Livin the dream at ccms
Austen Mayfield is my best friend we only met this were but I hope we stay friends
Cyan and Ella are amazing friends.
zack is funny

everyone is so positive and kind at CCMS
I love CCMS
Jorden is funny
Elizabeth is funny and a good friend
Jayla is nice and pretty😇
Jayla is nice and pretty😇
Have a great day!
Thamk you jaliyah for making my day
ramie is so sweet
phiser is a good friend
alex is so sweet
lillie brown i a really nice person
allie cambell is a sweet girl im glad she is my friend
lillie brown is a very good friend
I saw Jacob hold the door open for Mrs.Charles
Mr.Chandler is the best principal I've every had. I love that he lets us have fun activite
Mrs. Michel you are the best you are funny and nice.

Aubree is my bestfriend
asher is a good person he picks you up with you are sad
Nurse Pam you are the best you help me when ever I need it you baneges on my cuts and you put ice on my leg when it starts hurting me thank you l love you!!!
my teacher mrs. charles is very nice.

Jordan in 6th grade is my bestfriend
Greta is a AMAZING friend !
Camden is the best friend u could ever have hes nice fun and sticks with u all the time i dont what i whould do with out u buddy .

by Austinwest
bella holland is one of my good bestfriends and she has helped me throw a lot of things
I saw Ryan hold the door open for someone.
Austin West is a really great friend and he is really funny and is always positive.ONLY THE BEST A CCMS.!!!!!!!!!
This school year is awesome. AT CCMS.
I am so happy that CCMS is a great and fun school to go to
All the teachers at CCMS are all nice
Madilin is so sweet and kind
Austin West is a really great friend and he is really funny and is always positive
lyric is my favorite god brother
Mathew Wilson is a very good athlete
Jin Ivey and Mia Fernandez are my best friends
Cade Shubert is a very good friend and a very good athlete
cavin wilson is one of my bestfriends
Kyree Hilburne is a great friend.
This school is the best I love the teachers,staff,and mrs. swafford!! say tank you in your mind everyday:we are the HEFLIN TIGERS!!!!NOTHING CAN STOP US!!!
I love all my teachers because they help me well not just me all of us with math, reading, sience, we should all LOVE all TEACHERS
Adien L is nice

deasia ,bella ,heaven ,cavin, lyric ,jorden,deairus,makavin are my best friends
Madilin,Greta,Cyan,Kyree ,and Addi are the best friends ever.
Be a Pineapple Stand TALL Wear a Crown and be Sweet on the Inside
ryan is such a good friend
ella is nice
Ensley Carr, Kylie Goodman, Jey Young, Branson Noles are really good friend
Fred is a good friend
i think that bella is very pretty
Aiden Laminack is a good friend.

miss charles is my fav teacher

I want to say thank you to all my teachers
carter is a very good friend and a very good heflin tiger
Matt Cobb is a good person!!!
Everyone should be friend at CCMS
Jaylie and Avery ,Mikinzee,and Macey are such pretty girls.And always have a great attitude all the time no matter what .
Thank ya'll so much for being the best friends I could ever ask for !!!
Emmy and Avery are really pretty and sweet
and great friends
coach gable is so fun
mrs.butterworth is really nice
Mrs.Waffer is an awesome guidance teacher

🙂 🙂
addisison is a great friend
Addison is a great friend she will be by your side forever!!!!
Isaac P. is a great friend

CCMS is my favorite school ever!
Tyler Primeaux is s great friend!
We have the BEST Lunch Ladies at CCMS!
Hello i'm a person and have something to tell you...Allison are...MY BEST FRIEND
Mrs.Swafford is amazing!

BE NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE APPRECIATE IT!
Ms.Mitchell is my favorite teacher,because she helps learning easier by letting us play games!

P.S. Hope you get well soon Mama Mitchell. Praying for you.
nick morrow is smart and things he knows he can do in a flash
Camdon Beam is very nice
Cade is really nice
branson noles is one of my best friend
mrs.wilkinson is the best teacher and the best mom
Jaley Holt is very nice
Thoughts and Prayers for the Wells Family

Our 7th Graders ( Class of 2025) are AWESOME!
I can't wait until A TEAM!
Nurse Pam is the heart of our school! She makes everyone feel better!
ms Mitchell does things like Kahoot to make her class fun
In math we are able to create on posters.
We are doing pen pals in reading and it is AWESOME. Our pen pals are from MASS.
Emily B. is nice.
Porter Wheat is great at soccer and is nice to everyone.
Joseph Brown is cute and smart!!!!!!!
Zeke is nice and doesn't get in trouble.
Alyssa is cool!
My CCMS has great people like Mrs Sprayberry!!!!!!!!!!!!