miss Clark is the best ever
I think mrs clark should be on the news because she is a good- no the BEST 5th grade teacher
Miss. Hill, Have you had a good meeting today?
Mrs.vigil is the best she is nice and funny and make us all laugh and she always makes me happy every morning i join the meeting and it makes me feel like i am at school and having fun! 🙂
Mrs. Troutman is an amazing teacher she takes amazing care of everyone but mos of all me I have type one diabetes and she helps me take care of my self and on top of that she has to wipe down desk well when we were face to face,worry about keeping 26 kids in check and she has to worry about gliches on the computer
We are so thankful for Mrs. Kivett for all that she does for Cameron. He loves his class and looks forward to each morning being online and seeing his friends. Mrs .Kivett is always there to help with any problem and always makes sure Cameron feels apart of the class.
Mrs. Conelley
you are so nice.

Mrs. Vigil
you are so nice.
Ethan Hill always has his camera on, ready to participate, and gets his work completed in a timely manner. It such a joy to teach him!
Mrs Clark does an amazing job finding ways to make remote learning as much like in-person instruction as possible. She is always looking out for the students' best interest. Thank you!
Anna in Mrs. Connelly's class. She is always excited to learn new things. She is very kind to her classmates.
Mrs. Connelly
Avery always works hard. She makes a wonderful Cardinal. Keep up the hard work! Love,
Mrs. Connelly
Gabriel in Mrs. Connelly's class. I am so proud of Gabriel and his hard work in class and small groups.
My teacher is Mrs. Troutman and she is fantastic.
Ms. Clark

You are the best teacher and you do lots of fun things with us!
Thanks for all the help you give us at home during virtual learning.....
I give a shoutout to Mrs. Vigil for keeping us positive during this time and making learning fun
Mrs. Vigil is bright and happy every day, and she is very sweet and nice.
Mrs. Robinson is nice and keeps us on track in class, I feel like I am actually in the classroom with her.
I love yall both, and are the most wonderful teachers', I'm glad to have them for my last year in A.T.A. until Middle School.
I want to give a teacher shout out to Mrs Clark and Mrs Fast they both encoureg us as stundents and do our best
I think mrs clark deserves a shoutout because when ever she has dificaulty she aways persurverys and classes are just so much fun with her because she aways adds games and other fun stuff.

from mccall fast
Thank you to Ms. Shelly! She is always busy keeping our building clean but never to busy to give a kind word! Ms. Shelly also stopped in so I could step out when we were a little short staffed and had gotten a couple of my students logged on their computer! HUGS! Melanie Johnson
This shout out is for Sergio in Mrs. Wockenfuss' class. Sergio is always willing to jump in to help friends and even Mrs. Wockenfuss with iStation navigation. He also puts a lot of work and thought into his assignments in Canvas. Way to go Sergio!!
Mrs. Clark is always finding new ways to make learning fun! She also takes the time to hold virtual lunches for her A block and B block classes so that they have time to talk together and catch up on life. Those lunches are special since we don't get to see each other in person right now 🙂
From Mrs. Kivett and Mrs. Ritchie's Class,

Thank you Porter for always having a smile on your face! You are always the 1st one to log on to our live teaching session! You always do you work and participate in our class! Thank you Porter for being a wonderful kindergarten student!
Kuddos to the our wonderful administration team. With all the different plans of action, they have all worked diligently to make the school full of spirit during the holiday season. Thank you for the little goodies and for all that you do to help our school stride to be the best.
My-Ana Spratt from Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten class always does an excellent job participating on Mrs. Ku's Media Canvas pages. She completes her assignments and does her best. Awesome work My-Ana!
Natalie Reyes Garcia from Mrs. Connelly's Kindergarten class always does an excellent job participating on Mrs. Ku's Media Canvas pages. She completes her assignments and does her best. Awesome work Natalie!
I want to give a huge shout out to Grant, Landon, and Porter in Mrs. Wockenfuss' class, for ALWAYS completing their assignments, staying engaged, and participating daily in Teams and small group. Keep it up!!!
Huge Shout Out to Angel Leigh for showing me how to set teams up where my kids can see my powerpoint as well as my face in quicktime at the same time to help with engagement!!!! This eliminates them having to remember how to spotlight me and only seeing my Initials. This is life changing and teaching changing!!!!! Best new thing!!!!
Mykaela Rodriguez Colon

Mykaela does such a great job at turning in her assignments, being on Teams on time and participating during lessons. I am so proud of the student she is and how hard she works!

-Mrs. Williams
Rex is awesome! He always completes his work- independent canvas assignments, iStation, AND iReady! Keep working hard, and keep making others smiles.

Mrs. Foster
Ms. Doody, you are doing a phenomenal job this year. You are so dedicated and your passion is obvious in the work you do each day.
Ms. Doody, Your determination to reach your students is inspiring to watch. Keep up the good work!
I am Thankful for each and every one of you!
Shout out to Ms. MacClamrock for being an awesome Kindergarten Teacher. She is balancing remote learning and classroom learning with grace. She is shown great patience with working with our son and her entire K class!
Mrs. Lugo,
Thank you for EVERYTHING you do for our teachers, students and families. You go above and beyond everyday to ensure our school family is connected. We are BLESSED to have you!
Shout out to Mrs. Connelly for all of your hard work and dedication for making remote learning fun for our kindergartner! Kudos for your communication and patience as we all navigate. All that goes into this new way of planning and coordinating is not always known to parents and those on the outside, but easy to imagine the extra time and dedication needed. We are excited for in person time!
Thank you, Mrs. Sarah for making all of our beautiful signs that will help students know where to go when they arrive!
We love all of our custodians and bus driver helpers! The building is so clean and ready for our Cardinals to come in on October 19th.
Brycen Kibler- Brycen did not even let a trip home from Florida stop him from joining his Teams Meeting today. He joined, had his camera on, and participated the entire class even while driving down the interstate! - Mrs. Fast
Christopher Mozqueda Hernandez- Christopher works so hard during class and completing assignments. He goes above and beyond to ensure he can complete his assignments on time. I am so proud of his hard work! - Mrs. Fast
Shout out to Ms. Lugo! You are amazing! Thank you for all that you do!
Love my kindergarten sisters, Cara, Kim, Nicole, and Kelly! BEST team!
Awesome! Amazing! Super! That's what Mrs. Johnson's kindergarteners are!
Shout out to Mrs. Winkler! She has been a phenomenal teacher who has done so well with remote learning. I feel like my child is receiving the same education he would if he was face-to-face. The live meetings are keeping him engaged and excited. She does an excellent job balancing digital assignments with paper assignments. The materials sent home were a great asset that keeps him engaged. Thank yo
Thank you to Amity Allman the best cheerleader and Tech teacher a kindergarten teacher could have!
I want to give a shout out to our amazing teacher Mrs. Mazor!!! She has made this virtual learning experience a breeze for new parents/students! My daughter(Rosie) enjoys coming to class every morning, and really enjoys learning with Mrs. Mazor! Thank you Mrs.Mazor for all your hard work and dedication!!
Shout out to Micaius for doing a great job staying motivated during virtual learning and completing all of his independent assignments for the week! Awesome job Ms. Becker 5th.
Our Cardinals are making us proud everyday with their hard work and determination!
Hope everyone had a good and safe Labor Day weekend! Happy Tuesday!