Replace Cyber Bullying With Cyber Kindness

REPLACE cyber bullying with cyber kindness
INCREASE positive student interaction
SHOWCASE school wide kindness
ELEVATE positive school climate
This is a Game Changer! Giving kids a platform to spread love rather than the usual social media drama and negativity has been a blessing. I've even started reading them over the morning announcements!
John Green
Principal, Bradford Middle School

Step 1: Submit

Encourage students, teachers, and parents to use your customized YouUplift Messaging Form to submit positive comments, messages, photos, displays, or videos about one another.

Step 2: Approve

Before anything becomes visible, all submissions will go directly to the email inbox of your Guidance Counselor (or sponsoring teacher) who will APPROVE or reject each submission with the simple click of a button.

Step 3: Display

The YouUplift software will customize all approved submissions with your school colors and logo, will place them into a digital rotating display, and will generate a live url link for your display. This allows you to display your positive submissions exclusively inside your facility (facility smart tvs). This also gives you the option to display outside of your facility (school website, social media).

Last Month
2018-2019 School Year

1-999 Students

$ 199 / year

1000+ Students

$ 299 / year

"YouUplift" Platform Pricing Includes:

  • 1 Year Unlimited access for your entire school
  • Customized Digital Positive Submission Form (with online url link) for easy user access
  • Push Button Approval Technology for easy Administrator screening
  • School Customized Displays for all approved Submissions
  • Rotating Visual Display of ALL approved Submissions
  • Creation of live url link for your Rotating Visual Display
  • 100% Administrator control of Rotating Display url link placement (Facility Only / Public Access)
  • Houses and Displays an Unlimited Number of Positive Submissions
  • Unlimited Customer Service
  • Easy Activation