Nothing more peaceful than reading 60 kind messages from students to each other. It’s a good night.
– St. Paul Neri School Teacher, Louisiana

I had one student to cry because someone had posted that she was a good friend. I also had a student to suggest to me to start having a “Message Monday!”…it was a great day!
– Kim Hess (Principal Riverview Elementary/Middle – Grundy, VA)

Step 1: You Submit
Use the Post Form on the Home Page to submit a positive anonymous comment or message about someone in your school who might need it.
Step 2: Review
Our staff of Educators will review all submissions in order to verify their positive intent before any messages are posted.
Step 3: We Post
Our software creates a live URL that houses a rotating display of your school's positive messages which can then be placed and viewed where you choose (facility monitors, school website, email newsletters, all social media outlets).
Step 4: We Notify
(Optional) We will send the positive message to the intended recipient of the post.

Click Here For Frequently Asked Questions.

Students can access the Platform via any internet device. Once there, they use the Post Form on the Home Page in order to submit a positive anonymous message. No sign-up or login required.

Not currently. Due to our participating partners, the platform is currently free for all schools. If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming a YouUplift Partner, so that schools nationwide can continue to use our platform for free in the future, then please visit our Partners Page.

Your rotating display of positive messages is housed in its own live URL. Simply click on your school’s logo, copy this URL from the YouUplift website and paste it wherever you wish for your messages to be seen.

Our staff of Educators uses their many years of experience to determine whether a message is considered positive or not. We try to only post messages that reference the positive character traits of a student or faculty member as opposed to messages that reference physical attributes. In addition, we also post messages that are uplifting in spirit. Please note that you can request any message be immediately removed at any point in time.

In addition to being displayed on monitors throughout your school, students can also access your rotation of positive messages via any internet device. If your school allows phone access by your students, then we can even provide a QR code that can be displayed throughout your school, so that students can immediately access the website.

Yes. We can place as many sponsors within your rotating display that you like, as multiple sponsors can result in multiple fundraising opportunities for your school or program.

Yes. Though our general format places all approved submissions onto peaceful, scenic images, you are welcome to send us your school colors, logos, or backgrounds to be used.

No. Your school can submit an unlimited number of positive messages. In addition, individual students or teachers can send an unlimited number of positive anonymous messages as well.

We can email or text the positive message to the intended recipient, so that they will know that they were mentioned in a message. The Post Form contains optional fields for the sender to provide contact information for the recipient.

This can be done either way. Most of our clients allow us to do this for them in order to save time and resources. However, we can send all submissions to you for your approval before we post anything into our software.

No. Because all submissions are made anonymously, there is no sign-up or login required by the user. Simply use our Post Form on the YouUplift Home Page.

Our unique software creates a rotation of your positive messages that is housed on a live URL. This provides two enormous benefits.

  1. Your live URL of positive messages can then be viewed anywhere there is internet access and can be located in the places of your choice (school website, facility monitors, email newsletters, all social media outlets).
  2. Because the URL that contains your positive messages is live, your “real time” display will instantly update every time a new message is approved and posted.

There are two answers to this question.

  1. Many schools will give us their “name posting” guidelines before participating (ex. When a student is being uplifted in the message, then some schools will ask that only first names or student initials be visible). We can make that adjustment for your school during the REVIEW process before any messages are posted and displayed.
  2. Some schools simply use our YouUplift Platform to display an unlimited number of positive quotes, stories, and testimonials from students and staff members where no names are ever mentioned. In addition, we can remove all names during the REVIEW process if requested.

Anonymous messages are generally submitted with the sole intent of uplifting the recipient. Whereas, messages posted with the sender’s name attached are sometimes done so in an effort for the sender to receive personal recognition. If a sender might like others to see the positive post that they made, then they can use standard social media outlets to do so. However, if a sender’s sole purpose is to uplift someone else, then our anonymous platform not only allows them to do so, but also allows them to cross potential social barriers to help uplift others who otherwise might be frowned upon within their own social circle. Therefore, anonymous message posting increases the potential for more genuine, heartfelt posts across all social groups.