Fall shows us how beautiful change can be!
What you think becomes your thoughts. Think positive thoughts!
have a good day here is shrek
say thanks to everybody
umm hi
albert einstein says YOU are important yes you are
you can do any thang you put your mind to
keep going
Did you use the bathroom right? You should have! The janitor should not have to clean your mess. -Kilo-
Thanks for being my best friend Levi marsh mason Snyder mason clymore Noah lilly y'all make me laugh every day

daer Jordon.m

here you go i meme

shout out to harley for being to best friend i have ever had before

he just wanted to say hello to you!!! and to have a good rest of your day don't let anything get to you!

I hope your day is really good 🙂
Thank you miss grant for teaching me (Grayson David Rawley)
Take care of our bathroom.:) -Savanna Loyd
Thank you all teachers for helping us students. -Savanna loyd
its a good lunch today thanks to the lunch ladies
You should respect teachers and staff, because i do.
thank you Mrs. Cerminara for teaching us history thingz😎
you got this
Have A Great Day!

The best way to find a friend is to be a friend!
Thank you for being such a fun, friendly, cooperative and awesome 6th grade homeroom! Keep up the GREAT work! 🙂
~ Mrs. Smith
Have a nice day and here is a cute cat
hey have a good day

your truly Kaylee Campbell

Hope you have a good day 🙂
say cheese
thank you for being there landon morris mason snyder mason clymore and rubin burgoon luke richie tate pierce and thanks to the staff
hello my peeps! its me again.. and i'm here to tell you to be brave and respect our teachers,lunch ladies, and janitors! they do a lot for us and we need to notice that! so lets be kind and help them have a great day! thanks peeps!
Lyla thornsberry.
be strong
hey guys! make sure to smile or make someone smile today! you never know how much it could mean to them! by the way shout out to landon (shadow) but have a good day my peeps!
Lyla thornsberry
hey my lovely peeps! i hope you have i great day. remember... you are so worthy in everything you do! keep fighting for are school!
Lyla thornsberry
Elect rick astley
he will never give you up
he will never let you down
he´s never gonna run around and desert you
he´ll never make you cry
he´ll never say goodbye
What bizarre act is the canine performing?
you are doing great keep it up
hi people karah
hope everyone has a good day
hope everyone has a good day
we all roar for pride,to all my friends Noah (I know you love transformers ),Garrett ,Elias,chris,caden and jordan - landon Morris

Yesterday was History
Tomorrow is a Mystery
and to day is a Gift thats why it's call a Present
-Master Oogway
I just wanted to say no matter what anybody thinks you're beautiful 'or handsome' and that you shouldn't care what others think because if they are mean to you it's because they don't like themselves

❤️liana waggy❤️
Learn from the past or run from the past
- the monkey from the lion king
Shout Out to miss Cerminara to making it easy to under stand our work easier!!!!!!!!!!!!-Jordyn hoffman
Shout Out to miss Cerminara to making it easy to under stand our work easier!!!!!!!!!!!!-Jordyn hoffman
Yay Food 🙂
do you like dogs
Respect our school because i'm watching you............. always watching
Respect our school because i'm watching you............. always watching
rayne is my best friend
Hope you are having a good day and thank you to all the staff
THANKYOU to the people who did NOT do something wrong in the bathroom we appreciate you - Jordyn.p Hoffman
hi rayne
Be respectful to our school and are classmates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Savanna Loyd 🙂
Ask for help if you need it
if you ride the bus,when you get on or off the bus today take the time to thank your bus diver for getting you to school and home safely and on time everyday.
hi i hope you are having a good day
shoutout to Clover, Kilo, Grayson, Basil/Wilbur, Liberty (mutual), Keira, and all my other friends <3
6th-grade RISE students ROCKED coordinating conjunctions today! I am so proud of all the strategies you used and all of the hard work! Keep it up!

Mrs. Khodirev
Make today a great day!
If you are reading this have a great day
from Howard
Hi peoples have a good day Elias Duquette
be like frog be happy
Be polite.
Every day is a new chance to start again! 🙂
Make it your best day!
When other people treat you poorly, walk away smile and keep being YOU. Don't ever let someone else´s bitterness change the person you are ????
Thank you janitors for cleaning our school
Always know you are amazing and you rock<3
try to be helpful and be nice and include people
compliment people more often 🙂
One of my friends make me smile and he is one f the best friends that I have and his name is Garrett seldomridge
-Payton Martin
Every cloud has a silver lining, stay positive and smile!

Remember you are amazing and smart and do not let anyone tell you other wise!<33
Be the light than makes today brighter for someone!
Good job Faith, your such a good student and focus!
when one door of happiness closes, another opens but often we look so long at the closed door that we don't see the one that has opened for us (anonymous)
the only time you need to worry about is now, you can't change the past, but you can affect the future by what you do now, so always choose to do what is right
:): You decide!!! :):
Thanks Mrs Hilbert for helping us be successful on the VGA testing in 6th grade!!
_____/ /\_______
| -(.-.)- |
| |

he is on the monke bars
do not disturb him
he may fall

-quinn (my friends know me :))
shout out to all teachers for all their hard work you're doing great ! I really appreciate it !
Make new friends but keep the old!
How can you share some happy today?
Knock, knock… Who’s there?… Noah… Noah, who?…
Noah good joke about September? 🙂
“The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

– Thomas A. Edison
Thanks, Mrs. Rowzie for helping us with math!
Very proud of our 8th graders getting their VGA's done! Awesome job!
great job BMMS volleyball team and cross country
Mrs. Hilbert has worked so hard to make testing run smoothly!
Just keep smiling!!! 🙂
Try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone is on a different journey!
Make every day a good day !

Amelia Minitch
I wanna say thank you to all the teachers and cafeteria ladies!
Each day is a new chance to do something kind!
Don't spill the chilli HELP clean it up!

Amelia Minitch