This is a Game Changer! Giving kids a platform to spread love rather than the usual social media drama and negativity has been a blessing. I've even started reading them over the morning announcements!
John Green
Principal, Bradford Middle School

How It Works

3 Easy Steps

Works With Any School Website

Step 1: Submit

Encourage your students and faculty to use your customized You Uplift Positive Submission Form url link to submit positive comments, messages, quotes, or displays about one another.

Step 2: Approve

Your designated staff member (or multiple staff members) use the "Push Button" APPROVAL FEATURE to APPROVE, EDIT, or DELETE each submission before anything ever becomes visible.

Step 3: Display

The YouUplift software will customize all approved submissions with your school colors and logo, will place them into a digital rotating display, and will generate a live url link for your display. This allows you to display your positive submissions exclusively inside your facility (facility smart tvs). This also gives you the option to display your positive messages outside of your facility (school website, social media, email newsletters).

Reading 60 positive messages from students to each other.
It's a good night.


$ 199 / year
  • Houses an Unlimited Number of Positive Messages
  • Customized Rotating Display URL
  • Customized Positive Submission Form URL
  • Push Button Approval Function
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy Activation
  • Unlimited Customer Service

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