Your YouUplift Software will turn any positive text, spreadsheet, or image into a customized school display and places your positive displays into a real-time digital rotation for everyone to see. Invite students, teachers, and parents to participate. Only positive displays will become visible - 100% Guaranteed!

The possibilities are endless!

Real Student Submissions - Spring 2018

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Step 1: Submit
Encourage students, teachers, and parents to use your customized YouUplift Messaging Form to submit positive comments, messages, photos, displays, or videos about one another.
Step 2: Approve
All submissions will go directly to your Guidance Counselor (or sponsoring teacher) who will APPROVE or reject each submission with the click of a button.
Step 3: Display
The YouUplift software will customize all approved submissions with your school colors and logo, will place them into a digital rotating display, and will generate a live url link for your display. This allows you to display your positive submissions exclusively inside your facility (facility smart tvs). This also gives you the option to display outside of your facility (school website, social media).

What Administrators Are Saying:

“I had a 5th grade student approach me today with tears in her eyes… She said that someone had posted that she was a great friend.”

“Incredible product and even better service!”

“EVERY School in the country needs this Platform – PERIOD!”

“Reading 60 positive messages posted from students to each other. It’s a good night.”

“You guys are amazing! Thank you for what you are doing for our schools!”

“I just gave your information to 3 more colleagues!”

“The positive impact this has made on our school climate – I can’t even explain. Thank you!””

“Our Student Body President just visited our recent School Board meeting to ask them to place the YouUplift Platform in all of our district’s schools. What an impact!”

1-500 Students
501-1000 Students
1001-1500 Students
1501+ Students