Congrats January Grads:
Amelia Dixon
Rainie Humphries
Dom Johnson
Devin Jones
Bella Mancina
Gavin Spurlock
Josh Stewart
Kaileigh Totzke
Ian Wagner
Trevor Noah's memoir, Born A Crime, is a wild look into his childhood as a mixed-race kid in South Africa. If you like him as a comedian, you'll love reading about his life! It's a quick and interesting read!
Congrats to our December nominees for showing EMPATHY (2) 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏
Maren K.
Leilani C.
Angie T.
Leilani C.
Cameron M.
Sophia S.
Tanner T.
Cristian T.
Congrats to our December nominees for showing EMPATHY (1) 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏
Liam G.
Roberto F.
Jerry O.
Ava D.
Ian W.
Sophie K.
Erin R.
Avery G.
Ian Wagner we are so very proud of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Mom and Dad ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Thank you to all APCS teachers and staff for your dedication to our students! ❤️🤗
So proud of you, Jacob Papp, for good reports last quarter! Finish strong with this next quarter! ❤️😊
I truly enjoyed the Thanksgiving banquet. 💚
Congrats to the November nominees: Leadership and Gratitude 🗝💯
*Sophia Sarate
*Avery Garrison
*Luis Brito
*Jacob McBeth
*Christian Campbell
*Janell White
*Ian Feebish
*Olivia McGraw
*Leilani Cruz
*Andrew Villalobos
*Jerry Ohneck
*Annalise Knieper
*Avery Garrison
*Liam Galea
*Gavin Spurlock
*John Edgil
*Mariana Gonzalez-Bartolo
Andrew, I'm proud of you for using your free time wisely to finish that Essay! Keep up the good work!
Good job Marquis on finishing one of your CR classes. Keep working hard, almost done!
Reggie, great job getting through your 1st CR class!
Shout-out to Malik on finishing both his CR classes! Way to go!
Cristian, way to go in 1st block! Keep pushing forward!
Great job in 1st block Jacob! Keep up the good work!
Congrats on being UNSTOPPABLE! 👏

Alexa Barbosa-Rios
David Branch
Servando Carmona
Malik Chavis
Nevaeh Clark
Ashley Davenport
Aidan Dicks
Amelia Dixon
John Edgil
Roberto Flores
Liam Galea
Mariana Gonzalez-Bartolo
Jenna Gregory
Kaitlyn Guerra
Rainie Humphries
Jasmin Lara
Aaron Lovelace
Bella Mancina
Jacob McBeth
Shane Nation
Jerry Ohneck
Congrats on being UNSTOPPABLE! 👏

Ariana Riley
Reggie Shorter
Gavin Spurlock
Josh Stewart
Ian Wagner
Malachi York
Avery Garrison
Diego Jimenez
Jayme Lemay
Mia Mancina
Casandra Martinez
Olivia McGraw
Tyler Mollner
Jack Scrupsky
Daniel Toler
Connor Sarate
Cristian Terry
Andrew Villalobos
Hats on being UNSTOPPABLE!

Alexa Barbosa-Rios
David Branch
Servando Carmona
Malik Chavis
Nevaeh Clark
Ashley Davenport
Aidan Dicks
Amelia Dixon
John Edgil
Roberto Flores
Liam Galea
Mariana Gonzalez-Bartolo
Jenna Gregory
Kaitlyn Guerra
Rainie Humphries
Jasmin Lara
Aaron Lovelace
Bella Mancina
Jacob McBeth
Shane Nation
Jerry Ohneck

Congratulations to these students for PERFECT ATTENDANCE - Quarter 1!

👍David Branch
👏Gavin Spurlock
🙌Malachi York
👍Amar Algahmee
🙌Alexa Barbosa-Rios

You R.U.L.E!

Hailey you’re my bestfriend and I love you🥺❤️Thank you for being such a great bestfriend and never letting me down🥺 thank you for always being there for me and thank you for being yourself!! We’re in this together❤️ Forever and always!! I LOVE YOU BESTFRIEND
Yeater's 1st bell had an amazing first quarter--enjoy those breakfast burritos!
Congratulations to all of our October Nominees for BEING UNSTOPPABLE and HAVING COURAGE. YOU R.U.L.E.!
Avery Garrison
Jasmin Lara
Alysah Balnius
Aaron D Lovelace,
Connor Sarate
Malachi York
Mariana Gonzalez
David Branch
Jayme Lemay
Jacob Papp
Zechariah Weatherbee
John Edgil
Shane Nation
Gustavo Sifuentes
Ashley Davenport
Ian Feebish
Jacob McBeth
Andrew Villalobos
Keep up the good grades Kaileigh!
Bailey, passing all of your classes!!! Great work!
Great job passing all of your classes Cristian!!!
Great job Ariana, keep it up!
Nice job Jacob, ALL A's!!!
Jayme, great job in ALL your classes!
Great job in ALL your classes Alysah!!!
Thank you Zach W for always being so polite and respectful!

~ Ms. Mohney
Thank you Sophia for helping out in Algebra class today!

~ Ms. Mohney
thank you calvillo for always looking out for me and helping me thru my rough times 🖤
Thank you, Mr. Laura, for thinking of the kindness wall!!
Jayme, your doing GREAT!! Stay focused, WE are so PROUD of you!!! Keep it up!!! You’ve totally GOT THIS!!!! We Love you!!! Mom and Dad!!
Nevaeh is the best cat (^0.0^)
even if you dont think it now.. you are so much stronger than you think. tomorrow is always another day.. xoxo
Mr Barry makes class fun to learn about !!!
Mr andrews is such a great teacher and person !!!
have a good day mar mar much love stay on task ❤️
Mr. Johnson is my favorite teacher
Remember Mrs. Robertson? She was dope
What are you GRATEFUL for?
Write it on my GRATEFUL PUMPKIN!
~Ms. Calvillo
Come to the OUT OF THE DARKNESS WALK - Community Walk to Fight Suicide

~October 9th (Downriver - Lake Erice Metro Park)
~October 16th (Downtown Ferndale)

*Invite your family & friends and take part in this powerful experience to bring change.

-Christian Campbell
-John Edgil
-Zechariah Weatherbee
-Jerry Ohneck (Nominated 3 times!)
-Levi Gajewski
-Sophie Kerr
-Ryan Bradley
-Roberto Flores
-Marquis Chavis
-Malik Chavis
-Luis Brito-Telleria
-Shane Nation
-Tyler Mollner
-Bailey Vance
-Josh Stewart
-Jack Scrupsky
-Alexa Barbosa
Aaron Lovela
Christian Campbell- I love you and am so proud of your hard work! You will ALWAYS be my baby! ❤️
Love, your mom 😘
Mr.Andrews is one of the best teacher I have this year!!! I’m so excited to have him as a teacher ????!!
The lunch ladies are underated💅
Mr. Andrews' 1st block 100% ATTENDANCE, on a Friday! Woo whoo!!!!
Connor S...
Your hard work is paying off...
You are rocking all 3 math classes!

Keep it up!
~ Ms. Mohney
Alysah B & Jacob S, thanks for being so AWESOME in class!
Bella F, keep up the good work! You've got this!
Kaileigh T, GREAT job getting caught up!
Breathe. If you're having a bad day, remember, it's only a bad day, not a bad life. Keep your heads up, you got this. I'm always here for you. Now smileeeee
PSA: EVERYBODY wear a costume to school the closest day to Halloween we have of school. YOU TOO TEACHERS!!!

It'll be fun, you know you want to
Aye Feebs, I see you
This is your shoutout, Mr. Johnson
Cristian T, great job in class today!
Thank you APCS staff for your daily encouragement to all students🙌💪

~Jake’s Mom 😎😆
Thank you for being so accommodating, Mr. Polo!!!!
"Fear is not evil. It tells you what weakness is. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder."

~Gildarts Clive (Fairy Tail)
“Don’t give up, there’s no shame in falling down! True shame is to not stand up again!”

~ Shintaro Midorima (Kuroko No Basket)
"The world isn't perfect. But it's there for us, doing the best it can....that's what makes it so damn beautiful."
~ Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist)
Thank you Mrs. Calvillo for nonstop talking to me about my problems!
Everyone is equal
Be the best you! <3
Do your best!
and if you fail that sucks...
but keep on trying!
SHOUT-OUT to APCS Staff!! I am thankful to work with such talented people!!
You are all so respectful, polite, and kind!!! This is going to be a great year!
Don't forget to eat and drink plenty of water! <3
Thank you Ms. Calvillo for helping me on the right pathway and being so supporting
andrew weatherbee you had an amazing voice ❤️‍????❤️‍????love cuzo
Community school kids RU.L.E
keep being swaggy
Angie Torres your doing an amazing job! KEEP IT UP????????
erik mimnaugh ~you work so hard keep up the good work buddy get some sleep ~you’re bestie 🤪
destinee you are an amazing person you are just perfect 💜💜💜have a good day love your fruity cousin~ the queen
Thank you to all the students and staff for making my first week here great!! ~ Mrs. Skupin
You R.U.L.E.

It was a great first week! Keep working hard and keep your goals in the front of your mind! You got this!!!
Grant W, great first week back! You got this.

Love Dad and Mom
Jacob Sadler- you can do it! We’re always with you, remember that! Love you! Mom and Lawrence
Shout out to all 4 of Polo's classes that have been on point and on task this week!
All Ms. Yeater's students who have SHOWED UP turned in bell ringers all week!
Sophie crushed her math worksheet today!
Thank you to all of my classes for making this first week back to school a great one!
~ Ms. Mohney
Christan & Andrew were quite helpful in class today!
Welcome to the 2021 - 22 School year! We are so glad you're here! ????
Great class today Ms. Mohney!!
Welcome Ms. Skupin!!
Welcome back Penguins!
Phone App Install Feature
Currently, YouUplift does not have an app located in the App Store. However, the following link provides simple instructions on how to easily turn your Kindness eWall into a homepage app for any mobile device: Phone App Install Instructions
(Great tech assignment for students!)
Website Embed Feature
This feature provides your Tech Team with a simple line of code that would allow you to embed your Rotating Display of Positive Messages into your school website, so that visitors can instantly see your messages.
Social Media Share Feature
This feature places Social Media Share Buttons on your entire Kindness e-Wall webpage or just on your Rotating Display only – whichever you prefer.
Yes! There are no Sign-Ups and no Log-Ins required in order to participate, as we collect no data or information of any kind. The platform is currently being used by large and small school systems throughout the country in almost all 50 states, and it has passed 100% of all school privacy regulations to date.
Yes! You can have all messages sent to as many faculty email inboxes as you’d like for Approval, and we can change or add to this list at any time.
Yes! Many of our schools do this, because if your students take to it – then the messages can begin to overflow your school email inbox at times. Not only will a separate gmail account prevent this from happening, but you can also make it accessible to all faculty members if you choose to.
You can either cast your Kindness Wall link from any internet device to any TV monitor via a chromecast or Apple TV device, or you can place your Kindness Wall link into the browser of any Smart TV that displays the internet browser. After doing either of these, then you can simply click the FULL SCREEN MODE button on your Kindness Wall, and your Rotating Display of Approved Messages will scroll non-stop and will update itself with newly Approved messages every 10 minutes.
Yes! You can edit the text of any message before Approving it. In addition, if you’d like to keep a message but would like to remove an included image… or if you’d like to keep an image and remove the text, then you can do this before Approving the message. Your Rotating Display will only display exactly what you choose to make visible.
If you still have the original email that the message came in on, then you can return to that email and access the Approval Page for that message and click the Delete button. This will override your initial Approval. If you do not still have the original email that the message came in on, then just copy/paste the message to us, and we can jump in the back office and remove it for you – no problem!
We can provide your Tech Team with a simple line of code that will allow them to embed your Rotating Display of Approved Messages onto your school website, so that they are visibly scrolling whenever anyone comes to your site.
The schools with the highest participation are those that provide their students with 5-10 minutes a week (during Homeroom, Character Education type classes, or classroom downtime) to use the Platform to submit positive messages about one another. They will then display their Rotating Display of Approved messages via classroom Smart Boards during Homeroom or will have a TV monitor in their cafeteria or commons area where all of their Approved Messages are scrolling all day long for everyone to enjoy.
The system is set to display the 100 most recently Approved messages, as older messages start falling out of the rotation in order to make room for the newer messages. However, we can increase or decrease this number to be whatever you’d like it to be.
Your subscription includes an unlimited number of messages and an unlimited number of displays for everyone in your school for the entire length of your subscription.
Yes and No. Your Kindness Wall is a web app, but it is not located in an App store. However, this link shows you how you can easily turn your Kindness Wall into an app for any android or apple device: Phone Web App Instructions