Gracie CamPbELL MaKe ME SmiLE
emily is my bestie, she is funny and really really nice
ScOtTi iS SoOoOoO nIcE
laNyia is soooooooooooooooooo nice
u all are amazing and so is kadence , briley , esther, claire , leah and mary chandler
Mea Shaver is my best friend
Karli Dudley is the best friend I could ever have!
Isabella and Aly are such good friends!
Presleigh, you are the best friend anyone could ask for, you make 7th period so fun.
~Aly Lumsden
Isabella Price is the best friend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Ashton Kessler For being my friend since kindergarten and being like a brother to me.
Have a nice day and believe in yourself no matter what!
-Mackenzie Roller get better soon you are so kind and amazing -Your BFF Cate Schooley
Lunch is really fun with eric, carter, patience, morgan, and emily.
Destiny, thank you for helping out in the hallway this morning!
Morgan Starr Thompson is my absolute best friend in the whole world she is funny, crazy, helpfull, loyal, and so pretty. I want you to know your my forever best friend and i love you so much.
A Shout Out to Voyager Readers
Thank you for working so hard and being polite, respectful and helpful to the substitutes while I was absent.

Camden Huffer is really funny!
Thx Jess for making my morning LOL!
Grady Campbell is a great friend- Noah
Grady Campbell is a great friend- Noah
Ms. Cerminara is a great teacher!
from Caleb
Jackson Weller, Johnny Ecoles, Isaac Yoder, and Caleb Booth are my best friends.
from Dalton
Zack Miller is smart friendly and safe
Jeffery Burrus has always been my best friend!
Dalton Coffey is always a nice friend.

Mr.Sullivan Is the best teacher in the world.
Brielle Jarvis, Aurora Ferrish, and Chyanne Wilkins are the best people in sixth grade and don't forget Brooke Hodge. Luv ya
Clarabelle and Maddy are good friends.
I love Mrs. Ratliff's 3rd period!!!!!!!!
I like Austin Roberts's new haircut!
Emma Ambler is so cool. She is really funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leah Bryant is so nice and funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ella is my bestieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!
Kylee is the best person ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Logan Austin is so nice- Sky
The Trailblazers did an amazing job on the field trip. Each member represented BMMS, the Team, and best of all themselves in a respectable way.
Thank you Tyla Martin for always making me laugh! --Adalyn
Thank you Ella Swoop for being my bff!! --Olivia Pitchford
Mrs. Martin, our school secretary, rocks! If you have a problem, she knows where to find the answers! Thank you, Mrs. Martin, for all that you do for us daily!
Thank you Taylor for being a great friend. - Kadyn Harris
Maddy Sage you are an amazing friend!!
Jackson Smith is so funny and he is very helpful! -Happy
Serria Back, Audrey Wallace, and Avery Bradley are great friends and I am happy to have them!
Makarah Hollinger is the best person ever!
Kimber is the best, she is pretty and smart and my best friend
Justin is the beast and the best and super tall (p.s. - get shorter)
Taylor Grimm is the best friend, she is nice and caring!!
Autumn Armstrong is The nicest BFF I could ever ask for love u BFF????.From Landon.S
Abrianna Talley is the best BFF ever. Love you so much BFF From Landon????????????

Dolce Dobson is so pretty, funny, and nice. She is an amazing best friend and I love her sooo much
Mr. Puckett, Mr. Glenn, and Mr. Crawford are amazing custodians! Thank you so much for all that you do!
Thank you to my 8th period class!! My room looked great:) - Mrs. Scotti:)
Preston McCauley was seen being a helpful friend!! Thanks Preston:)
Mrs. Howdyshell is an awesome principal! She works so hard to make sure all students are safe and supported here at school.
Matteo is my best friend and likes minecraft and fortnite.
Ms. Sheffer is so kind and caring! She is the best!
Camden Gee and Shane Fitzgerald are great friends.
Mrs. Hilbert,
Thank you for all you do for our seventh graders! Please know that your hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed.
Thank you to the following students:Trailblazers: Gavin Barnet & Voyagers: Mason Waymack for being my best friends.

-Kegan Woolford
Kamryn Allen is a good friend to have!
Isabella Hodge is the best friend ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mariah Roberts is my best friend!
Congratulations to my Valley Honor Band students!
Evelyn Boody
Abigail Tripp
Lauren Ghidoni
Karina Bondaruk
Rachael Carter
Amberly Phillips
Mackenzie Roller
Kaden Lyle
Audrey Wallace
Reagan Campbell
Avery Bradley
Andrew Rathburn
Ryan Workman
Cole Reed
Neven Columbo (1st alternate)
Wilamina LaRose (2nd alternate)
Zoe Mahaffey (2nd alternate)
Proud of ALL of my amazing students!
I just wanted to say thank you to Ella B. , Lily L. , and Faith B. You girls are so amazing and you three are always there for me. Yโ€™all are funny and just amazing to be with! - Karli ????
I just wanted to say thank you to Ella B. Lily L. And Faith B. You girls are so amazing and you three are always there for me. Yโ€™all are funny and just amazing to be with! - Karli ๐Ÿ˜Š
Parker Fix is an awesome friend
Thank you Jason Lynn for helping me put out computers today for testing. It was very kind of you!
Mrs.Rohrbaugh is one of the greatest teachers ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Presley Heavener is the best person I have EVER met! She is kind, funny, super sweet, and loving. I don't know what I would do without her in my life. Thanks Pres for always being there for.
Your bestie, Mackenzie โค

Gweynth is my best friend ever and forever.
Mea Shaver is my best friend!!!
-Mackenzie Roller
Mackenzie Roller Is the BEST PERSON EVER!!
Mackenzie Roller is the most amazing friend ever!!
Sky Moran is my BESTIE!
Mackenzie Roller is the best!
Sky is so nice!
Lilly Harris and Makarah Hollinger are the greatest friends I have ever had. I am so thankful I get to hang out and ride horses with them. I am glad they are my best friends.
LaNyia, Deonna, Emily, Erika, Presley, Kara, Makinzie, Madison and everyone else I forgot are my best friends and I'm glad that I met them either this year or throughout the years. I'm glad that y'all are my best friends.
To Madison
<3 Mackenzie

Mrs. Cooper is the 7th grade teacher!
Dear Jackie, Madison, Presley, Kara, Taylor, Julia, Jackson, Dalton, and Madi C.
Taylor Hasset is the most amazing, fun, crazy, and energetic person you have ever met. Thanks for being my bestie!
Mackenzie Roller is a great friend to me and many others and I'm glad to be her friend.

Taylor Hassett

To Madison:
Mrs. Cooper is the best teacher 7th grade teacher.
Miss Cerminara is the best history teacher ever!!
Gabe Lloyd is a very nice friend.
Hi ????-Gabe
Howard is the Best - Eli
Kayleigh Hemp is a nice cousin
Madison is my most favorite person ๐Ÿ˜
Ashton Hagy is my best friend, so is Brody Phillips,
and so is Preston McCaully, and so is Chase Donathan.
I wanted to thank Brody Phillips and Hunter Showalter for being great friends to me
Mariah Roberts is a really good Friend!๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿฎ
Grace and natalie are great friends :mariah Roberts ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‹
Matthew is the best!
matthew is the best
Natalie has been a good friend to me and to other people. from Mariah Roberts ????????