Be the reason someone smiles today. You are a million reasons why I smile. -Kylie Cometto
Pt. 2 my dog is beautiful
Brooklynn - is a very good kid and she shows steers and loves horses and she also is very caring and kind. She loves hunting and fishing!!!!!
Addy- is the best loves horses and shows steers she is very caring and kind...…..AND I THINK SHE IS THE CLASS CLOWN ALONG WITH SAWYER!!!!!!
and she is my best friend.
jonah is amazing he is always there and hes always in a great mood he is really funny and just nan amazing guy!!!

-a person
When your grades start going down..
You gotta love spooky season and pretty, scary decorations πŸ–€πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ§‘
my dog is beautiful
Here is Matt Matt the fat cat 😻😹
When you realize that it’s only Wednesday.
Here is Meow Meow 😻
Houston, we have a problem... Moon's Haunted!
Sawyer is in 6th grade and he is so nice and is always smiling I am happy to be his friend.-C
Thank you Mrs.Shriver for being extremely helpful throughout High School. To not only me but all of your students. I really appreciate your dedication! ????
Thank you Mr.Johnson for everything you do for the school. We appreciate your hard work and dedication. πŸ™‚
Kierra N Is a Awesome person to hang out with or just to talk to. She’s Kind and funny! She Is also one of those people that is Impossible to be mad at!
Pamlea is an amazing she always lifts me up when someone is being rude. She will always think about others before herself. She shares her food. she will always be nice. Shes a good friend. and she will always be here for me. -Kylie Cometto
Kylie is an amazing friend.She always makes me laugh,she is always trying to make new friends.I am so thankful to be her friend

Aj Olerich, from seventh grade, so nice and funny. He always seems to light up any room he enters. It's so nice to have him around because we never have to worry about not being able to reach anything. #60 MSFB
Happy Halloween people!...except it's not really the day Halloween yet...IT'S SPOOKY SEASON!!
Jake is the best makerspace aide and he is the best friend I could ask for. I don’t know what I would do without him. I would give the world for him.
we appreciate everything you've done for us and this school joe fasho:)

Welcome to Asotin Michaela! We hope you have a fantastic experience here:)
β€œWhy are all the most Beautiful flowers hidden? Because no one can see them for their true beauty.”

- Anonymous

Jackson, love you man
It's Spooky Season from here to the moon.
Joe is a fantabulous librarian. Make sure to visit the library and check out a good book.
A big shout out to all the teachers at Asotin High School. You got this!
Pamela is so nice. She makes your day. I hope she has a very bright future. Her sister renata is the queen of nice. Renata treats everyone so well, so dose pamela. Renata is a bright person and her and pamela can rule the world.
Madi b. is amazing ,funny and kind of smart.She always make us laugh. Her best friends are Pamela,Kylie and Sascha
EVERYBODY IS cool and everybody is a banana
It's spooky season!
Pamela is avery kind and funny vsco girl she is a very good friend, and i hope she does well in school
Sascha is funny and a amazing friend .She is always trying to make people laugh.And feel better
"Turn your can'ts into cans and your dreams into plans!"
Hay there πŸ˜‰πŸ΄
Hello from Matt Matt and Meow Meow! 😻😽

Welcome to Banned Book Week! Have fun getting arrested!
Kylie is in sixth grade. She always knows how to make people laugh, she has a good heart, and is a very good friend!!!!!! She is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet and will always find a way to make you laugh:))))
Renata Garcia is Awesome she always knows what to do shes like my older sister for example she always looks out for me not just me but all her friends.
Pirsila Masis is an amazing friend she is always there to talk to, I can always count no matter what it is she is one of the strongest people I know.
Good Luck Panther Football at the game tonight!!
Me when I show up to Asotin High School and Ian is already there:
Navpreet is in seventh grade. She is a very good friend and always makes people laugh!!! Navi is very awesome and is always positive with a smile on her face!!!:)
Reganne i love u lots gorl, you are an amazing human and im so so proud of you! i know things aren't easy, but i believe in you. you're beautiful!
also, this bible quote has helped me a lot(:

2 Timothy 4:17,"But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength."
Mrs bonfield is one of the most amazing loving and help teacher she is awesome she works hard and does her best to help us all she is funny and loves to have fun and learn i am so glad she teaches at asotin she is one amazing teacher i love her thanks Mrs bon field we love you mrs bonfeild you my fav teacher everrrrrrrrr
Have a good day!
: )
Kendall is a seventh grader she is athletically amazing, mentally amazing , she makes everyone laugh, never say no if you want to hang out, she is always open to talk to, she is amazing.
Ian you shiver me timbers