Nothing can beat us when we are trying out best!!! The only thing is we are strong. We are going to have lots of fun in GIRLS TO MILD! Thank you Mrs. Swaffrod for making sure everyone will know each other when they first when we first meet them!!

Lilly rosser is very sweet
mr. chandler is the most amazing principal! he lifts us up when we need it! he comes and reminds us that it is hump day every wednesday. he is so much fun. let's show him some appreciation today! #bestprincipalever
abbey owens is so nice!
be happy and dance
Kile is always doing somthing kind
Lillie Brown is my superhero!!!!
Natallia and Zaire is very kind and good friends
mikinzee is pretty and a good friend
Glenn is very sweet
Mrs.Swafford is very kind.
Gage is a good basketball player
Can't wait for Girls Gone Mild this year!
The A Team is fun! and I like having stripes time with my teachers.
I love Mrs. Swafford and I'll miss her next year.
I love the A team because it encourages me to get all A's
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. Dunlap is an awesome math teacher and i love his class
I like the A team

mallory is a great friend..... and i love her... <3
I like the school. CCMS is the best. This is the best school year I have ever had.
Dalton is pretty cool
Destiny is realllllyyyyyyyyyy prettty and smart!:)
Blakely is a really good and funny friend
all the teachers are great
you are beautiful!!
Dakyus is cool
marcus is funny
My friends are always kind to me.
Mr. Chandler is so sweet he is the best principal there is!!!!!
hope you have fun being a doctor docter sarrel
Merry Christmas
Alexis is so funny
mrs. charles is very funny
abbie is my friend she is so fun
trinity is a great friend to be with go be her friend
ms.swafford is the best to talk to if you have a problem 🙂
Blakely lindsey is caring and very funny
Aubree and evan are my bestfriends
pray for the newborn trivett sister on the way
Aubree and evan are my bestfriends
catey causey is so nice and pretty
Lizzie has a nice smile.
MaTtHeW aNd JeY aRe My BeStEsT fRiEnDs.....AnD tAnNeR!
Nick is really nice
Jey young is an awesome and nice friend
tannar is a good freind because he is nice and funny tucker and mj are veary good freinds because they suport me
Mrs. Hockman is the best teacher
Alex Buga is very nice
lyric is the best friend i could ever have (:

Greta Butterworth is an AMAZING BFF !
Mr. Chandler is the best principle ever he is funny and he always me feel better
Austin is my best friend!!!!!!!!
Asher is a very nice person to be around he always has a smile .
Madilin Lines is nice
zack and matthew are my best friends
Mia Brown is a good friend
where there is love there is life-gandhi 🙂
I hope everyone has a great Christmas.
Blakely is really a GREAT friend
Hope everyone has a great day .
matthew wilson is one of my best friends
Mrs.owens is the best teacher ever!!!!
Katie mooney is a good and helping friend.
ella bentley is a good and helping friend to me
I saw jayden wilkinson make people feel happy
madlin lines is very sweet
Livin the dream at ccms
Austen Mayfield is my best friend we only met this were but I hope we stay friends
Cyan and Ella are amazing friends.
zack is funny

everyone is so positive and kind at CCMS
I love CCMS
Jorden is funny
Elizabeth is funny and a good friend
Jayla is nice and pretty😇
Jayla is nice and pretty😇
Have a great day!
Thamk you jaliyah for making my day
ramie is so sweet
phiser is a good friend
alex is so sweet
lillie brown i a really nice person
allie cambell is a sweet girl im glad she is my friend
lillie brown is a very good friend
I saw Jacob hold the door open for Mrs.Charles
Mr.Chandler is the best principal I've every had. I love that he lets us have fun activite
Mrs. Michel you are the best you are funny and nice.

Aubree is my bestfriend
asher is a good person he picks you up with you are sad
Nurse Pam you are the best you help me when ever I need it you baneges on my cuts and you put ice on my leg when it starts hurting me thank you l love you!!!
my teacher mrs. charles is very nice.

Jordan in 6th grade is my bestfriend
Greta is a AMAZING friend !

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