100% spellers for the week of March 12, 2020!

These kids are SENSATIONAL spellers!

Go Team Wingfield!!
These kids are on a STREAK! 100% spellers for the week of March 5, 2020!

Go Team Wingfield!!
HELLO Peoples Of This world!
Welcome back, Mr. Baldus!
Oops they did it again!

Team Wingfield Firsties scoring 100% on their spelling test taken on Feb. 21, 2020!
Pamela is an amazing person she is always thinking about other people before herself. She is a hardworking student too
A round of applause for these perfect spellers from Team Wingfield!

100% on February 13, 2020!

Say hello to Mr.Johnson today!
Have a great day!!! Smile lots and laugh more 💓
Joe is the best library man
Aalicia’s new hair cut looks amazing!
SeNiOr PowER
Destiny's question of the day...
Alysa Watson is such a kind loving person. She will listen to anyone and makes everyone smile! Keep going girly you're amazing!
The happy couple and the Sheriff's Posse.
Hope you're having a wonderful day! and if you're not, you're not alone!
Kolbie and Kendra are cool
You got his Kendra! Only 4 more months!
I got 4 months and I’m out!!!! Woohoo
Is it crazy how saying sentences backwards creates backwards sentences saying how crazy it is?
-Destinys Question of the Day
Thank you Asotin Ziptrip for your donations for the seniors.
Kendra is something else😂
You’re cool!
Cameron Clovis is very handsome and nice
Have a good day
There will be a lot of fun in The Wizard Beyblade Club so please join us for a lot of fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Requirement: 1 beyblade or more.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This week's members of Team Wingfield who earned a 100% on their spelling test!

January 30, 2020
Come on down to the library and see the Baby Yoda factory!
Join the Wizard Beyblade Club! Requirements: 1 beyblade. That's all! If you wish to join and meet the requirement, you can find us in the library at lunch, or outside by the metal trash can. -Club leader, Gavin
Have you ever thought of olives being salty grapes
Im very thankful for the cheer team this school has. If it wasn't for these girls pushing me to be my best, I probably wouldn't be here. Thank you girls for being amazing.
A shout out of appreciation to Mr. Erickson and Mr. Higgins for your efforts in the AHS Library & Media Center and for bringing Teams to AASD. You have the best interests of all us at heart.
Say hi to the new librarians Kolbie and Kendra!
Mrs. Wingfield is awesome!
Kassidy Hawkins is the most fun person to be around and the most sincere to. She gives people hugs when they need them and makes people. She is a great friend to have. <3
Cooper Moss is my brother and he loves Underarmour!!!!!!!!!!!
Connor is my brother and he is very nice!!!!!!
Have a great day peoples of this world!
Gavin is a good friend and he is awesome and he is a good beyblader. From Eain
Miranda always has a smile for everyone at the crosswalk! 😊
Chase Engle, Dylan Finney, Spencer Siegler, Aneysa Judy, and Hannah Appleford are an amazing student board because they are kind to everyone, they are hard working, great students, and they are great friends. I just thought they needed a little more recognition for how well they run the 6th grade, and to say thank them for all they have done.
-Your Secretary.
One of my best buds since 3rd Grade has been Parker Stewart because he has been kind, funny, and he helped me grow into asotin, and helped me grow into a better person. Parker, if you are reading this, thanks for being one of the best of friends!
-Noah Saltz

im proud of all the hard work you've been doing, dont give up(:
My brother is Connor Schnatterle and he is the best brother in the whole wide world, Sophia is my sister and she is in 6th grade
taylor finney is perfect
brooklyne is perfect
jade is perfect
kinsey is perfect