To Khalia 5th grade Vigil
You are so smart and funny you light up my day you have so many friends and you are very KIND and that is a very powerful word.

From Elizabeth Clark 5th grade Vigil
To Izabella 5th grade Vigil
You are so kind to me and you are always working hard.I know you will do great in middle school!

From Elizabeth Clark 5th grade Vigil
for miss robinson she is really kind she helps you in math she is really funny she is a good singer and dancer and trys to make learning fun i hope you can have her! -harley :]
miss grigsby she was there to help us in math and ELA but she is way more she let us make some cool stuff shes really kind she will help you in anything so if you ever her student please be good for her if you think shes hard on you shes just trying to help you <3 -harley
I will shout-out Mrs.vigil because she is the best and she helps us and she is funny.
i love all the teachers
To Melissa 5th grade Vigil
You are very smart and funny and kind you are also quiet some times and that is also good you are not mean at all and you are an awesome friend.

From Elizabeth Clark 5th grade Vigil
To Deydi 5th grade Vigil

You are so nice and even though you are new you are fun and kind.

From Elizabeth Clark 5th grade Vigil
to: kelly
you are smart kind and loving to everyone around you i love you smile.

Just be nice! It makes a difference in someone's day!
We are all like snowflakes! Each of us is unique in our own special way!
KINDNESS is FREE! Sprinkle that stuff everywhere! 💕
Two things we are always in control of are: ATTITUDE and our EFFORT! 🙂
Mistakes are proof that you are trying! That is why pencils have erasers!
A new month is a new chance to be kind to others!
Hi MS Doody is the best 4th grade teacher. She is really helpful
A smile is the best present you can give away! 🙂
I want to shout-out Mrs.Vigil Because she is the BEST! She is very nice and cool and loves all of her students. She is just AMAZING! I think Mrs.Vigil should get the best teacher award. ~Alexis Maya Pena Flores~
Teachers are always appreciated! Happy week!
miss vigil is so funny and nice she is graet . from Kaelynn Merideth
Every day is the best day to share some kindness!
I think that Mrs. Hill is amazing at teaching math. Whenever I am having a hard time trying to learn Mrs. Hill shows me how to do it and I learn and learn and learn. so I give a loving thank you for everything.

Thank you Mrs Ritchie for helping me and our kinder students every day! I couldn't do it without you!! Love, Mrs. Kivett!!
My shout out goes to mrs Allman for helping teachers in the school with there computers????????

My Shout out goes to Mrs.Vigil for making our whole class laugh and have a good time and having fun activities for us to do and when i´m in here classroom i alway forget that covid-19 is even happening! From Chelsea B.


A huge shout out goes to everyone working in the front office. They work so hard each day keeping this school respectful, responsible, and safe. They also have to make sure everyone has the attendance sent in and they have to keep track of who is tardy, and they have to keep track of when kids leave early thank you guys!
to Emma Grace because she is always doing her work and is so nice
EJ in Mrs. Johnson's kindergarten class is doing an amazing job with his virtual learning. Always in class and finishes all of his assignments! I am so proud of you!
Positive Office Referral!
Sergio Rodriguez Segovia has taken a personal interest in protecting our Killdeer. Today, he knew there was an upset mommy, but we could not find out why. Sergio single handedly identified the location of an impression in the mulch in the big garden where the mommy had started to build her nest. He marked the spot and kept it safe.
Positive Office Referral!
Manuel has been working so hard in Science. He is leading the class in science review!
-Mrs. Robinson
Positive Office Referral!
James helped another teacher carry items to AU class with no hesitation.
-Mrs. Shearer

Positive Office Referral!
Danny is the best virtual student. He is always on time, prepared, and works super hard!
-Mrs. Shearer

eveyone in Mrs.grigsby's class: eveyone is so hard working and nice I hope I get to know everyone. And they all are great at math.
i give a shout out to Mrs.hill she was my third grade teacher and she was so nice if i ever did not understand she would try to explain it to me without telling me the answer 🙂
Kinley thanks for being a friend you are very smart and a great friend thanks!
to nataley you are my best friend and you I the best and I hope you have a good day!!!!!!!!!
Charleigh has been on time to our microsoft meetings every day! she does all her work and has been working very hard! Kelsey and Jessalyn have also been very good on being on time in microsoft teams meeting and im proud of all 3 of them.
jackson ridick for being nice
Dear Mrs Foster I had a great time in your class.
I have a shout out for nealy she is a good friend and she is a good helper.
Hi Mrs.Hill thank you for making me love math specially times you where the best 3rd grade teacher.
william you are a fun person and my best friend
Mrs. Foster: Thank you so much for being the good teacher that you still are today! :3

~ Charleigh Victoria Wohltmann
Avi you are such an amazing you are always so kind and nice and its obvious that you are very smart

-Jackson R
Ms Grisby thank you for all the help with fractions reading ss and science! you have helped me with a lot of my problems like fractions! You are also an amazing teacher thats aways there for us thank you!Have a good rest of your day!
thank you Kaygein for supporting me every Tuesday, and Thursday.
kinley is a amazing friend she is vary kind she is my best best friend

jackson you are a good freind a cool person to hang with and a smart kid.
this is a shout out to mrs. guenther because she helped me with calming me down and helping me with things that i could not get through alone so this is why in am giving her a shout out and i hope she keeps up the work! -amber mckenna
nome you is my best friend and you is the best and i wish i can see you again i miss you!!!!!!
Mrs Gunther- Is a really good person and so is evey one else who trys rember the power of yet is always ready to be used.
Mrs. Mills' students do an amazing job of picking out their library books. They take time to think about what they want to read and ask Mrs. Ku to help them. Awesome job, Cardinals!
Mrs. Troutman's class is doing an amazing job on joining Mrs. Ku for live Media classes. Way to go!
Mrs. Allman! What would we do without you? You are always there to help figure out and fix our issues! AND you do it with a smile and patience! Thank you so much!
Hello A.T. Allen Elementary!!! I LOVE all of the energy that you have with making school exciting for the kids!!! My favorite Teacher is Mrs. Johnson in Kindergarten!!! She is AMAZING!!!
Martha Swaitek!!!! Thank you for all that you do for me and our kindergarteners!!!! You are loved and appreciated! MJ
Mrs. Johnson thank you for all that you do in Kindergarten! You are always there when we need you! Thank you for always making my day a little brighter with your smile and laughter! 🙂
Kindergarten Team - You are the BEST! You guys are rocking out virtual learning and in person learning 🙂
Fourth Grade teachers-thank you for being in PLC the first day with the new schedule. Your team is always so flexible. You rock!
Thank you Lori Westerholt for assisting us in our math PLCs! You are wonderful and have great ideas to share!
Kim MacClamrock the science and social studies plans and activities that you put together for us are the best! Thank you for all that you do!
Kelly Kivett your Math plans and activities are awesome. Also, everything that you do for our team is amazing! Thanks so much!
Cara Mazor your Morning Plans that you make for us are great! The kiddos (and me) love the activities you have for us. The snowball fight was so much fun!
Nicole Connelly thanks so much for all that you put into our Reading Plans! They are awesome and so are you!
Shout out to Mrs. Connelly for being amazing and having wonderful Kindergarteners! You rock!
Ms. Swiatek
Always checking on me during the day. I really appreciate it!!!!
Thank you to Mrs. Johnson for working so hard on the writing and letterland activities! I appreciate you!
Miss Becker: she has been working so hard!
Celebrating and appreciating the special help we all have! Happy School Counselor's Week!
Shout out to the Tuesday/Thursday bus riders! You guys always do a good job paying attention to your distance, where to stand, and getting your wrists ready for temperature checks! You may our jobs much easier!
Shout out to Gustavo for doing an amazing job coming off the bus and waiting for his temperature check each day! He is always being mindful of other people's space and helping others when they forget.
Thank you Mrs. Ritchie for being my right hand! You are an amazing classroom partner! Thank you for all you do for me and our kiddos!
Thank you Mrs. Mazor for being a wonderful kindergarten teacher! You are doing an amazing job this school year!
Thank you Mrs. Anderson (AP) for all your hard work for our Kinder team. You are a rockstar! Thank you for always being there when we need you!
William Charest made a PERFECT score on his Math Olympiads Contest 3!!
Mrs. Johnson, Thank you for being the AMAZING teacher, that you are. You always make learning fun for the little ones. Ej has learned so much this year, we are so thankful to have you has his teacher!!
BIG Shout out to Mrs. Johnson's kindergarteners, Nova, Lincoln, Ej, Jack, Spencer, and Cali for your determination and participation in class! Keep up the great work!
Lathan Cummings from Mrs. Williams 3rd grade class.

Lathan has been working so hard throughout virtual learning. He always comes prepared to learn, has his camera on and always participates in class! Lathan also always submits all of his Canvas work each day. Lathan sets a great example for other students! Way to go Lathan!
HUGE Shoutout to Elena, My-Ana, and Nolen in Mrs. Johnson's kindergarten class for logging into and reading books on EPIC! Between the 3 of them they have read over 300 books! I am so proud of you!
miss Clark is the best ever
Weston is very polite and is always doing his best.

Rhyan for always being so helpful and kind to everyone in class.
Londyn for always coming to class and excited to learn new things.
Shout out to Mrs.Vernon for being patience and willing to learn how to use Teams for small groups.
Johnson, Kivett, MacClamrock, Mazor, and AP Anderson, thank you for always being so supportive and wanting the best for our students. I truly appreciate everyone of you!
Hector did an AWESOME job today in small groups. Great job!
Jaycian rocked out in Letterland today. Great job!
Natalie is a wonderful cardinal. She is so excited to learn.
Hannah is always ready to learn in virtual class.
I would like to give a shout out to Safira from Mrs. Mabe's room. Safira works hard in class and during remote learning. Safira is a very creative student who always goes the extra mile in completing her work! Keep up the hard work!
I would like to give a shout out to Maebry from Mrs. Mabe's class! She works hard each and every day whether she is in the classroom or working remotely. Maebry is a very hard worker and loves taking on new challenges with her learning! Keep up the hard work!
Thank you Cooper for always participating and finishing all your work.
Thank you Hudson from Mrs. Overbay's room for always participating and finishing your work.
Thank you Abbie from Mrs. Overbay's room for participating and always completing your work.
I think mrs clark should be on the news because she is a good- no the BEST 5th grade teacher
Miss. Hill, Have you had a good meeting today?
Mrs.vigil is the best she is nice and funny and make us all laugh and she always makes me happy every morning i join the meeting and it makes me feel like i am at school and having fun! 🙂
Mrs. Troutman is an amazing teacher she takes amazing care of everyone but mos of all me I have type one diabetes and she helps me take care of my self and on top of that she has to wipe down desk well when we were face to face,worry about keeping 26 kids in check and she has to worry about gliches on the computer
Mrs. Reynolds is nice and she really explains math, reading and also writing for us to learn.
We are so thankful for Mrs. Kivett for all that she does for Cameron. He loves his class and looks forward to each morning being online and seeing his friends. Mrs .Kivett is always there to help with any problem and always makes sure Cameron feels apart of the class.

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