Another day completed
Love this girl
Everyone did such a good job in Matilda. I loved being apart of the cast.

I had the best time with Zoe Logan in the Matilda play. 😁
thanks for being a good friend
We love hanging out together! PEACE OUT!
¡Aquí estamos!
Srta. Manwell and Me having fun with Spanish!
you are stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, and worth it. don’t let anyone tell you other wise. <3

Thank you to Libby and Zoe for being such good friends. I don’t know where I’d be without y’all
I know you don't like this pic but i just wanted to tell you that i love you soo much and think your soo kind and talented love you the most

Owen your a hard worker and a very good friend (sometimes)

have a great day y’all!!
Choose kind
Some people just need a high five
Smile so people know your happy(even with a mask)
Be respectful, of others and yourself
Choose kind

keep your hand up and keep going you got this you are worth it you are a queen/king

Ayo, Haley. Thanks for making sure I don’t stay lonely 🥲
Have a good day everybody
Mr White and mr low are da best principles we could have not even gonna cap
To all the people I tolerate, good job. I don't know what the job is, but good job. ????
Here, have a nice dog for a prize 😀

Best of friends!!!
Thank You, Matthew Culwell for being such an awesome friend!!!!!😎😎😎😎
Everyone is doing such a great job with spirit week. 😃
if you’re reading this you’re cool
Y’all are so amazing!! Thank you for being a Great Friend Addie and Natalie.
Addie you are so kind and an amazing friend
i just want to say thank you for the english teachers that were my life savers. Mrs. Krebbs and Mrs.Weems were there for me when it seemed like no one was, you guys saved me in so many ways i just want to thank you. You ignited my love for poetry, reading, and writing and to that you have my deepest thanks. <3
I love Annabelle.You are so amazing and talented. I would not be here today if it wasn't for you and thank you for being a friend.I am so glad i have you in my life

have a good day y’all!!!

Congratulations to the Froshmore Academic Team for winning the Humanities and Fine Arts Academic Bowl!
To all my best freinds your the best you’ve helped me so much through best and through my worst I love y’all platonically
Thank You Mrs. Griese for being an amazing teacher.And encouraging us to be our best!

Happy Day!
Congratulations to Mrs. Krebbs on being named the AJHS Teacher of the Year!

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