Parker is a very funny funny person and fun to be around person.
-Jonah. A
20 days until Christmas!
Chase is an insane friend he always wears shorts to school even with snow on the ground but he is one of my best friends.
Let your smile change the world
But don't let the world change your smile.
Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until its a memory.

Dr. Seuss
Every day might not be good
but there is sometimes good in every day!
The harder you work for something, the greater you feel when you achieve it.
Senora Pratt para hacer que la clase de español sea divertida!
¡Hola es sam el gato sombrero!
Merry almost Christmas! 🎄
Jocelyn Wells is the most amazing, kind, and loving person I have ever met. I am so happy that she is my friend.You are gorgeous and very smart when you are determined to do something.
Have a great week
Hope you all have a great hallmark movie season❤️
Today is a new day , what happened yesterday is the past , tomorrow is the future. Let go of yesterday ,stop thinking of the past . its your choice to see a new day and make it a wonderful one - Bunny
Thank you Jake, Keagan and Mason for presenting to the school board.
jackson is very kind hearted and he always says hi to anyone he passes(: you're a great person.
Thanksgiving is almost here cant wait
Thank you for being great library patrons, Ame'lie and Tristan!
Hope everyone has the besttttt day‼️
The makerspace is real cool for cool people to do cool things.
I love the community we have made painting miniatures in the makerspace. We all can't wait to get in the makerspace to check on our 3d prints and paint our figures. It makes me excited to come to school to see the progress my friends have made.
Amazing job to everyone who is printing then painting the 3-d prints. They look awesome!
We have started a voluntary sweatshop for D&D miniatures. It's pretty cool.
Great work by the MakerSpace crew!
Hope your day is great!
my dog is BEAUTIFUL pt 4
hey this is a classic but liv life and love it and defenetly make the most of it .
everyone is cool in their own way
hello everyone and everyone is awesome
queso hopes everyone has an amazing day 🙂
My boys are BEAUTIFUL! pt 3
dear school, i've been here for a long time and i've loved this school ever since i've been here it amazing and i'm going to be here until i Graduate school

-- Keira kemper

Everyone is unique and amazing in their own way and that is one of the reasons that you should be you yourself - Fynn Felkins
Joe is the best he is so kind and I thank you for all your hard work
how I see the lion king

Halloween is coming!! OwO
Leilani is kind a sweet, she's a good artist and she does soccer! I honestly think she's the bestest friend i could ever have (although she hates it when people doubt things about something she's right about...) Hopefully we can stay good friends! -Unknown
good job aalicia
Another cute basket pic🖤
Going wayyyy up river is honestly the best 😍
Be the reason someone smiles today. You are a million reasons why I smile. -Kylie Cometto
Pt. 2 my dog is beautiful
Brooklynn - is a very good kid and she shows steers and loves horses and she also is very caring and kind. She loves hunting and fishing!!!!!
Addy- is the best loves horses and shows steers she is very caring and kind...…..AND I THINK SHE IS THE CLASS CLOWN ALONG WITH SAWYER!!!!!!
and she is my best friend.
jonah is amazing he is always there and hes always in a great mood he is really funny and just nan amazing guy!!!

-a person
When your grades start going down..
You gotta love spooky season and pretty, scary decorations 🖤🎃👻🧡
my dog is beautiful