To all the cross country girls, I can't wait to see you guys over the summer. Keep being yourselves and never give up.
Layne Loper, you truly are an amazing friend. Always remember to keep smiling and never let anyone cut you down.
A shout out to Gideon Jordan for always making me laugh even on my worst days.
Abby and Tanner are two of my best friends and always make me laugh and smile.
Diamond Fergerson is very awesome.
Diamond Fergerson is the bestest friend ever.
Matthew Moore is super smart and funny and he’s one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met.
Astrid Sellars is an amazing person that makes me smile every single day.
Mr.Lo is one of the most inspirational and kind people I have ever met and all ways makes every one in the band program a better person.
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begottten son that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. Teri Gunter is the best.
Diamond Fergerson is the bestest friend ever!
Keion is the nicest person in the world. He's always there when I need him. Thank you, Keion.
Tariana Smith, Parys Bass, Diamond Fergerson and Destiny Green are the bestest friends.
Leah Kersey is the nicest person I know.
Keion Huff is my boy best friend because he is always there when I need him.
Nichelle Brown and Parys Bass are my favorite people in school.
Congrats 8th-graders for graduating to 9th-grade. From Gabriel Gonzalez
All of my music teachers deserve what I'm about to say, thank you.Thank you for teaching me something special and something I can connect to. Music is one of the best things invented, in my opinion of course. Everyone deserves the gift of sound, whether it be physical movement or vocal, it's all amazing. So thanks for showing me the ways of music. I'm considering going to collage
Leah Kersey is the nicest person I know.
Nichelle Brown and Tariana Smith our the best friend duo. Keep up the good work!
Diamond Fergerson, Parys Bass, and Tariana Smith are the bestest friends.
I just want to wish Kaycee and Ms.Jeffers a Happy Birthday. I hope it's as great as you guys are.
Diamond Fergerson and Nichelle Brown are the bestest friends.
Mr. Lo is the best teacher ever.
Autumn, Abbie, Mayben, Maya, Desirae, and Omari are the best people you could know. Thanks for always being there for me. Have a great day.
Makayla Moore is such a wonderful person and an even better friend! Love you Mak!
Brooklynn Reddish is such a great friend.
Savanna is a great person.
Stephen Bellflower is a very good person.
Candice is a great person. Love, Savanna
Autumn, Destiny, Leanne, Gracie, Harley, and Chloe are all great friends.
All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them From: Zakhia and Diamond
Za'khia, Jayla, Marcus, Jaleel, Ananya, Daisha, and Nitchelle are the littest kids in the lunch room from: Tyler Berry
Diamond's birthday is coming up.
Zakhia Carn and Diamond Fergerson are the 2 most lit kids in Ms. Carmichael's first period.
Tariana Smith and Parys Bass are the best friend duo. They should always be friends.
Nichelle Brown, Diamond Fergerson and Tariana Smith are good friends. You can always count on them.
Brianna, I already wrote you a paragraph and exposed your middle name (two different times )but let's just say one more time...…………………………………… you are my bestie period!
"If you ever go through something bad think of it as a blessing in disguise because there will always be something good coming from it by the grace of God" Periodddddddddd
So here's the tea guys (spills tea on carpet and acts as if nothing happened). BMS is the best school I ever went to and I am so glad I moved through six elementary schools because if I didn't I would never be here and if I was never here I never would have met my bestieeeeeeeee Brianna Nicole McCarter and I love her so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gurl. You already know who this is from!
To everyone that was friends with Nick: it's gonna be okay. Stay strong ~ Liyah P.
Grayson Starling, you are so funny and playing four square with you is fun. ~From A 6th-grader in your gym class~
Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dear Nick, you were a good person and we all miss you. I know you can hear this so know this we still and always will love you. We loved you the most and we miss you already!!

Karlie Parker

Leah Tilton

Lyndsey Wallace

Destiny Baker is the world's prettiest and kindest person ever. Love your friends
To Nicholas Sapp: You were so encouraging. Everyday I saw you made me 100 times better. When I was down you picked me up. When I cried you dried my tears. When I was scared about what people were going to say about me you were there. Thank you and God bless.
When someone you love dies, you will never get over it. You just slowly learn how to go on without them, but always keep them tucked in you heart ????????????
Mikayla Triplett, Laci Laycock, and Rebbeca Blankenship are the best friends I could ask for. They always make me feel happy even in this sad time of losing a fellow classmate and friend.
R.I.P Nick, you were one of my great friends. Had some great times in Mr. Jackson's class with you.
Diamond Fergerson, Tariana Smith, Parys Bass, and Destiny Green are the bestest friends in the world.
Rest in peace for Nicholas Sapp. We were best friends in 5th-grade.
Mrs.Cooksey is my favorite teacher!
Trinity Johns thank you for being my sister. I love you and most of all thank you for everything you have done for me.
Miranda Jones, I just wanted to tell you thank you for everything you have done. You have been there when I needed you.Thank you!
Kyndel Cooper is amazing!
Rontaisha is the nicest person I know. Keep up the good work!
Nichelle Brown is the best friend ever!
Madyson Stokes is the best person ever. She is always positive and is always very helpful. She uplifts almost everyone she sees. I just love being around her and I love the fact that she is my best friend. Luv ya Mady!
Devon McBride is funny, nice, caring, and a great friend -from Hannah
Rudra is a good person and I love being his friend.
Hannah, you are my best friend and I love you. Have a great Monday!
Candice is an amazing friend!
Just a small reminder so that you'll always know--we surely do appreciate how you help the children grow. Thank you ????????
Life was meant for good friends and great adventures. I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light. A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. ... There's nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. The two friends that are like that to me are Gabby and Sarah. Love you guys!
Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.
Ashley Ruis is the best friend you can have. She makes you smile when you are sad and is always there for you when you need someone. Love you best friend!
Nivieuh Foster is an amazing friend!
Hayden Prevatt and Jamez Jamison are my best friends. They make me happy. From, James Young
Whitne Stubbs is awesome and helpful!
Lee'ann McColly is my best friend forever.
Brianna Justice and Jayden Barbour are my favorite people. Love y'all!
Destiny is my bestie.
Mia Tyson is my bff.
Thank you to the custodians who work relentlessly to make sure our campus is looking good! Especially Mrs. Emma and Mr. Willy
"When all else fails, just be yourself because you are the only true you" - Liyah with an A in the front (Dedicated to all those who act out something they aren't for others)
Brianna Nicole McCarter, you are the most bestest friend I could ever ask for and you are so, so, so, so pretty and I love you girly-o. Remember I am ALWAYS there for you if you need to talk. -Love your bestie and other half, Liyah

Here's the tea, my best friends Alaina, Royce Foster, Kaycee Parks, Lillie, Cheyenne, Hannah, Jonathan Boulris, Austin Ruis, Anna, Jayden, Chayse, Britney, Jaymie, Leah, are amazing. They are the best friends I could have. They stick up for me and make me laugh. They are always there for me when I need them. They never let someone bring them down. I am so glad they are my best friends.
Royce is such an awesome friend. He is always there for me when I'm down.
Alaina is such an amazing friend. She's always there for me when I'm feeling down and we are always laughing.
Jonathan is sooo funny he always makes me laugh. He is always there for his friends.
Kaycee Parks is an amazing friend. She is always there when I need her. She makes me laugh when I'm feeling down. She is always positive and smiling. She is strong and independent. She doesn't let anything bring her down.
Ashley Ruis is really funny and I love pigging out with you during 7th-period. We have had so many laughs together and so many more to come.
Alaina is super duper awesome and amazing and she is so awesome. I'm so so glad to be her friend. She is always there for me when I need her! Love you lots Alaina! xoxo.
Branden Williams,Tariana Smith,Nichelle Brown, Keion Huff, Daysha Fergerson, Diamond Fergerson, Parys Bass, Neo Addison, and Timothy Taylor our the most uplifting people I know. Keep on doing good!
Mr. Green is the best. He helps me with everything. If you need help you can go to him.
I love this school even though sometimes I have my ups and downs. Ms. McMichael is trying to help us and she is a great teacher.
Cassie, Tristen, Mary-Jane, Jazzlyn, Emilee, Jenna, Hannah, Lexie, Layne, Chayse, Lillie, Jayden, Troy, Tristan, Josh and Genesis are my BEST FRIENDS in the entire world and I wouldn't trade them for anything. I love them and cherish them. -Lauryn
Thank you all for doing your best on the FSA this year.
To the students for taking your time and showing everything you learned this year.
To the teachers whose hard work and dedication have improved the lives of our students.
To the support staff working tirelessly in the background, thank you.
To the administration who supported and encouraged everyone to work together as a team.
Breanna McCarter is amazing.
Addison Nipper is the best sister in the world even though she gets on my nerves sometimes. She is still my little sister. Love, your big sister.
Jonathan Boulris has always been there for me.
Emma Poor is one of my best friends and I'm thankful to have her. Love Haleigh
Makayla Triplett is the best friend ever. Thank you for being there when I needed you. Love your best friend.❤
Thank you to my friends who supported me while watching End Game. They supported me and I'm grateful for that.
Leah Tilton is a great friend. She is very heart touching, she helps me with everything, and she's been with me when I'm sad. Neketya Ricks is an amazing friend. She helps me with everything. She's a great flute player. I hope you feel well sis. John Woods is an amazing friend. He is always funny and he has a great personality. All with love Hannah
Mr.Alexander is a great teacher!
Mikayla Triplett is one of my best friends and was here for me when I was sad and felt alone. Thanks for being here!
~Your potato friend
Mikayla Tripplett is one of my best friends and was here for me when I was sad and felt alone. Thanks for being here!
Kevin Acree and Saul Urrutia are two of my best friends and never fail to make me laugh. You know who this is from.
Tristan Holten is cute and positive all the time. I love being his friend and I hope we will always be close.
Jake Degeus is a really nice friend.

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