Tristan is the coolest person I know. He is funny and cool and I love being his friend.
Kaycee Parks, Trista Johns, and Ashley Ruis are the best firends I could ever have.They are always there for me. Kaycee was there for me when we had to put my dog down. Trista was there for me when I couldn't smile at all. And Ashley was there for me when I was having trouble with a lot of things. I just want to say to y'all thank you for being there for me when I needed it most.
Carolyn Adams, Kylie Britt, and Madison Casey are all amazing, fun, and kind friends! I hope we are always best friends and don't let anybody change who you are!
Madison Sapp, Layne Loper, Kira Bradley, Mary Jane Lebert, and Madison Stokes are very kind and amazing friends! Don't let anybody change that and I can't wait to run with ya'll in cross country!
Be happy peeps!
Rebecca Blankenship and Lacey Laycock are my two best friends. I love you guys, from Grace ????
Tristan Lyndsey, Madyson stokes,Madison Sapp,and Layne Loper are the best friends that someone can have and I hope it stays that way. Have good day and be happy :-):-)
Ms. Tordi, thank you for all that you have done for us and our band. We are going to miss you! Good luck in the future
From Camryn and Teagan
Hannah Huguley and Nekeyta Ricks are my best friends at this whole school. I love them like sisters. Love you guys, from Grace
Savanna Andrews is an amazing person. She is one of my best friends. Have a great day Savanna!

From: Ashlin Libby
Jakayla Evans, you are a great person and you are friendly. Keep up the good work.
Leah Tilton is a great best friend. I know we might have disagreements but you are a great human being. You are always there for me, you help me be happy everyday, and we might not talk a lot but you are still a great friend. Never stop being you.
Cody Drew is an amazing person. He makes soooooo happy!! Thank you for making my day amazing. Hope you feel better soon. Love Hailey
Leah is the world's greatest friend. She makes me so happy.
Tristan is a really good person. He is funny and kind and I would love to get know you more. Should you find out who this is I hope we can be closer friends than we are.
Lyndsey Wallace is the world's kindest person. I wish there could be more people like her in the world. Lynsdey, you are the world's prettiest person inside and out. Don't ever let anyone TELL YOU DIFFERENT.
Jake Degus is amazing.
Lucinda Griffin is the most positive person I have ever met. Even though we do not gym together we are still besssstttt friends for LIFE!!!!!!
Aliah Pueschel , Addison Nippper ,Shaneriah Guion, and Alissa Tyler are the most amazing friends in the whole world and deserve the most. Thank you for being who you are.
Mr. Lo is the best teacher ever. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to join band this year. Thank you for being the person you are- from one of your clarinet people
Alissa Tyler is amazing.
Shout out to Jake Degus for being a really good friend and it is a chicken.
Mrs. Acevedo is an amazing teacher and is so much fun!
Shout out to Cheyenne Swafford, Heavin Apone, Daeyln Cornwall, and Ryan Robinson for always being there for me when I actually need it -Love, Haley
Courtney Hannah is the bestest friend and my best friend. She loves me and she's just my best friend. From: Trinity Johns
Arden Williams is one of the best friends I have. I am so glad that we got closer this year! Your bestie
Mr. Lo is the best teacher ever. Thank you for helping me through thick and thin.
Cheyenne and Brianna Swafford are the best friends that I can ever ask for. xoxoxo, Mikayla Newton
Tanner, aka Fluffy, you are the bestest friend I could ask for. You have the best personality and you always cheer me up on the bus. I am lucky to have you as a friend. Thank you for being my friend.Your best friend
Brayden and Owen are great friends and I want to let them know we accept them the way they are!
Aliyah Puechel is the nicest, sweetest girl I've ever met.
Manny Bartly is the best person I know. Miranda Jones is also the best person I know. Mr.McBride is the best teacher I have. Cheyenne Herring is awesome. See you today. Jaylene Frasher is awesome. Be good. From, Trinity
Presley Acree is a really good friend!!!! Without her, I don"t know what I would do!!!! Thank you for being an awesome person and friend!!!!! You have no idea how much you've helped me through the years and you always make me laugh. Love you , Cameryn

Kendall Cook is a very funny friend to have around you. She is always positive.
We should have a day where we help the custodians clean up the school because they work hard everyday.:):):)
Judah Levasseur, you are cool, funny, and smart.
"Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.” – Oprah Winfrey.
I hope every one helps the earth today.
To Emma Porr, Lyndsey Wallace, Morgan Warren, and Judah LeVasseur: you are good friends.
Don't let anyone change you. Be what you want to be and chase after your dreams.
Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.
Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.
Put the fire out and start a river.
"The beginning of purpose is found in creating something that only you understand." - Tyler Joseph, lead vocalist of Twenty One Pilots
Mrs . Cooksey is one of the best teachers.
Courtney Hannah is my best friend.
Hardy, I don't know you that well but what I do know is that you are amazing, kind, and a really good flute player. If you need to talk to anyone I'm here for you.
From Hannah
Anna Kimbrell is a really nice friend she has been there for me when I needed her. I'm glad that I met her last year if not we wouldn't be friends till this day.She has been through everything with me.
Tristen Lindsey is a really great friend and I am glad we became friends last year. He is very funny and he is kind. He is nice to everyone he meets. He never goes a day without making me laugh.
Kylie Worsham you are a great friend and I see you as a little sister. -Jenna
Emilee Gaskin you are a great friend and my bestie, I love you. -Jenna
Mary-Jane LeBert, you are a great friend. You are always there for me you are like a psychologist all for me. -Jenna
Blake Conner you are an amazing friend and can make me laugh so much. I'm glad I met you and your my guy best friend.
Blake Conner is a really fun person and he makes me laugh all the time.
Mrs. Scott is the best mom ever.
Kaycee Parks and Trista Johns are my best friends and are always there for me no matter what. They are always making sure I do the right thing all the time and that I am positive no matter what. I love y'all best friends! -Anna
Grace Arenz is my best friend. We may fight a lot but it makes our friendship stronger. I'm sorry Grace if I hurt you. I didnt mean too. Grace, you have been there since day one of this school. You are amazing and don't let people say otherwise. I'll alwaysbe your bestie. Have a nice day.
Love Hannah/sister
Aliyah Puschel is the most amazing, sweet, kind and friendly person I know! And she deserves better!
Grayson Jennings is a really funny and nice person.
Emily Hopkins is a really great friend and she is very FUNNY!!!!!!!!!
Hannah Hugley is the bestest friend ever. She always makes me laugh and smile. She helps me when I need it and she always helps me see the brighter side of things. She's like a sister to me. Love you Hannah. From you sister Nekeyta Ricks????????????????????
Blake Connor is my best friend.
Jillian M. (aka Positive Potato) is an amazing person and the most positive person at this school!!
Neketya Ricks is my BEST friend. She's always there when I need her. When she and my other friend were fighting, Neketya made me happy. Thank you Neketya. Ilove you for who you are. You're the best and you need to remember that. Thank you for being you.
From your sister Hannah
William Hamilton is the world's greatest friend. He is really nice and encouraging.
Hannah Collins is my best friend.
Caden is a great friend. Leah Tilton is a really good friend. She is nice and sweet.
Ashley Ruis is like the greatest best friend any one could have. She is not afraid of anyone or their comments and she is just very laid back and very chill. She is also a very funny person.
Leah Kersey is a really great friend and she is really funny too.
Mrs. Stafford is a very good teacher and will always help you.
Grayson Jennings is a very good friend, is always helpful and is always able to make you laugh.
Garrison Rich is very nice and helpful.
Carolyn Adams is such a great friend!! ( ' _ ' )
Dayton Roberts is a very nice person and is always helpful.
Cayden Carter is a very good friend.
Daelyn Cornwall is very nice and fun to be around.
"No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another." - Charles Dickens
Kelsey Burger is a very nice person.
Ashley is the most awesome person I ever met. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and she doesn't care what others think of her. I hope she and I are friends for life!
Victoria Curtis and Kaycee Parks are my best friends. I'm glad they have been there for me when I needed them.
Gabby, Leah, and Sarah are the best friends there could ever be. I love having them in my life and I couldn't ask for more. Love, Candice
Gabby, Leah, and Sarah are the best friends there could ever be. I love having them in my life and I couldn't ask for more. Love, Candice
Clayton Worsham you are the most wonderful person I ever met. Thank you for being a great person. From....
Christyanna, you are a great friend and very funny. You are a great person. Keep being you no matter what people say.
Kaycee Parks is a really great friend and she is never a fake friend, either. We need more people like her at this school and in this world.
Mr. Lo is the coolest teacher! From your second-period Savanna
Reese (Rees) Wainwright is a very good friend and loyal.
Jake Degeus is a very good friend and is always funny.
Kelsey Burgin is a very nice friend.
Desirae Jones is a nice friend and very loyal.
Cayden Carter is a very good friend and is one of the bestest friends ever.
This is to Weston: I just want you to know that you are amazing even when people say you are not. I just want you to be happy every single day.
From you-know-who
To all the teachers: you work all day to teach us kids even if we get on your nerves so I want to say thank you from your student Savanna.
Destiny Crum and Alyssa Jones are the best friends I have ever known. Love you guys. From Skyla
Genesis Gideons is an amazing friend and I love her so much. Have a great day and don't forget to be yourself. I hope I will always have you in my life. You're GGRREEAATTT, you know like how the tiger says that in that commercial!
Love, your 4th-period buddy:)
Mrs. Moore, you are a great teacher. From your 6th-period Savanna.
Autumn and Destiney, you both are my best friends.
Jerry Grey is funny and cute and he's a very nice person.
Just because you are different does not mean you are not special.
Candice is a really good person and a great friend. She makes me laugh when I'm sad and when people are sad she cheers them up. So I want to thank her for being a good friend.

Ms. Matthies is the best teacher ever. She makes my day and when I walk thru the door of her classroom it makes me feel like home!