Lauren and Claire are very good friends. They are my best friends. I wish we could see each other all day long. Thanks for being great friends!

Asher is a good friend.
kysen is so kind and nice
kysen is so kind and nice
Natasha is a good friend! She helped Finn find a piece for his shadow puppet in science class. Thank you Natasha!
Walter is a good friend! He helped Caleb zip up his coat because Caleb already had his gloves on.
Caleb helped his kindergarten friend, Tuck, zip up his coat on a very cold day!
claire is so nice to ever one so she everones bestfrend

Chase and Hyrum they are kid nice and helpful they like to run fast and they are they are best friends.
Hyrum is very helpful.
Kellen is kind and help full to his friends he helps Hyrum when he did not know what to do. He is the best friend I have.
Hyrum is so funny and kind he is also a awesome friend.
Smile. It makes the sunshine in others' hearts.
Thanks Frannie for being a great support to me.
Bear, we are so glad that you are back.
Jackson opens the door for me EVERY morning when my hands are full. He is thoughtful and helpful.
Armando is generous and often asks to help his classmates when they are in need.
Addison is sincere and compassionate to her classmates and is always ready to help a friend when she is needed.
Robert has a big heart and is thoughtful and polite to his classmates.
Emma has a contagious smile and giggle. Her smile and laugh bring happiness into our class.
Dahlia is a very hard worker and never gives up. She is a great example!
I hear that popcorn may make a comeback.
Will is great at making people laugh! He has a talent for knowing how to have fun no matter who he is with.
Colby speaks kindly to adults and his classmates. He is polite and likes to make people happy.
Shantelle is great at helping her classmates in reading, social studies and science. She likes to use her knowledge to help others learn.
Maysa Craft kindly helped her friend, Addy Brunko, into the nurse's office after a playground injury.
Molly loves to have fun with her peers! She is thoughtful and has a beautiful smile.
Look at all these hard workers!
Taking Turns
Sweet Madison
Merry-go-round with friends.
Ezio gives a push.
Aurora shoots into the leaves!
Anthony playing in the leaves!
These kids are awesome soccer players!
Kolby happily helped change guitar strings for Braelly and Jack.
Our ERI class is safe and taking turns! We are happy to be in school!
Have you noticed how beautiful the leaves are this fall?
Mrs. Henderson loves books AND gardens! Her smile in the library brightens our days and her pumpkins will brighten our math lessons. You are kind, Mrs. Henderson!

Mrs. Neves has a green thumb! Her garden was full of a variety of pumpkins. Thank you for sharing them with our class.
Raiden and Abigail are wonderful helpers with a smile! Thank you for taking the time to bring pumpkins to the first grade room.
Mr. Olson taught us about being kind and helpful to our friends. We are going to STOMP OUT BULLYING! Thank you Mr. Olson!

We are all friends in Pre K!
Thanks Mrs. Dearcorn for your great teaching.
Sophia is a very hard worker!
On the first day of school I did not have anyone to play with. Kapri played with me. She is super sweet.

Olivia's sister, Elizabeth, shared a pile of leaves with me at recess. I had fun playing with her.

Your friend,
My sister Vanessa has helped me haul dirt for a month! Thank you Vanessa!

My sister Lucy helped me read when my mom was busy. Thank you!

You are a wonderful cousin Brooklyn! Thank you for sharing a sparkly gem with me.

Chase Bassett was a great partner during the fitness test.
5th Graders Rock! While they were running the mile last week, everyone was cheering each other on. A few that finished early, ran with their friends to help them finish strong. Great Sportsmanship!
Wonderful 2nd grade SUMMER READERS!
Raiden Andrew helps his classmates everyday by making sure everyone has their green notes when it is time to go.
Hats off to our great Paraprofessionals.
Thanks Ms. Winters for helping us with reading.
Mrs. Davidson is an awesome teacher. Thanks.
David helped a fellow kindergarten student who was scared during the lockdown drill. Thank you, David!

Ava is a kind friend who loves to share her talents with others. She has a beautiful smile and a very big heart!

Pre K students are great friends to one another!
You are kind to your friends Miss Kapri Aagard! When you notice something a friend needs, you are quick to jump up to help out.
P.E. is fun. Thanks Mr. Aagard.

Kindness is contagious. See if you can catch it.
Aren't these sunny, fall days beautiful?
Congrats to all of the summer readers!
Kindergarteners are AWESOME!!!
Have you designed your jack-o-lantern?
Can you read this? Thank a teacher.
Thanks for walking in the halls.
A HUGE "Thank You" to Mr. Davidson for considering to bring the "You Uplift" Kindness Wall to Burlington Elementary!