Anyone else realize Mr. Blickenstaff is always outside everyday when we get off the bus in the morning. I know every time I see him with his smile it makes me smile. He is also outside waving goodbye everyday when we leave. I think CMS has the best principal! 🙂
I think Mr. Thompson should be here too. He also cares so much about his students, like their mental health and physical health. Keeping you caught up on your mental and emotional health also. He's always there to talk. Thank you so much. We really enjoy class with you! -Your 6th grade health class 🙂
A BIG thank you to Mrs. Rose all her hard work in keeping our school clean and making sure that teachers/staff have supplies to keep classrooms and other areas clean and safe!
Everythings gonna be alright! ❤️
Mrs. Kilgard has the purest soul when you get to know her. She never lets anyone down and is there when you need her and I feels she gives off the coolest vibe!
You are here for a reason! -MT
Let's take time to recognize Mr. Hansel's dad , grandad , also him for serving. We love you guys!
I want to thank the veterans who are in our school, who have served in the military, and the ones who gave their life for our country Thank you!!

I think Mrs. Brower should be on here because she always has a smile on her face and is very positive. Thank you for being a great teacher Mrs. Brower!! Have A great Day everyone!! JM
I'm thankful for Mr. Blickenstaff who cares so much for his staff and students!!
Mrs.Honn deserves a shout out because she is amazing! If you are stuck on something she will help you and I am really glad I have two classes with her. -Natalie Hecht
Be kind and polite. Treat others the way you want to be treated! Diggs
Fridays are the best!
I hope every one has an amazing day!!!
I love how everyone is always being positive and caring about each other.-
Hi. Have A good day!!!!!!!!
Ms. Heron is always really kind to her students. She always answers their questions and makes sure her classes are always having fun!😁
If you are reading this then smile and say thank you to someone you appreciate!! - JM
If anyone is reading this I want you to have a nice day and smile!
Ms. Herald deserves to be on here because she is so kind and helps everyone. She answers people's questions and always helps people. She gets on a level with people where they can come to her for help, and she is really amazing!
Thank you Mrs.Stucky for being there for me!!
Please smile when you read this!!!!!
Thank you, to anyone for being kind!! Have a good day!!
- SA
I want to thank Ms.Diggs because she is a great teacher and she helps me through when I can't understand something in math. She is amazing and she deserves the best!-Alyssa
I think that Josie should be on the wall because she is always so kind and helps people in need at school.
if you're reading this Have a great day!! - Jasleen