Be kinder than necessary. ?
Thank you morgain for being my valentine and loving me through all of my cringe, and thank you for being with me even tho I’m leaving, I love you
Thank you Alema S. for being a positive role model on campus and guiding others to make good decisions regarding behavior.
"I won't be afraid just as long as you stand, stand by me." - Ben E. King song
Thank you sara for being an amazing
cecile is so awsome sauce
Thankyou Jayla and Lyric and being super funny and always making me laugh ?
Hey Haruki you are beautiful And you make me smile
--Lennyk xoxoxo
Thank you to all of you who go above and beyond what you have to do to make someone else's day better!
If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours! ?
Thank you Sarah for being so so nice.
Thank you Morgain for being funny. Also thank you for being so cute!
Thanks Sarah for keeping my secrets and thank you so much for humbling me, everyday and letting me wear your clothes. Also thank you for letting me do your chores and babysit your sister, I am so blessed.
Thank you to Morgain for being so funny and sarcastic. I really enjoy hanging out with you and you are a great friend. I am so glad were friends. Even through you going to make that face when you see it cause its cringy, I love you.
thank you ansley for staying with me even if you arent here today and also shoutout to ava and ashley for being such good freinds even through my roughest times
Sending positive thoughts to all those needing them this week❤
isabela thank you for being such an amazing best friend to me!! i cant even put into words how much you mean to me. you’re beyond amazing. you’re incredibly gourgeous, smart, kind, funny, and all around an extraordinary person!! thank you so much for everything i cherish all of our memories!! i love you❤️❤️-mckaka
Thank you to the moderators who moderate the moderated uplift slideshow your moderation is greatly appreciated.
Happy Birthday Carson!
Thank you Monica, Nailah, Abi, Shannon, Capri, Armani, Ali, Dez, Ja'Niya, Sa'Niya, Nicole, Reagan, Lyric, Mogain for being the there for me when I need it or just being my friend!

Q: How do you fix a broken pizza?

A: With tomato paste! Have a happy day! 🙂
Thank you Nya, Naomi, Zeh, Mason, Skye, Sarah, Ava, and Kaytlin for being really good friends and REAL friends <3
I understand lately that there is a LOT of drama rn, But we need to come together and respect each other, if you don't like some there's no need to tell them, just don't talk to them, it's simple.There is no need to talk bad about someone because you don't like them. I know it is middle school and everyone want's to be "cool" or "seen" but there's no need
Ayden thank you for being mr sugar i appreciate it
annslee is the coolest friend i have <3
Thank you genesis for being my friend
Thank you Mr. Allen for being a good math teacher
Thank you Mrs. Kotula for dealing with our craziness 🙂
Thank you Malia and Kristina for being cool and making me laugh. 🙂
Mrs. Teraoka, Your smiles light up our days! 🙂
Gabriel, Javis, Kai and Tristan - u guys rock!

- Dominic
Gabriel R thank you for always being there for me and for making me laugh with your iconic voices! Best of luck to you in the future!

Your Best Friend,
Rapper D
Remember, no matter what, you're almost there, just keep going.
Thank you Raylan, Raymyson, and Giovanni for supporting me
thank you avaline c and kayla for being such good friends to me and not being mean to me
Keep working hard Panthers!! We're almost to the end of the year.
Thank you Mrs. Kotula for making ELA fun and interesting!
Thanks Joe for being a good friend

Happiness isn't what we get but what we give!
I wanna thank David H for being so kind to me all the time and being the best person to ever hang out w/ ! ! <3
I owe you a lot for being there for me all the time 😀
Thanks Mister Sissel for being such an amazing stem teacher to so many of us that do have your class! 🙂
Thank you so much to all my lovely friends aka Darlene, David, Thiabud, Saydee, Nana, Paris, Addy, Viv, and so much more for always being there to support me and be there for me when i need you guys the most!! <3 - babs
Thank you so much Sofia! you always make my day better when im sad, your my best friend and no one can change that. ❤️❤️
Thank you Mrs Dougherty for making math more fun!
Every season is the season to share a smile!?
Thank you Mrs. Milam for being a fun teacher and making Social Sudies fun!!!!
Thank you UPLINK for giving everyone something to do !
You are beautiful with any flaw.
Thank you to Mrs. Overton for being cool
Thanks Mr. Eldredge for being an amazing teacher!
Thank you Andrew for being my friend.
Thank you to Kairie, Kaliyah, Skye, Jasmine, Nailah, Monica, Waiama, London for always being there for me when I need it and you guys never fail to make me laugh. You all are my besties for everrrr <3
- Janae <3
Thank you Madison for linning up my hair cut
Never give up on yourself just do it nothing is impossible
To dixie,isabella,addison,and chito thanks for being a friend - Cheyenne
never give up and try your hardest
thank you genesis for being a good friend! you are the best
Have a nice day!
Thank you Mr. Zane for teaching me how to be a better musician.
I want to say thank you to Sarah and Yahir and everyone else who is kind and loving. Good luck guys!
hey, thanks to everyone for helping me with my homework. P lease be greatfull for everyone in your life. E verybody in AMS is amazing and helpful. N o other school can compete. I am super happy to attend. S chool is almost out for Fri-Yay!
Thank you AMS for helping me learn more about math, ELA, science, social studies, and more.
Thank you Max, Ryan, and Matthew for sticking with me.
I want to thank Haruki for being the best clarinet player who inspired me so much and helped me learn more. Thanks man!
you are so cool gavriella
Thanks D-10 Advisory for always sharing and participating in our SEL lessons. Never Give UP!!
dear Naomi, thank you sm for everything youve done for me!! your the funniest and smartest person ive ever met? youve grown sooo much since ive met you i thank you for being here and putting a smile on my face everyday<33 LOVE YOU !❤️
Thank you Mrs. Kotula for putting up with the crazy things we do! 🙂
Have a wonderful week! Keep smiling and trying your best!
thank you for being the best friend ever mckaykay.
thank you for being my bestfriend mason.
Be Merry and KIND!❤
thank you Gianna, Halia, Keilen, Sara, and Jaemee for being absolutely the bestest friends i could ever have. i come to school everyday happy and excited to hangout with you guys. i'll always keep all the laughs and memories we've had together. you guys have helped me so much. literally just thank you for everything yall have done to help me. can't wait to make more and more memo
i just say thank to monica,addy,john,janae,kairie etc. for being good friends, you guys always making my day the best.
One small act of kindness today may make a world of difference in another's life!
Thank you Ms. Kim for being a good teacher?
Thanks kaylie for being so silly and funny your one of my greatest friends and you treat me right and buy me so much food and treats and being such a good friend you are so funny like when you pranked us in the group chat that was super silly and funny thank you for being my friend
Thank you to Mckayla for being so fun to hang around she is so kind and fun and silly like when she sings in math class it is so funny she is an outstanding friend and so awesome. She makes so many fun jokes and makes every day a new adventure thank you for being my friend!
thank you mason 4 being such an amazing friend!!!! youre so nice, funny, smart, amazing, cute, and all around an outstanding friend. i appreciate you for being there for me when i start crying to taylor swift and thanks 4 helping me not fail math!!!! love u
thank you kaylie for being the BEST bestfriend ever!!!!!! you have really been a blessing to me. your'e so kind, funny, gourgeous, amazing, smart, and all around incredable. i appreciate you more than you could ever know!!!!! im so glad that we became friends, you've made my life a million times better, thank you 4 everything i love you so much <3
Thank you so much for Eve and Hailey for always being there for me! I also thank all of the teachers and staff for keep up the great work and making Aliamanu the best school I would ever want to be!
thank you Mr. Sissel you always help me when i need help or i'm confused and you never disappoint 🙂
"Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."
- Helen Keller
I want to thank Abi, Ali, Keilin, Kristina, Capri, Morgain, Katie, Lyric, and more for being there for me! <3
Thank You Richard for helping me just because I let him borrow a pencil!
thank you to my friends, Cecile and Hayleigh for being the most beautiful, caring, and resilient friends I've ever had. thanks for putting up w my drama.
Hey !
I just wanna give a big shout-out to my friends, Sadie, Sandra, and Jenna for being my REAL friends and not ditching me like others. You guys always have my back, ALWAYS and I wanna thank you so so so very much. Luv you all <3
Thank you LeeAnna for tolerating my presence ❤
thanks joe for being there for me it helped a lot

I am so thankful that I got to see Kaliyah again,it has been since 4th grade! Thanks for all the good memories we've had in the past and ones we have made recently!!!
thank you genesis for being a good friend even though you are emo but its ok because im emo too. without you i would be lonely! you are my best friend
Thank you to all my friends for making school fun!
Thank you malia for being smart and helping me out sometimes 🙂
Thank you Ms. Paek for giving us opportunities to raise our grade! 🙂 <3
Shout out to Raylan for keeping Advisory more interesting!
Happy early 14th Birthday Eli ??
We love u from the group
Phone App Install Feature
Currently, YouUplift does not have an app located in the App Store. However, the following link provides simple instructions on how to easily turn your Kindness eWall into a homepage app for any mobile device: Phone App Install Instructions
(Great tech assignment for students!)
Website Embed Feature
This feature provides your Tech Team with a simple line of code that would allow you to embed your Rotating Display of Positive Messages into your school website, so that visitors can instantly see your messages.
Social Media Share Feature
This feature places Social Media Share Buttons on your entire Kindness e-Wall webpage or just on your Rotating Display only – whichever you prefer.
Yes! There are no Sign-Ups and no Log-Ins required in order to participate, as we collect no data or information of any kind. The platform is currently being used by large and small school systems throughout the country in almost all 50 states, and it has passed 100% of all school privacy regulations to date.
Yes! You can have all messages sent to as many faculty email inboxes as you’d like for Approval, and we can change or add to this list at any time.
Yes! Many of our schools do this, because if your students take to it – then the messages can begin to overflow your school email inbox at times. Not only will a separate gmail account prevent this from happening, but you can also make it accessible to all faculty members if you choose to.
You can choose one of three ways to display your messages onto a facility TV monitor.
  1. HDMI CORD – Some schools will access their Kindness eWall on a laptop and run an HDMI cord to their TV monitor.
  2. CAST – Some schools will access their Kindness eWall via a tablet or device and will cast it to their TV monitor via a Chromecast or Apple TV device.
  3. SMART TV WITH INTERNET BROWSER – If your Smart TV has an Internet Browser (Samsungs), then you can place your Kindness eWall link in the browser and it will run from there.
Yes! You can edit the text of any message before Approving it. In addition, if you’d like to keep a message but would like to remove an included image… or if you’d like to keep an image and remove the text, then you can do this before Approving the message. Your Rotating Display will only display exactly what you choose to make visible.
You will have a back office ADMIN PANEL that will allow you to delete, edit, and approve messages (individually or in bulk).
You will have a back office ADMIN PANEL that will allow you to customize your colors, logo, title, and font size.
Upon your request, we can replace your current Anonymous Submission Form with a Form from your school’s email system (ex. Google Form). This makes messages come to you with the author’s email address included, and you simply COPY/PASTE the message onto your INSTANT POST Page in order to make it live.
(Note: Because messages are submitted through your school’s email system, the Kindness eWall collects no data or information – making it fall within all school privacy regulations.)
We can provide your Tech Team with a simple line of code that will allow them to embed your Rotating Display of Approved Messages onto your school website, so that they are visibly scrolling whenever anyone comes to your site.
The system is set to display the 100 most recently Approved messages, as older messages start falling out of the rotation in order to make room for the newer messages. However, we can increase or decrease this number to be whatever you’d like it to be.
Your subscription includes an unlimited number of messages and an unlimited number of displays for everyone in your school for the entire length of your subscription.
Yes and No. Your Kindness Wall is a web app, but it is not located in an App store. However, this link shows you how you can easily turn your Kindness Wall into an app for any android or apple device: Phone Web App Instructions