thx mr savage for being a cool teacher ur a real dude fr fr
thx mr savage 4 being cool
Gracias Sr. Ruiz por enseñarnos español y hacer nuestra clase divertida. - Samvel Minasyan
Thank you to Mr. Shakir for sharing life lessons that are eye-openers for many of your students and for being an understanding person. I really do appreciate you.
Mr. Stasen you understand the subject you teach a lot and that helps me to know that I can count on you to help me when I need help in your class
Thank you Mrs. Hanks for being one of my favorite teachers! I look forward to going in your class each day because I know we will have interesting conversations! Thank you for caring for your students and just being overall awesome.
:)) <3
Mrs. Viramontes,

I'm very glad to be in your class this year. Thank you for teaching me how to do many equations, lessons I didn't know, and helping me with difficult problems when I need them. You are a very kind, funny, helpful, and caring teacher. Thank you for being the best math teacher and I hope that your teaching leads to success in the future. S.C.
This is for Mrs.Jimenez thanks for being a great teacher and making Bio fun.
Thank you Mrs. Robinson for making math enjoyable. You are very kind and I always enjoy attending your class. <3
Mrs. Roque

Thank you Mrs. Roque for believing in me throughout the whole school year. You've changed the way I throught about school. I will never forget the kindness that you have shown. Have a great day!

-Jack Buchanan
Thank you Mrs. King for being a great teacher and always starting off the day in a good way. I appreciate what you do for all of your students and you've had a great career in being a teacher. I hope you enjoy your retirement.
To Mrs. Caswell

Thank you for being a nice and supportive teacher! I have a lot of love and respect for you because you teach me something I want to be taught which is music in general.
Thank you so much for all that you do for your students in Guitar and Choir.

-Alex Castro
Thank you Señor Ruiz for teaching me Spanish. I would only know English if it wasn't for you. -Madi
Thank you so much Mr. Smith for teaching the great history even if its been whitewashed, you tell us the whole story. You have taught me more than just mod civ but the histroy of our school and more. thank you for being great and have a great retirement!
Mrs. wilken is one of the most influential English teacher here at canyon <3 -A. G.
thank you mr franano for being so fun and listening to all my chisme. your literally the best
Senor Herincx, thank you for being a good teacher and for always making a difference. I appreciate everything you've ever done for me and everyone else.
Thank you for being a great teacher Mr. Ingino, I appreciate how nice, understanding, and very funny you are.
Mr. Underwood, one of my own favorite teachers makes my day brighter.
Mr. Rector is very nice, he is always there for anyone that just needs to talk, or when you need somewhere to go. He remembers everyone he talks to and tries to get to know as many students as he can. He is a great teacher and a good person to know. I highly suggest going and talking to him, because he will talk with you about anything.
Dear Mrs. Caswell,
Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher. Choir is my favorite class and one of the reasons for that is you. I love your class and the group that we have together. Thanks for making my school day better everyday and can not wait to see you in Mads next year!
Thank you Ms. Roque for being an awesome English teacher! -Madison A.
Thank you to Ms. Holcombe for being a great and amazing teacher! She is so nice and funny and is such a good teacher to have.
Thank you Mrs. Viramontes for your chaotic energy making math a lot more exciting
Thank you Ms.Brower for welcoming me to her class when I first joined Canyon. You are a great teacher and you also have some jokes in your class and it is very nice to be in there at the end of the day.
Ms. Holcombe is the best teacher ever. If you ever get the chance to be in her class grow a connection with here because she is by far the best teacher here.
Thank you Mrs. Van Gessel for being a really nice and supportive teacher
Mrs. Robinson is a very kind and loving teacher shes very nice and has a good heart.
Dear Mr.Kennedy,
You make chem and stem club enjoyable. I enjoyed being in your class.
Thank you to Mr. Kennedy for being a really funny guy and a cool teacher. You are one of the more chill teachers here. -Carlos Gonzalez
Thank you Mr. Ruiz for being an amazing teacher.
Thank you Mrs Herrera for being nice and being a good teacher.
Thank You Mrs. Viramontes for being an awesome teacher for being nice and very chill for anything and everything.
Mr. Franano is a great teacher and is always very nice.
Mr. Franano is a great teacher and is always very nice.
hello Mr Savage and Mrs Orland thanks for helping me in my class. Mrs Orland thank you for all the algebra help i know i can do it next year. Mr Savage thanks for being the best teacher thank you for everything

Dear, Ms Hargrave thank you for being such a nice teacher. You are very understanding and i appreciate it. -KK
Muchas gracias Senor Ruiz, for being the most best, most funniest, most helpful and most kind teacher i've had this semester. I really appreciate what you do to help me. You're an awesome teacher and we all enjoy you here.
Mr.Crothers is cool !!!
Thank you to Mr.Ruiz for being funny...
Mrs.Yacoobian you are kind and very cheerful.
Mr. Rector, I know I don't have class with you anymore but I'd like to thank you for all that you do for your students. You are very much appreciated by many students.
Thank you to all of my teachers for doing all that you did and believing in me.
Thank you Mrs. Hanks! Your personality and fun class makes my day 100 times better. You always care for your students and make sure they are okay. I'm so happy I got to take your class.
Thank you Mr. Molloy for being a amazing and kind teacher.
Mr. lee is funny and his assignments are fun. He tries for his students and even though we couldn't do that many assignment this year because of covid he still tried to find a way so we could enjoy our assignments.
Mrs. Viramontes thank you for being a good teacher A.C.
I just want to say thank you Mr.Savage for being a really cool teacher. Also you class is very fun and helpful.I am able to learn and understand everything you teach
Mrs Brower thank you for being a good teacher!!!!!
Thanks to all of my teachers who put effort and have patience with everyone.
Miss Orland is a fantastic teacher, she is caring and kind she is my favorite teacher at Canyon.

Madame because of how patient she is with us
Thanks Miss Des for being such a good math teacher.
mr.yong is very nice and chill
Ms. Irma Muchas gracias por ser muy buena persona conmigo La Aprecio demasiado en tan poco tiempo se volvio una persona muy especial para mi.

Thank you Mrs.Brower for being an amazing teacher. You have been an outstanding addition to the Canyon High family. You are very comprehensive, kind, funny, and considerate. I enjoy that you go out of your way to help students and make your classroom a safe and comfortable environment. You are loved and appreciated. Your hard work never goes unnoticed. - C.M
Dear Mrs. Nesbitt,
Although you're not teaching right now due to your pregnancy, I just wanted to thank you so much for all the love and kindness for all your students. Honestly this year was hard, especially moving to a new school but i met new friends in your class like tati and phoenix. I loved your classroom, because even though i had tough times, Your smile brought a lot of joy! Ty <3
Dear, Mrs Hargrave

I am very glad I had you this year, I appreciate everything you have done for me and my classmates during 6th period. You always manage to make us laugh all the time and have a good time.

-Giselle Gonzalez

I am so greatful to Mrs. Wilkins for being a really great and supportive counselor, I appreciate all that you do and never stop helping kids in need. -J. E.
Ms.Lamedman i hope you are having a good day. I just wanted to say you are my favorite teacher you are such a grate teacher. you are very kind and caring you help us when he are in need and we might ask alot of quiestions but you always answer it with out a hesitation and i wanted to thank you for being you. 🙂 <3
Ms.Lamedman i hope you are having a good day. I just wanted to say you are my favorite teacher you are such a grate teacher. you are very kind and caring you help us when he are in need and we might ask alot of quiestions but you always answer it with out a hesitation and i wanted to thank you for being you. 🙂 <3
Mr. Schulhofer,

Thank you so much for all that you have done this school year. AP Euro could not have been as enjoyable as it has if it wasn't for your long speeches about history. I do apologize for any times I've fallen asleep in class. I know it is a rare thing to happen for me I was simply tired. You've helped me discover that when I graduate I want to pursue a degree in H
Dear Mrs. Yacoobian,
You are a fantastic teacher because you have always been there when i needed help by you. Keep being the amazing teacher you have always been for many years to come so they know how wonderful and nice you are.
Thank you to Mr. Franano, you're a really chill teacher and you make me laugh sometimes. Thanks for making jokes during class. Hopefully my other future teachers are as cool as you.
Lisa Lamedman I thank her for being patient and never letting my problems go by for always supporting me at all times, she is a great teacher.
Thank you for being such an amazing teacher Ms. Lamedman, you're so understanding and so kind to all your students! -Ash M
You are really kind and "chill". You are a great teacher, Mr. Rector!
Mr savage you have really impacted my life and i appreciate you for giving your all when it comes to teaching! I admire your work and passion to teaching it really inspires me to be better.I hope your doing well and i wish you the best!

From:Nallely Sandoval Apolinar
Thank you Miss.Des for being a great Math teacher this school year. I have learned a lot because of you and of course the moments we shared talking about Adele will always stay with me. - C
gracias por todoooo mis lili eres la mejor!
Thank you Mrs. Viramontes for being the a great teacher.
I want to say thank you to Mr. Morgan, even though he isn't here anymore, he was a great long term sub and really stepped up and I loved going to his class. He always made it fun and he was funny, but also taught the lessons good and always made sure you understood and would help you out and even if you had a bad grade he never gave up on you and just tried to help. so thank you Mr. Morgan
you are a amazing teacher rectoer.

Andres Jimenez
You are meant to be here to make a difference.
Hello Mrs. Brower
Thank you for helping the class learn about history and for making it easy for us to understand the topic. You are very patient with us so thank you for giving us help and understanding us.

I am so greatful to all the staff at Canyon Highschool, they are all so supportive and caring. I appreciate everything you guys do, thank you so much. -a student @Canyon
Thank you Mrs. Casswell for the amazing school year i had, your class always brightened up my day and made it better with some good laughs and grooving out.-Matt
Mrs. Lamedman has been my favorite teacher because she's very nice and helps you with your work.
miss Lamedman since she has been a very good teacher, kind and very understanding, thank you I love her very much <3
miss L gracias por ser tan buena maestra y apoyarme


I look up to all my teachers they influence me to do better and I appreciate that a lot because it shows me they care about my education and it means a lot to me makes me feel like I should at least try to graduate and go on to do something with my life to make them happy.
Mr.Lee, happy teacher appreciation week, thank you for teaching photography, even though me hard to put up with. Thank you and Happy teacher appreciation week.
Thank you for sharing your time and effort with all of us 🙂
Mrs.Jimenez your the best teacher I've had all year because you are very chill and you're really fun!
Mrs. Brower, thank you for being so understanding with your students. You're my favorite teacher!
gracias por el apoyo ms. l
If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours! ?
Thank you to all of you who go above and beyond what you have to do to make someone else's day better!
You are AMAZING! Remember that!
Have a great day
There is only one YOU and YOU are AMAZING!❤
Be kinder than necessary. ?
Happy feelings come from kind actions! 🙂
Happy feelings come from kind actions! 🙂
Happy feelings come from kind actions! 🙂
Happy feelings come from kind actions! 🙂
A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." -Eeyore
Always be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of somebody else." -Judy Garland
YOU are all kinds of AMAZING!
"What you are looking for isn't out there. It is inside you!" -unknown

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