Austin Foraker says he is going to miss all the teachers. Have a great summer Austin will have to stop by and visit
Akron Schoool has been home to my family through several generations. My grandpa, my aunts, my parents, myself, and now my kids! I love thi school so much, that I just can't seem to leave! I just love being an Akron Flyer!
My family can’t say enough nice things about Mrs. Adams! She is always doing original projects to keep the students engaged and learning! Thank you, Mrs. Adams for your compassion, hard work, kindness, and love to Akron students.
As a parent I just want to say how awesome I think the teachers and community did to pull together for such a challenging unexpected journey. We have a great little community that I'm proud to be a part of. ♥️????????
Mrs. Miller is the bomb-diggity! She has help me through so many things and is one of the kindest people in the world! I always see Mrs. Miller working hard to make sure the students have what they need! Thank you for teaching me important life lessons!! #AmazingCounselor #ValleyFamilyValleyPride #FutureFantasticFlyer
I sincerely appreciate how hard the Akron staff works to prepare their students for the future! I feel like the teachers do whatever it takes to make each child successful! Way to go, Akron Elementary!! 💛
Our Flyer Family is amazing!!

Mr. Brumbaugh is the best fourth grade teacher!!
Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Tillman, Mrs. Jewell, Mrs. Baxter, and Mrs. Good are amazing teachers! They continue to work hard and care for students at Akron! Love you all!! #ValleyFamilyValleyPride #LiveLikeShrive
We are respectful, responsible, and safe!
Love our school!
We are respectful, responsible, and safe!
Love our school!
Being kind is cool!
Hello Akron Flyers! Welcome to the Akron Elementary School's Kindness Wall. Students and staff will be sharing inspiring and positive messages on this link. Enjoy!

#kindnesswall project

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