Vicky Macha

She is always willing to help whenever needed. She calls home to talk with parents & is happy to translate any letters we need.

She is always looking out for the child’s best interest (academically and/or socially ).

She is an amazing teacher! Our students & staff are lucky to have her!
Vicki Macha

She comes to work with a smile every day, positive attitude, & is a team player!

She always has a positive attitude, is kind to staff and students.

She has been a model employee & a great team worker & she’s just the best!
Rhonda Jackson

She is always friendly and smiling to staff and kids alike.
Tiffany Silva-Sales

She is always pleasant and tries very hard to answer any questions I may have, this may be her first year working in our district, but I feel she is already an asset.
Stephanie Taraba

She is a new teacher in the building but works beautifully with everyone. She is always positive & optimistic with her team mates. She teaches a challenging group of youngsters with unique abilities & has pushed all of them to succeed! I feel so lucky to have Stephanie on our team & I hope she stays with our district for a long time!!
Robin O'Deete

She is always willing to help & really goes above & beyond for the students she works with. She keeps a positive attitude & has amazing patience with her students.

For always being positive & encouraging with teachers & students. She is an outgoing, supportive, & flexible paraprofessional.

Melissa Ragel

She goes above and beyond every day for all of her students. She makes learning fun and makes you want to come to school.
Patti Gervais

She is a great listener & welcomed me to MGS with open arms as a first year teacher here. She allowed me to come into her room to help her students with Math & works hard for all of her students.
Sue Roberts

She is a caring and helpful person who always has a smile and the wisdom of a sage.
Anna Lippner

It is hard to miss just how much she cares about the students.
Michelle Luby

Readily takes on challenging situations, such as students who are showing behavior & academic difficulties. She meets students where they are at & she stays positive, only focusing on what solutions will work for a particular child. She is enthusiastic & shows inspiring initiative when tackling difficult situations.

Mary Cosentino

She runs her room with such calm and composure that all kids feel safe and know what’s expected.
On staff, Tina Rangel is delightful. You can hear her laughter reverberate through the halls–she easily finds the joy around her & celebrates it. In an EB meeting she is flexible & willing to take on tasks to make the department function smoothly-she understands the notion of team. She is an excellent EB ambassador-parents are soothed by her expertise, warm affect & genuine concern for their child
Tina Rangel - Even in the summer, she is thinking of her students -- she participates in trainings to learn new curriculum and enhance her classroom instruction because she recognizes that a teacher is always learning, always growing.
Tina Rangel moves throughout the room constantly, checking on progress & praising students’ effort & product. Our children know without a doubt that Mrs. Rangel cares for them & does all that she can to help them – everything she does for our kids comes from a place of love.
I nominate Tina Rangel. I remember watching her teach a lesson to our kindergarten students prior to being hired. I immediately loved her energy & positivity & knew we had to make her a part of the Arbor 145 team. In the classroom, she differentiates for her EB learners, making sure to meet students where they're at in order to build students’ self-efficacy & accelerate their growth.
Tina Rangel for her professionalism, caring & dedication to her students.
She is a strong advocate for our students. She continuously goes above & beyond to ensure her students have their academic needs met. She is truly concerned for the emotional well being of all of her current & former students & will work closely with families to ensure they are successful.
Tina Rangel is an excellent teacher that puts her heart & soul into her students. She goes above & beyond to meet the students needs & help them succeed. She is someone that is willing to translate at meetings & on phone calls to help staff communicate with parents. She is an advocate for her students & will ensure that they are given every opportunity to thrive.
Tina Rangel goes above & beyond for her students. She makes time in her busy schedule to provide academic interventions for students who are showing difficulty accessing the curriculum. She has great rapport with students & their families, it’s obvious they trust her knowledge & expertise. She is truly here for the students and it it’s a pleasure to work with her.
Tina Rangel is credible, respectful, & committed to her students & families. She reaches out to peers for support & suggestions in how to improve her instructional approaches. She is ambitious, has strong work ethic characteristics, & a team player. She is as real as you’re going to get!
I would like to nominate Tina Rangel, she is a strong advocate for our students. She continuously goes above and beyond to ensure her students have their academic needs met. She is truly concerned for the emotional well being of all of her current and former students and will work closely with families to ensure they are successful.
Tina Rangel

Tina Rangel whenever she comes to KHS for ELL things, she brings a great energy!

I vote for Tina Rangel in MGS. She is an excellent teacher that is always differentiating for her students & knows how to make learning fun.

Tina Rangel for employee of the month, She does great work with our ELL friends!

Handing out devices!
Panda Chris, Panda Simon, Panda Dave, Mr. Evans and Chris DeBouche
Thanks for handing out lunches!
Ms. Hogan, Dr. O'Keeffe, Mrs. Forrest, Mrs. Fransen and Mr. Flynn
SHOUT OUT TO THE PANDAS. They are always kind and patient. They never complain and always, always, ALWAYS go above and beyond expectations to make sure teachers are taken care of. THANK YOU PANDAS. I'D BE LOST WITHOUT YOU.
Ms. Nix is always caring and compassionate!
Gail Lutzka

She always gives a smile and a friendly wave to the teachers on bus duty before and after school.

I imagine she is just as kind to the kids on her bus.
Rick Gonzales

Whenever he comes to bring the mail, deliver the food, etc., he is always in a good mood, awesome attitude that although it is always so busy at our school, his smile and positive outlook on life is amazing.

As a bus driver he has ensured that all children riding his bus are aware of safety rules and behavior expectations.

He deserves this recognition!!!!!
Darcia Smith

She is always friendly, kind and caring to both the kids and staff.

She is excellent with the kids, funny, and runs a tight ship!
Alma Virgen

She does such a great job helping establish open communication with our Spanish speaking families.

She also runs some of our most challenging routes that have students with behavior, emotional and significant health concerns.

Thank you for all you do, Alma!!
Julian Rodriguez

He sets the tone everyday for our building.

He always has a huge smile and a kind word for every staff member.

Any need that a staff member has he takes care of it immediately.

He is willing to stop his duties and drive a bus route whenever needed.

I appreciate his constant attendance and willingness to make our building a great place to work in.
Deborah Coyle

I have worked with her for many years & can't think of a time that I did not see her smile.

She is always so pleasant with the students, parents & co-workers.

She has a wonderful attitude & is always willing to go out of her way to make other people’s day better.

She is the type of person that you want to be around.
Kris Fransen

She is always friendly & goes way beyond to help us at Arbor Park. She is the best!

She's always professional & does her best every day for families in our district.

Does a great job & has been doing so for many years.

She is such a wonderful & flexible person. She is always ready & willing to help anytime I have issues with field trips & buses.

She is awesome!

Tina Rangel
You're a great example of what fantastic teaching exemplifies. You're a strong advocate for our students who often struggle with being understood and heard. Your talent is natural and unique! Keep shining and being you!

Nitza Adrianzen

You are so dedicated to your job. Just about all of our students have needed your help at one point, not to mention us teachers!
Thank you for the extra help- translating, offering advice, and being a positive person every day. We are truly lucky to have you.

Thanks Patty Kuzel!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Patty Kuzel!!!!!!
Thanks Patty Kuzel!!!!!!!
Feda Mizyed

Goes above & beyond her responsibility. Has shown her dedication & commitment to the district not only as parent but as a skilled paraprofessional. Always willing to help out whether it be translating or making copies. She truly understands what it means to put the kids first. Not only is she a great paraprofessional but she is a GREAT co worker.

Thanks for all that you do Feda!
Jessica Dominguez

For going above & beyond the norm in order to help our new Russian student feel safe & comfortable in school.

She purchased novels in Russian for him to keep so he can continue to read & grow in his native language.

Hannah Carroll

Is very supportive of all students, communicates very well with students.

She was very supportive of me during a difficult situation with a student.

Handles stress & difficult situations gracefully.
Britta Beardsley

She has been doing a wonderful job with the challenging Wit & Wisdom curriculum.

Accepted additional responsibilities working with a struggling student to make sure he progresses with his classmates.

Professional & confident in her parent interactions & maintains a positive attitude as an example for all!
Tina Ziegler

She is an awesome colleague.

She was also one of my daughters favorite teachers & still keeps in contact with her!

She is always willing to help when needed.

She is there for her students & colleagues.
Mary Denson

She is quite an outstanding employee, willing to do what it takes to accomplish any task that is assigned to her, without any whys, why me or can someone else do it.

You can always count on Mary for any & all tasks that you assign to her.

Always available to help anyone.
Anne Jula

Keeps everything in this building running smoothly, is always knowledgeable & helpful, & is a master of multi-tasking!!

Always greets everyone with a smile, even though she is pulled in a million different directions!

She's extremely organized & dedicated to our school!

She is truly the best.
Travis DeYoung

He is always ready to jump in to support our students and schools in any way he can.

He is always pleasant and the kids really enjoy having him.
Rachel Scott

Is a strong advocate for our students, always willing to step in to help teachers with strategies & ideas to help our students reach their full potential.

She is calm & respectful to not only district employees but to parents during uncomfortable situations

She is our voice of reason when student concerns arise.
Jim Ryan

Does an outstanding job reaching all of his students & makes history come alive in his classroom.

I love his unorthodox approach to teaching Historical events & the passion with which he teaches.

Takes the time to help students with any matters outside of the classroom.

Students know they can reach out to him & they respect his confidentiality & advice he provides them.
Amanda Petit

She cares so much about her students & spreads so much positivity.

She also did an amazing job organizing the winter concert.
Sandy Bahena

She is so thorough & always does her job with a smile.

I love working with her.

She is always helpful & has a great sense of humor
Nicole Harker

She is the most positive staff member I’ve ever worked with!

Constantly researching new teaching strategies & implementing them with her students.

A pro at differentiating to all ability levels in her classroom & she sets an example for both the general education & special education staff.

Students feel safe & cared for with Nicole & they regularly seek her out
Trish Stilts

She's a great mentor to me, her official mentee.

She is hard-working. She's thoughtful & thorough in her work with the 5th & 6th grade math teachers.
Sam Jones

We would never survive without him.

He is the hardest working employee at Arbor.

He is always extremely helpful with the teachers, great with the students, highly visible in the hallways & always has a positive attitude.

We are so lucky to have him on staff at Arbor Park.

He does a great job every single day!
Amanda Hessling

On a daily basis Amanda works to help meet her students diverse needs.

She is always willing & ready to jump in & support any teacher when needed.

Amanda is always eager to learn new ways to support the students.
Karen Loffredi

She is compassionate and puts students first in every facet of her daily work.
Kristen Timm

She is such a kind patient teacher.

She goes above and beyond to make learning fun for all of her students!
Sandy Forrest

She always seems to be willing to jump in where she is needed and she has such a kind demeanor with the kids.
Geri Howard

Not only does Geri work at SOS, she also has students at another building. Even split between two buildings, she continues to participate in meetings for various Special Education, Problem Solving Team, & screenings for both schools.

She gives everything to ALL teachers, & is truly a valuable member of our staff.