fight for our freedoms and continuously lay down their lives for us. This family loves the soldiers, their families, and the veterans!

Family GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
This first grade student met the GRATITUDE challenge by telling his sister how much he cared about her and loved her! He spent the afternoon with her and let her know how much he appreciated her! HIs sweet smile was a simple act of GRATITUDE too!

Thank you Mrs.Holmes for being so kind and a good teacher and amazing.
Ms. Norris is amazing! She does a wonderful job helping our Kindergarteners navigate virtual school! She is so patient and always answers all their questions. Thank you Ms. Norris!!!
Gratitude Challenge Completed!
The Scherrer family demonstrated GRATITUDE by making thank you cards for each of their teachers.

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart." Winnie the Pooh
GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
I am so excited to announce another family has met the challenge! Addy and her dad paid for a strangers food and drink at a local gas station in town. What an amazing act of gratitude! Thank you Addy for showing others that there alot of grateful and kind people in our community!
FAMILY Gratitude Challenge Completed!
The simple act of folding clothes for her family shows GRATITUDE! This 3rd grader definitely made a difference by showing kindness this past weekend and we all know there is ALWAYS laundry to be folded at home. I love how our leaders are showing gratitude at home, school, and our community!
GRATITUDE Challenged Completed!
Evalynn showed GRATITUDE by making two cards for her grandparents who are always taking care of her. She wanted them to know how much she appreciated them.
GRATITUDE Challenge Complete!!
This 5th grade student showed GRATITUDE to a young child who needed a little extra love while visiting her house. Some love and a hug is a easy way to show others your kindness and GRATITUDE!
GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
These students made a card for the Thruston Philpot Volunteer Fire Department to show GRATITUDE and delivered it to the chief! Thank you ladies for letting these volunteer firemen know how you appreciate them keeping ALL of us safe.
GRATITUDE Challenge Completed!
Holly showed GRATITUDE to her mailman by surprising them with a card and a Kit Kat candy bar this week!
Urijah has been such an excellent leader that he was the October Leader of the Month and the October Music Leader!
Congrats to our October Leader of the Month in Mrs. McIntire is Litsey C!

Showing integrity at CHES leads to in-depth learning and leadership!
Kudos to the 5th grade October Leaders of the Month!!
Mrs. Clay: Halle E
Mrs. Boles: Addison M
Mrs. Fulkerson: Kelsey A

Using the 12 Tools and the 8 habits are the keys to leadership and learning at CHES.
Hooray for the 4th grade October Leaders of the Month!!
Mrs. Howard: Addie L
Mrs. Westerfield: Urijah M

Following the 8 habits and the Guidelines for Success is a must as a leader at CHES!
The following 3rd graders are the October Leaders of the Month, way to go!!
Ms. Griffin: Max O
Mrs. Holmes: Emerson L
Mrs. Hodskins: Sophia N

These leaders know the CHES Guidelines for Success for school and digital learning!
Congratulations to the following 2nd grade October Leaders of the Month-
Mrs. Mohon: Garrett C
Ms. Buntin: Peyton B
Ms. Moore: Karissa B

Lets give these leaders a BIG HUSKY CHEER!!
Hooray to the first grade leaders for the month of October!!!
Ms. Janoski: Kenley D
Mrs. Sharp: Blake S
Mrs. Haynes: Amelia I

CHES Vision: Country Heights will be a school of HIGH ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT, with a safe, nurturing, supportive LEARNING ENVIRONMENT, where ALL leaders and learners THRIVE!!
Kudos to the Kindergarten October Leaders of the Month!!!
Mrs. Henderson: Lanham L
Mrs. Norris: Anna O

CHES mission: Building lifelong leaders and learners.
Mrs. McIntire's amazing leaders for connect class this 9 weeks are:
Media: Bronson
Music: Savannah
P.E.: Murphy
Art : Nathan

"Everyone is a leader because everyone influences someone." John C. Maxwell
Ms. Buntin for always being so patient and kind!
Big shout out to Mrs. Mallory for ALWAYS keeping positive and doing all she can do to help keep our student on track, focused, positive, and ways to help calm him! Thank you so much you're the BEST!
Several community members invested in the students at CHES by making videos on the importance of staying Drug Free that they watched during Red Ribbon Week. We appreciate Julius Maddox investing in our students to share with them his story and the power of saying no to drugs. He challenged the students to stay strong and say NO! Thank you Julius!
Sergeant Courtney we loved your video about setting goals, using the 8 habits, the power of yet, the education of drug awareness, and to never give up. We are so glad you are part of our CHES family! Thank you for investing your time to educate our CHES students.
Thank you Mr. Tim Gray for your Drug Free video and your message! We appreciate your message about peer pressure, staying drug free, and being the best we can be each day.
This is a shout out to Mrs Haynes’ first graders! I had the privilege of being with her students and was amazed with their leadership!
Mrs. Westerfield’s B Group showed very positive attitudes working as engineers creating windmills. They even thanked me for getting to participate in the activity!
We are thankful for our community members for their videos and messages about staying Drug Free this week. Thank you KSP Corey King for sending CHES a wonderful message.
Mrs. Clay's students are Following their Dream's by Staying Drug Free!!
Shout out to our awesome lunch room staff! Especially a big Thank you to Lisa for taking time to talk with Mrs Henderson’s class in the lunch room today about eating our veggies & fruit. The kids loved the stickers! Thank you for being YOU!
Way to go Mrs. Fulkerson's connect leaders!
Media: Tanner W and Cole B
Music: Jimmy T and Katie E
P.E.: Nate B and Clint A
Art: Josh C and Max P

"Everyday do something that will inch you closer to be a better tomorrow."
Hooray to Mrs. Clay's connect leaders!
Media: Kaileb C and Kyndal M
Music: Cohen G and Aiden K
P.E.: Jaxon C and Delaina D
Art: Alexis I and Trinity M

"Failure is the opportunity to begin more intelligently." Henry Ford
Congratulations to Mrs. Boles' connect leaders!!
Media: Kyleigh B and Yandel S
Music: Addie H and Madeline S
P.E.: Lyllian S and Tyler H
Art: James C and Addison M

"A leader is someone who demonstrates what is possible." Mark Yarnell
Hooray for Mrs. Westerfield's connect leaders this 9 weeks.
Media: Rachel W and Taylor P
Music: Mason S and Urijah M
P.E.: McKaylee C and Piper F
Art: Keaton F and Anna F

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." Unknown
Congratulations to Mrs. Howard's connect leaders this 9 weeks.
Media: Trevor C and Isabella R
Music: Lorynn D and Lexi S
P.E.: Logan M and Carter P
Art: Reilyn T and Callie P

"Leadership isn't a position or a title, it is an action or example." Unknown
Way to go Ms. Griffin's connect leaders for this 9 weeks.
Media: Carson M and Mackenzie H
Music: Maddie L and Emily D
P.E.: Kolbie M and Molly Kate B
Art: Kolbie M and Nicholas P

"Dream big, work hard, and stay humble." Unknown
Way to go Mrs. Holmes' connect leaders this 9 weeks.
Media: Libby B and Trevor W
Music: Maddie J and Emerson L
P.E.: Mason M and Khloe C
Art: Caleb S and Simmon H

"I have amazing potential and I can make good choices as a leader." Unknown
Hooray for Mrs. Hodskins' connect leaders for this 9 weeks.
Media: Sophia N and Ember R
Music: Darian S and Kelsey P
P.E.: Aubree M and Zane C
Art: Henry L and Alex A

"I think it is possible for ordinary people to be extraordinary." Elon Musk
Congratulations to Ms. Moore's connect leaders this 9 weeks.
Media: Andrew S and Emma E
Music: Alex P and Jase D
P.E.: Madalynn H and Ella M
Art: Faythe B and Eli H

"It's ok to not know, but it is NOT ok to not TRY." Unknown