Mrs. Russell's Amazing 3rd Graders!
I am so proud of you for being so incredibly kind and considerate to each other! You are always looking for ways to help one another and make each other smile! Keep spreading kindness! ~Mrs. Russell
for my Teacher Sr Lation for being the best 5 grade teacher there is!
"Be yourself everyone else is already taken"
“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison
Thank you, Furr Falcons I give you a SOAR above the line Go Falcons.
Everyone is on a different journey! A smile helps everyone along the way!
A new month is a new chance to be kind to others!
Thank you, Mrs.Campbell, For helping me with emotional support
Adele Thank you
Thank you to Nicole Russell for cleaning and organizing the 2/3 workroom so it is actually functional.
THANK YOU MRS. CAVAN Rylee Campbell really needs you and people like everyone at your school.

shoutout to kaylee torres for her last year in elementary and doing amazing! and alyssa torres for starting 3rd grade !
shoutout to kaylee torres for her last year in elementary and doing amazing! and alyssa torres for starting 3rd grade !
thank you paige for the invite and for being a great friend you have such a positive attitude
Garrett he is relly nice he is a good frend
Nadia you are a really nice friend
shootout to Sadie Williams in Mrs. dimmers class she is a great bff and soul sister
Mia.R you are a good friend you are so fun <3
mia moereles and mackenzie for being my friends and playing with me at reeses and working with me im glade i made good friends 🙂
naudia you are os nice
Thank you Mrs. Lambert I have learned a lot from you thank you so much. Mack
brielle for being so ever kind she was always there for me when i was down
Ms. Lambert's class has been SOARING these past two weeks! Proud of you all!
- Ms. Lambert
Thank you tiago for being a good friend and being there when i need you
to morgan you are an amazing friend and you help me with my troubles and all i want to say is thank you for being a good friend. THANK YOU
welcom to furr Diago
Hi I hope all of you guys have a great day. Thanks to all of you guys for teaching me! To Mrs Ashbaugh
and Ms Batten and Mrs Lambert
i shout out to mrs russell because she is sweet and the best teacher ever and she is the best ever
Shout out to the lunch lady for breakfast!
mis clark have good day and youer studens
I am so grateful for Kelly Pompei!! Thank you for showing up at exactly the time I needed and preparing materials for Learning Lab!! I can't tell you how much help that was! You are awesome!!
Great job, Emery Taylor, for being so kind and welcoming to a new student in our class!
Thank you Mrs. Russell and her class for allowing me to be in your classroom this morning. Your classroom is such a calm and productive space and it started my day off on the right foot. <3
Thank you Ali for getting chromebooks and logins out to students quickly and efficiently!!
Thank you to Mrs. Borleis for working tirelessly to make sure all the kids have a car rider number!! You can't imagine how much it has helped!
Thank you Cedric Clark for treating everyone with kindness. You are such a caring boy. Thank you for always being nice to everyone !
Thank you Carolina for always helping translate especially in stressful situations. We appreciate you!
Thank you to Ms. Bishop for always holding down the car rider line!
Shout out to all the teachers and staff who take such good care of our children! You are appreciated far more than you know!
I'd like to give a special shout out to ALL the teachers welcoming & directing students to their classroom. My son, Wahid, is new to the school and he's so excited that he can NOW find his classroom on his own without getting lost! A special shout out to Wahid for being so smart and awesome! Here's to the start of an outstanding school year! Thank you teachers & staff for all t
I want to give one of our 5th graders a shout out, A'Yana Massey, she was a big help at breakfast with one of the Kindergartners. She walked the student to class found out what the students name was and brought it back to the cafeteria. Thank you for doing this for us..

The cafeteria staff
Thank you to Mrs. Eason for volunteering to come out and melt with me in the car rider line! I am so glad you landed at Furr!!
Thank you to Mrs. Bishop and Mrs. Johnson for making the news so enjoyable.
Thank you to all the 5th grade bus helpers for waiting in the heat for buses to arrive and making your own fun while waiting! You are a great group of children!
Thank you to Mrs Huber and all EC TA’s for all your help with morning bus arrival! It is greatly appreciated.
Hannah Clark thank you for making your students name tags. This helps Tangie with getting them thru the serving line quickly.
Welcome Back Falcons!
Shout out to all the administrators, teachers, & staff at Furr! You all were such troopers during the crazy 2020-2021 school year and you are back at it! We are so appreciative of all your hard work!
Shout out to all the administrators, teachers, & staff at Furr! You all were such troopers during the crazy 2020-2021 school year and you are back at it! We are so appreciative of all your hard work!
Huge shoutout to Sra. Leiton students!!!
Ms. Brown thank you for being the best EC teacher. You make learning fun and are my favorite teacher. Xoxo, Cruz
Anita and Mrs Eash
thank you for being so wonderful, helping KIndergarten team to be ready for this new year!. Every little thing you do is magic and we really appreciate you and love you!.
Sra. Patiño es muy cariñosa con sus estudiantes y ella es una Buena maestra con todos.
Mrs.Alvarez is the best and kind teacher to all her students. ❤
Elizabeth H. is always kind to her friends. She is the sweetest friend I ever met.
Shout out to the lunch lady that wished my kid Happy Birthday today. You were the only person to do so at school today, and she really appreciated it!
Shout out to naudia huertas for being an amazing sister and showing her little sisters around the school!
Thank you to all the staff and teachers at Furr for all your hard work, time and effort! You all are greatly appreciated!
This past year you have shown what resilience is! You outcome every obstacle and have shown what a great group of educators and students need to do to succeed! It was beautiful to see everyone’s face once again at open house. This will be our very last year but you will always be on our son and our hearts forever. SOAR high, Furr Falcons! YOU ROCK!
Shoutout to all the teachers and staff working car rider line in! 1000 degrees and doin their best to keep it moving, thank you! #realMVPs
Thank you to our admin team for all your work in preparing for the school year!
Thank you Kellie for working all your PowerSchool and scheduling magic! You're the best!
Thank you to Kellie Lewis, our data manager, for doing a great job handling all the enrollments/scheduling/etc. this summer!
Thanks for being such a dedicated group of educators!! Your time spent all summer preparing for our students is evident. You are all greatly appreciated!
A huge shout out to all the custodians for getting the building looking so beautiful!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Vincent for bringing the YOU UPLIFT Kindness Wall to Carl A. Furr Elementary!
Welcome Back Falcons!