Thank you, Jennifer Jones, for always being my "second set of eyes"! I appreciate all you do and that you're always there for me. 🙂
The biggest MAHALO I can muster sent out to Michelle Allen for being such a rock star leader! I couldn't do this without your support. Much Aloha - Terri
Before it's too late I want to say thank you to Alysa Smith who has been so helpful with anything I've asked. She's SO smart and bright! Her experience and knowledge will take her places! 🙂 I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you Alysa for all you've done!!
Thank you, Lisa Helton, Jordan Caddy, Christie Glenn, and Casey Mitchell for being the best support team and wonderful mentors! I have learned so much from you all, and you have been a HUGE part of my personal development. Thank you for the constant support and encouragement. I could not do it without you!
- Jennifer Williams
I want to send a HUGE thank you to Jamie Barr for always answering my questions and providing so many helpful tips and tricks for my hotels. You always are super friendly and happy to help with no hesitation. Thank you so much!!!!
A huge shot out to Jennifer Jones. Thanks for being a huge support to our team. You are always there to help guide and support. Your dedication to this job is over the top! A great pleasure to have you on my team. Thanks for all you do! Kim Jackson
Way to go Alecia White on your great results is fixing the mix for your portfolio! Your leadership and support to your hotel teams is stellar! Thanks for all you do. It is greatly appreciated! Kim Jackson
Sending a heart felt message of thanks to my partners on the SCG Director team-Christie Glenn and Jordan Caddy! Your support and open ear goes such a long way. Thanks for always being there to listen and collaborate to achieve great results! I appreciate you both more than words can express! Kim Jackson
Want to send a huge shot out to Heidi Cosio! Thank you so much for your amazing leadership. I have been so blessed to have learned from you and you have built my confidence in my roll more than you know. I appreciate all you do! Kim Jackson
Thanks to Michelle Schepp for always going above and beyond to support her hotel teams. Her knowledge as a previous GM goes a long way in helping support our properties. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated. Kim Jackson
A note of appreciation for Kim Jackson, who is always willing to listen and make herself available to bounce ideas off of. You share your knowledge freely and always keep me laughing! Thank you for being such a great teammate & friend!
To Jordan Caddy - thank you for being a great teammate & friend! You are always such a positive and calm influence, and always willing to lend a helping hand or provide a listening ear. You are such an asset to our team!
Many thanks to Lauren Feister, who experienced a large shift in her portfolio and lots of change this year. Your determination to quickly ramp & build rapport with your new hotels was admirable, as is your diligence to follow through on assigned tasks and seek all available information in order to make the best decisions, and create winning strategies for your properties. Well done!
A note of thanks for Julie Rohman, who is always willing to help others & share her knowledge as one of our strongest Marriott experts. She also worked very hard to master a new brand (Hilton) this year, in record time. Julie, your strong attention to detail & unwavering dedication to your hotels & teammates does not go unnoticed! Thank you for all you do!
Dave Pothoven - much kudos for all your hard work to ramp & build rapport as you swapped out nearly your entire portfolio this year. You have done a great job balancing numerous special events in the new hotels, all with strong results. You are always willing share your knowledge from your many years in the industry, and have been a great support to your GM's through a very tough year. Than
Shout out to Catharine Koski, who never hesitates to offer help even when it is going above & beyond the call. She is always there for her teammates, willing to share her strong brand knowledge & making time for others regardless of what is on her plate. Her hotels consistently outperform in their markets, largely due to her constant pursuit for excellence. Thank you for all you do, Catharine!
So thankful for the guidance and leadership Heidi Cosio has provided to me in my time with Aimbridge. I have learned and grown so much because of you. Thanks for always being there to help, listen & push me to be my best!
Thankful for Amanda Sadler and ALL she does for our department and our teams! You ROCK, Amanda!
Wanted to express my sincere thanks to Jamie Barr for being a great partner with me in leading our Choice Hotel teams through the rollout of ChoiceMAX! I appreciate all that you do! Kim Jackson
Thanks, Amanda Sadler, for always following up and assisting with requests! You're awesome!
Thank you to Isa Cameron for your work on prepping and presenting the Marriott Bonvoy training to our team! You had a great Ted Talk! 🙂
Way to go Lisa Hahn on amazing results for your portfolio. Your property teams love you! You always go above & beyond to assist where needed. Your dedication is appreciated. Thanks for all you do! Kim Jackson
HUGE gratitude for Jennifer Williams for all of her help & support! She is always so eager & happy to help with anything that is asked of her, and completes it quickly & with a smile. Thank you, Jennifer!
Thanks to Priscilla Hargrove for your dedication and focus on the PAH portfolio. You're hard work is appreciated more than you know! Kim Jackson
Shout-out to Sheri Sosna!! She is the best revenue manager - she's always so analytical, available & a wonderful person to get to work with! Love Sheri!!
Cheers to Kevin Maul for always being positive, available, and supportive!! Thank you for all that you do to make everyone around you more successful! I love getting to work with you - even if only virtually!
Heidi Cosio- You're leadership is exemplary and I'm grateful to have been able to learn from you.
Kate Winter- You have an open and willing attitude and have used it to grow so much this year. Thank you for your willingness to learn and your dedication to success!
Carey Morse, your focus on strategy and dedication to seeing your hotels succeed goes above and beyond. Thank you for all you do to make your hotels more successful!
Kimberlee Hopkins, you don't just uplift your team but your hotel that you work with as well. You're a motivator to all those around you and I'm grateful for it!
Julie Rohman, you're one of the most knowledgeable we have on Marriott systems and I appreciate you always taking time to help me!
Karen Burke, your dedication to your job as well as your focus on the positive is wonderful to see! Thanks for all you do!
Devon McCary, your can-do attitude is encouraging and often times refreshing! Thank you for always being willing to try new things!
Kristen Weaver, I appreciate you! Thanks for being a listening ear and voice of reason!
I want to say Thank You to Julie Rohman! She is always there if I don't understand something and need it explained again.
I want to say Thank You to Kim Jackson for being such a great boss. She is always there to support us!
I want to say Thank You to Jennifer Jones for always helping me with my properties.
I wanted to send a thanks to the analyst team! My team and myself have had a lot of vacation coverage required and you have done an amazing job pitching in covering the hotels. Your level of response and professionalism is stellar! Thanks for all your support to me and my team. Kimberly Jackson
Thank you Angela Englett for all of your support and guidance. I appreciated that you are willing to pitch in to help our team with last minute request, extra training or backup support when it is needed.
Brittanie, you are doing a great job with a tough ownership/GM in Houston. Because of your strategeis and focus on these hotels the portfolio is positive RPI for 2 months in a row. Beyond numbers you have also shown great people skills and patience in onbroading 2 new GM's both new to Aimbridge and the brand.
Shout-out to Kevin Maul for always being positive, available, and helpful!! Thank you for all that you do to make everyone around you more successful!
Thank you Antonio for helping me with my browser issues! You are always easy to reach and willing to go the extra mile for us!
A special note of appreciation to Ben Carmichael, Jason O'Donnell, Katie Starek and Erica Ashford for assisting me with all things Hilton and Hyatt. I truly appreciate you taking the time out of your days to help me ramp up!

Shout out to Andrew Rubinacci, Nolan Wrentmore & Heidi Corso for everything you do for us. We also appreciate the transparency and support. Revenue Management has a great culture and I look forward to what the new year will bring with all the new changes! Thank you!
Shout out to Tara Lightsey for being an amazing resource who is constantly challenging us to up our game. Plus she helped bring in a HUGE group for us at LQ Spring! Amazing work Tara!
Jamie Barr is such a great resource and always positive. I really appreciate your help whenever I have questions. Thanks!
Amanda Sadler is amazing with all the hotel changes ive had. Thanks for everything! Real MVP
Thank you to Vishal - Always providing great support and mentorship when needed. Plus he is constantly challenging me to think outside the box. Grateful to have good leadership
Kimberly Jackson- There's no words to express my heartfelt Thank You to you for everything you have done and helped me with in my transition into Aimbridge. I am blessed and very happy to be apart of your team! Your Leadership definitely embodies kindness and teamwork 🙂
Sheri Sosna and Kevin Maul are awesome! They are always so helpful, positive, and authentic. It's very appreciated in such difficult time to operate hotels. -HH Galleria

THANK YOU so Much Catharine Koski for helping me learn and embrace the Hilton brand! Also for assisting me in my transition into Aimbridge 🙂 I really appreciate your continued kindness and patience with me. YOU'RE THE BEST 🙂
Leticia Lopez- Thank you for bringing such enthusiasm and out of the box thinking to our team! I appreciate your willingness to lend a hand and your drive to push your property teams to be the best they can be!

Ted Cerwonka- I so appreciate you meeting challenges head on, bringing new ideas to the table and encouraging your teams to look past the numbers. Thank you for all you do!

Thank you to Dylon Zimney on the Aimbridge Digital team! Always so helpful and quick to respond to requests such as the holiday flyers & TravelAds!
Laura Schue- Thanks so much for jumping in wherever needed, keeping me up to date on what's happening at your properties and always meeting deadlines! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed!

Thank you , Sheri, for your dedication to your hotels' success! From after hours shops to weekend monitoring, you're accessible to your teams and they appreciate your commitment to their well being!
Francis Jean- I am so excited that you've joined our team! Thank you for being so adaptable and handling anything that is thrown your way.

Amanda Sadler: with all the hotel changes and support assistance needed, we wouldn't be able to operate without your help!
- Brian Kallish
Nihat, teşekkürler!!!! Not sure what to do with Nashville without you.
Thank you Angela, for putting up with my nonsenses and helping me with my interesting portfolio
A big Thank You to Alysa Smith for all the work and development of tools and resources for our team. You have more programming knowledge and excel prowess than I could ever hope to have! Thanks for all the work you've done to keep tools together, and answering my questions when I think I broke something!
Lisa Helton and Jay Olvia are KILLING IT with the Denver 3-pack. All 3 hotels had RPI over 106 this week, with a pack average of 108.7.

Turning performance around for these hotels has been a long and tedious process, but you guys are doing such a phenomenal job. THANK YOU for your tireless dedication and energy when it comes to these TWC assets.

Grateful for you,

Casey Mitchell
Lisa Helton, GREAT job with the ESA Reed Hartman! Not only have you seen 2 straight weeks of double digit RGI growth, but the hotel's GM (David Young) was quick to credit you for "showing [him] the light on where our rates should be!"

You're an exceptional strategist, educator, and partner to our hotel teams and I'm so grateful I have you on the TWC portfolio.

Jennifer Williams hosted her first call yesterday. I was so impressed as I listened to her confidently recap our performance and present strategy ideas. I’ve heard a lot of ‘1st calls’ in my life, and this was one of the strong ones: she listened, thoughtfully responded, came prepared, and gained trust.

Jennifer, GREAT job prepping for this call & delivering assertively!

Casey Mitchell
Vishal Shah is a joy to work with and has helped me with at least 5 properties since I have joined the Aimbridge Digital organization. Vishal ensures the goals of RM and AD are aligned at his hotels, and I appreciate his advocacy for Digital.
-Mallory Patorno
Rachel Beckwith has gone above and beyond to help me run WJFLN efficiently as their property team builds back post pandemic. This property was not utilizing me effectively, so I resourced to Rachel and within a quarter, the property became the top performing BOOST! Hotel in Aimbridge Digital and was recognized in the July IHG meeting.
-Mallory Patorno
Gregory Brown has been incredibly helpful with updating amenities in the Hilton Crisis Center to ensure that we have the correct amenities listed as available for the Noble portfolio of hotels. He has been quick to respond with any questions or updates that I have had, and it's greatly appreciated!
-Rachel Meier
Rachel Beckwith, she is always helpful and willing to work with me to ensure we are on the same page with our strategy for the properties we share and include me in her updates so that I am never out of the loop
-Courtney Scott
Michelle is always willing to jump in and help when looking at reporting or tracking concerns or to make sure rate codes are set-up properly for us to take out to market. She supported ensuring web direct revenue reporting was tracking properly after switching booking engines, as well as providing all the necessary links.
-Tim Yearyean
Brian Pickens, as a new employee, Brian has been very welcoming and assisted in answering questions I was not sure of yet. He is very friendly on all calls and sets a great great tone for all meetings
-Courtney Scott
Steven Morgan. I had the wonderful opportunity to work with him for a few years. He was always incredibly on top of his job as well as very in sync with eCommerce and the property itself. Our meetings were some of the best and Steven could always see a strategy through any issue - Even COVID.
-Ethan Herber
Heather Meador - Heather's enthusiasm and sense of humor are always appreciated."
-Sarah Newcomer
"Robert Tanious - I appreciated Robert's can-do attitude and collaboration.
-Sarah Newcomer
Angela and the whole ARA RM team (Sherry, Robert, Katie, Adam, Doreen Washington) have been constant support pillars, great communicators and collaborative teammates.Where we are now is due to collaboration and brainstorming ideas and testing out new processes...They're always a team I can use to ask questions to the hotels and report back to me, help push any initiatives we've develop
Christie has been instrumental in working with AD on the paid media strategy for the SCG hotels... She has been great with communicating...needs...(and) budgets of the hotels are. She's also been fabulous at using AskAimbridgeDigital properly, which in turn has made it easier to get everything set up and running well for the hotels. Kudos to Christie for being a rock star!
-Rachel Meier
Amanda Sadler always helps point me in the right direction for anything revenue management related. She also just helped the eCommerce team solve an issue when it came to gaining access to our hotels on the Agoda extranet.
-Rory Peska
Mandy Cherry is creative and patient - always offering up new ideas to the team and willing to collaborate on even the craziest ideas
-Aimbridge Digital
Erin Taylor: Goes above & beyond to encourage eCommerce engagement with our hotels.
-Kelsey Babusiak
Amanda Kennedy: Always seeks out my opinion and backs initiatives to the field from a regional standpoint.
-Kelsey Babusiak
Jamie Barr: Always joins my individual hotel eCommerce calls, works in-sync not only with me but with the entire regional team, and provides constant communication about initiatives and updates so that it's always truly a team effort. He seamlessly blends our eCommerce and Revenue relationship, and I'm very grateful for his collaboration!
-Kelsey Babusiak

Jon Schiffel, thank you for being such a great resource to the Aimbridge family. Your proactive attitude, problem solving acumen, and willingness to take on challenging problems is more appreciated than you know.

I'm so glad you're on our team!

Casey Mitchell
Keita, Jennifer, Jake:

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your assistance in the HCA Corporation project. Your assistance help Aimbridge NSO get back to the client in today’s world “LIGHTSPEED” Fashion. We all appreciate your assistance and will keep you posted on our success growing our share with HCA across the company in the those 20 markets and internationally.

- Denny Stewart
Nihat ~ You are such a kind person, and a very patient leader. You've helped me SO MUCH this year to become better. I am grateful every single day that I have you in my life and that you are my boss. Thank you for all of your support!
Amanda Sadler ~ Thank you for having so much patience with all of our requests. You have a very difficult task keeping us all straight... and you do it so well. I'm so grateful for you!
Alysa Smith - thank you for all the contributions to the team and department! From your help to build out A3, the department site on Aimlink, the Revenue Support Ticket automation, to all the various tools you've created or collaborated on!
Thank you Kevin Maul! Your constant understanding and support during projects has made it a joy to work with you! You are appreciated beyond what words can be expressed!
Thank you to Kim Snow & Gary McLin! You both make the most out of tough situations, and are exceptionally thoughtful of everyone you work with even those not directly reporting to you!
Thank you Doug Elftmann! Your ability to dissect and relay RevPAR Index Gap Analyses and cross train other departments on how to interpret STR results, have made the difference in so many team dynamics. You are most appreciated!
Kasey & Shelby - working with you both over the last few years, overcoming the challenges with a pandemic, as well as the challenges of work & life... you both make the darker times survivable! I wouldn't want to go through another pandemic without either of you!
Gregory Brown - thank you for all you do, and the constant humor with your upbeat attitude! You continue to take on challenges to improve the support to your portfolio & Hilton Brand Champion team. You are a bright shining star in company and department!
Thank you Jamie Barr - for imparting your wealth of knowledge and pushing back to help us improve our strategies as well as our standards!
Thank you to the Revenue Analysts, who help support us during out of office and projects to lighten our workload!
Tara Lightsey thank you for your positivity and guidance. You bring an effervescence to conversations that is second to none, and that energy and excitement is refreshing!! Attitude is contagious, 😁 thank you for lighting up some of these dark weeks!
Thank you Amanda for all you do! This ship would not run half as smoothly without you. You are so helpful and fast with getting access, and managing the million STR and other system questions I have. You are the absolute backbone of Revenue Management and none of us could do this without you!
Thank you Nihat for being such a wonderful boss. You are so helpful, encouraging, and knowledgeable. You are more of a leader than a boss and you deserve all the spotlight!!!

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