You are an amazing principal who loves this school and we love you. You show support, kindness and professionalism in all that you do. You have had so many obstacles to overcome since you have joined the Canyon Team and you have handled them like a hero.
Thank you Señor Herincx for being an amazing advisor and always being there for me. I appreciate the leadership lessons and leading me the right director to helping others!
I applaud you all for hanging in there and continuing to push through and help make these students' lives easier. Thank you Wendy for making this kindness wall.
I appreciate all the Campus Supervisors who make their rounds and never forget to smile at you. The campus is so quiet but you make it less lonely with your kind words.
Leslie, Jackie, and Carmela, in this crazy time of uncertainty and nervousness, it is SO NICE to have caring, supportive co-workers to listen and encourage. Thank you so much!
Thank you Mr. Hufford for being an awesome teacher and always making class fun and something to look forward to!
Thank you, Sallie and Sissi, for being superstars in attendance! You ladies are awesome!
Thank you, Ms. King, for being the best anatomy teacher ever!
Thank you Mrs. Priesz and Mrs. Meschkat for being a dynamic duo in the staff's PD and guiding us through all the technology during distance learning. Your time and effort is highly appreciated!
Shout out to Mr. Fisher for taking great care of our campus. Thank you for being on top of everything!
Mrs. Aird is always so gentle and kind to all her students and staff! Thank you!
Thank you, Ms. Anderson, for being such a great AP and always greeting everyone with a smile!
Shout out to Mr. Underwood for just being an awesome teacher! Wish I could have joined his class earlier. Let's go Computer Science!!!!

Shoutouts to the performing arts teachers who give us a light in our lives. <3 :)
Sending a HUGE virtual hug to our Principal, our Assistant Principals, our office manager, and counselors for Bosses Day. We appreciate you. We love you!

~Sissi Martinez
Attendance Office
Mr. Yong, thank you for always answering tech questions addressed to the whole staff!
Congratulations to Ms. Kathy Hefferson, Classified Employee of the Year. Ms. Hefferon continues to work hard as the heart and soul of our incredible Classified Staff not only at Canyon High School but throughout the entire William S. Hart School District. She has a work ethic and level of commitment and dedication that far exceeds any expectations we could ever imagine. Thank you, Ms.Hefferon.
I am truly blessed to work at a place where everyone is so kind!

Steve Rector is my hero!

Mr. Bustos
Thank you, Mr. Molloy, for teaching your students the importance of gratitude. Getting several letters of gratitude from my current and previous students feels so good! Thanks for spreading the love!
I'm not sure "thank you" covers how much we appreciate our office staff, instructional assistants and campus supervisors. Each person has stepped up to help ensure students are accessing their education and that the campus is safe in the time of COVID. It is an honor to work with each of you.
Thank you Canyon teachers, instructional assistants, and bilingual instructional assistants for all you do to connect meaningfully with our students to create a culture of caring. You make Canyon High School a special place.
Cowboys, you are brave, you are kind, and you show your grit everyday. You keep getting back in the saddle and I'm so proud of each one of you. ~Ms. Aird
It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken
joy in creative
expression and knowledge.
- Albert Einstein

Thank you, Canyon Teachers.
Thank you Mrs. Aird in your efforts to spread Cowboy Kindness virtually for all students and staff!
A HUGE "Thank You" to Ms. Aird for considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Canyon High School!

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